Wow….DJ Drama wasn’t lying when he told me that Tyra got Tip to open up on the couch. Personally, I don’t watch her show (or any other daytime talk shows, if I wanna get weepy and self-pitying, I watch Grey’s Anatomy or Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, lol) but T.I. is on a fantastic roll with his unconventional female-skewed television appearances (The View, Chelsea Lately, Tyra)….too bad Oprah is such a hater, lol.

Part 1: “He chats about having to go to jail, having threats on his life, his best friend dying, and what T.I. is afraid of.”

Part 2 and 3 after the jump….

Part 2: “TI chats about why he is known as the rubberband man, how he memorizes his lyrics, beef with Ludacris, and wanting to work with Dr. Dre.”

Part 3: “TI chats about how old he was when he lost his virginity, (omg at age 11!!!), when was the last time he cried, the best compliment he ever received, and who the last celebrity he made out with.”

(props to GrandHustleTV)