Big up to the team at MTV News for their yearly check-up on the state of JMJ’s unsolved murder investigation. Sadly, the trail grows colder each year. I’m definitely interested in seeing this “2 Turntables and a Microphone” documentary (it’ll come packaged with copies of 50’s upcoming album)… I hear the doc takes a dark turn from tribute to indictment around halfway through.
As part of MTV’s post today, they have a clip of an old interview with Uriel Rincon, one of the 3 people who were in the studio with JMJ the night he was killed (but miraculously did not see anything or anyone.) The written story is extensive, but this clip reveals absolutely nothing.“Did the bullet exit?” “Yeah, it went straight through.” “What’d it feel like?” “It felt painful.”

Here’s a JMJ tribute video posted by Atlanta DJ Nabs….

(spotted at SandraRose)