October 2008

(as always thank you to the homie Tuma)

Here are some pics from last night’s Mariah Carey Halloween bash…..

mariah, nick cannon

I know that Nick and Mariah are supposed to be Milk and Cookies, but in this photo, Nick looks more like Lactose Intolerence! HA! (I recognize it from personal experience)

Photos of Angie Martinez, Ebro, etc after the jump….

green lantern, miss info, ghostface

“Computer Love” has always been one of my favorite Zapp/Roger Troutman songs…(now that’s an synthesized voice modulator that I can believe in!) And I know that you know that we know how much new Ghostface makes Inf a happy camper : )

So thank you Legend for making my Friday….

Ghostface “Computer Love”

[audio:ghostface comp love.mp3]

Oh yeah, and thank you for reminding me that I gotta head out over the Goethals sometime soon and hear that Ghostdini Slow Jams album he’s cooking up.

mrs officer from teth on Vimeo.

I can never look at Bobby Valentino without remembering that Flex calls him Teddy Graham. HA!

(props to Onsmash, they’re on top of all the new music as always)

Common Interview w/ OkayplayerTV from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

wow, this is clearly took alot of work and self-sacrifice. It definitely says something about this year’s election that so many people are creatively inspired to be involved. If you compare this to the last election’s half-interested vote-or-die sensationalism (without any value put on knowledge of actual policies)….it’s a very different atmosphere.

here’s the description on the video:
“Dres of the platinum-selling hip hop group Black Sheep has revitalized the 1991 hit The Choice is Yours, rewriting lyrics and donating his time and services to create an innovative pro-
Obama voter initiative video. Partnered with Austin based creative teams at Voodoo Cowboy Entertainment and Super!Alright! Media in an all-volunteer effort, Dres re-recorded and shot the updated version of The Choice is Yours in Austin, Texas in just under two days.”

(thanks to Dunny and J.Patel)

Big up to the team at MTV News for their yearly check-up on the state of JMJ’s unsolved murder investigation. Sadly, the trail grows colder each year. I’m definitely interested in seeing this “2 Turntables and a Microphone” documentary (it’ll come packaged with copies of 50’s upcoming album)… I hear the doc takes a dark turn from tribute to indictment around halfway through.
As part of MTV’s post today, they have a clip of an old interview with Uriel Rincon, one of the 3 people who were in the studio with JMJ the night he was killed (but miraculously did not see anything or anyone.) The written story is extensive, but this clip reveals absolutely nothing.“Did the bullet exit?” “Yeah, it went straight through.” “What’d it feel like?” “It felt painful.”

Here’s a JMJ tribute video posted by Atlanta DJ Nabs….

(spotted at SandraRose)

I missed this when it aired on tv (all the tvs, lol) earlier tonite because I was having a lets-gripe dinner with FWMJ, The Are, and E from RockStar games. (Note to my fellow NY-ers, Grom Gelato is totally worth the $5 per teaspoon!).
But I got home in time to catch McCain painfully grinning away the Palin Gone Rogue reports with Larry King, and Obama talking about defeating his internal Bradley Effect when he goes into the voting booth on Tuesday (hilarious!)….

If you missed the 30-minute Obama infomercial here it is….

Ok, hopefully it worked, not just for the already fervent choir but for the many undecided voters out there…..


Wow….DJ Drama wasn’t lying when he told me that Tyra got Tip to open up on the couch. Personally, I don’t watch her show (or any other daytime talk shows, if I wanna get weepy and self-pitying, I watch Grey’s Anatomy or Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, lol) but T.I. is on a fantastic roll with his unconventional female-skewed television appearances (The View, Chelsea Lately, Tyra)….too bad Oprah is such a hater, lol.

Part 1: “He chats about having to go to jail, having threats on his life, his best friend dying, and what T.I. is afraid of.”

Part 2 and 3 after the jump….

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