Here are some pics from last night’s Mariah Carey Halloween bash…..

mariah, nick cannon

I know that Nick and Mariah are supposed to be Milk and Cookies, but in this photo, Nick looks more like Lactose Intolerence! HA! (I recognize it from personal experience)

Photos of Angie Martinez, Ebro, etc after the jump….

mariah, nick cannon
Mariah looks great.

angie, tracy
Angie as Amy Winehouse, Tracy from IPR as Cleopatra = both super cute!

icequeen, ebro, angie
The Ice Queen as maybe red-head Lindsay Lohan? I can’t tell from this photo. Angie as Amy. And the best costume I’ve seen so far… boss Ebro as Fidel Castro. Awesome.

(photos spotted over at Angie’s site, thanks to Gigi)