I missed this when it aired on tv (all the tvs, lol) earlier tonite because I was having a lets-gripe dinner with FWMJ, The Are, and E from RockStar games. (Note to my fellow NY-ers, Grom Gelato is totally worth the $5 per teaspoon!).
But I got home in time to catch McCain painfully grinning away the Palin Gone Rogue reports with Larry King, and Obama talking about defeating his internal Bradley Effect when he goes into the voting booth on Tuesday (hilarious!)….

If you missed the 30-minute Obama infomercial here it is….

Ok, hopefully it worked, not just for the already fervent choir but for the many undecided voters out there…..

(PS: according to a report on CNN.com, Asian Americans voters are 30% undecided, much higher than in the general popular, so my people are sitting on the fence and need to figure out who is going to be the inclusive president for change)  Today I took part in a “hip hop politics” panel at BMCC that Uncle Ralph McDaniels put together (supreme respect and love to him), so I’ve been thinking about how this tuesday’s election alot. And I’ll be honest with you….I’m nervous. I’m nervous that new voters will get discouraged by the hassle of actually participating in the democratic process. (no, there won’t be voting at the club with your favorite rapper) I’m nervous if/when there’s any f–kery with lost ballots, old machines, sabotage, or anything else at the polls. I’m nervous about the reaction that could pop off no matter what the result. But I have to just believe that common sense and indignation will prevail over fear and apathy.


“Palin Goes Rogue!” on the Daily ShowJon Stewart dissects Mario Lopez’s Extra “exclusive” with Barack Obama. HA!PS: