wow, this is clearly took alot of work and self-sacrifice. It definitely says something about this year’s election that so many people are creatively inspired to be involved. If you compare this to the last election’s half-interested vote-or-die sensationalism (without any value put on knowledge of actual policies)….it’s a very different atmosphere.

here’s the description on the video:
“Dres of the platinum-selling hip hop group Black Sheep has revitalized the 1991 hit The Choice is Yours, rewriting lyrics and donating his time and services to create an innovative pro-
Obama voter initiative video. Partnered with Austin based creative teams at Voodoo Cowboy Entertainment and Super!Alright! Media in an all-volunteer effort, Dres re-recorded and shot the updated version of The Choice is Yours in Austin, Texas in just under two days.”

(thanks to Dunny and J.Patel)