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When T.I. went to Tanzania to perform at the Serengeti Fiesta a few weeks ago, it seems his wife Tiny Cottle Harris used the trip to pick up a couple souvenirs…namely, a pair of newly colored eyeballs. Ok, well, the eyeballs aren’t new, but Tiny did get “ice-grey” colored silicone inserts implanted in her eyes to permanently change their natural brown color.
And after sparking a firestorm of backlash on social media, the reality star and singer went on national tv to explain the procedure, defended her decision, and relayed her husband T.I.’s reaction.

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Gathering of the Juggalos 2014

Some of you are busy arguing about whether Jay and Beyonce are on the rocks. Some of you are up in arms about whether Nicki Minaj’s thong is going to end up getting your daughter pregnant. Some of you are mad at Childish Gambino for acting like a rapper by trash talking the competition during his rap concert. I’m mad that folks are so busy being mad at Stephen A. Smith for saying some really dumb shxt about women “provoking” domestic violence…that they’re distracted from the larger issue, that the NFL punished Ray Rice less for knocking out his (then) fiancee than if he had been caught smoking weed or selling his autograph before going pro.

But here’s something to stop all our yammering for a hot second.
A horrible terrible twerk team moment from this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos bizarro scary people convention in Thornville, Ohio.


If your memory serves you correct, last year, Jay-Z held down executive producer duties for the soundtrack to the video game NBA 2K13. This year, the 2K Sports team enlisted the NBA Final’s MVP, LeBron James, to handle the music on this year’s title and we must say we’re rather surprised. Bron Bron definitely added that Summer touch with Billboard smash hits like “Started From The Bottom,” “Blurred Lines” and “Can’t Hold Us,” but he also got random with it by sprnkling a few unsigned artists and alternative tracks (Phil Collins, we see you) we never expected.

Other notable picks by James include Kendrick Lamar’s “Now Or Never” from GKMC and gems from Kanye West, Jadakiss, Jay-Z, Eminem & Big K.R.I.T.

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Look…legacies are landmines, especially when it comes to massively influential icons like TLC, the second highest selling girl group in history (behind The Spice Girls). Especially since you have to also handle with kid gloves the tragic tale of member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, who died in a car crash in 2002.
So, I’m approaching the upcoming VH1 biopic “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story” (which airs this Oct.) with an open mind.
But first reactions to the first promo trailer for the project….hmm….Well, for one, the liberal focus on recreated music videos feels a bit karaoke at the Comic-Con. Hopefully the actual show features more of the backstory and dynamics between the girls and the Atlanta music industry (Pebbles, LA Reid, Chilli’s romance with Dallas Austin and Usher, and T-Boz’s marriage to Mack-10, etc).
Also…how do I put this nicely…
While actresses Drew Sidora (as T-Boz), Keke Palmer (as Chilli), and Lil Mama (as Left Eye) get into their characters by putting on all the right hairdos and outfits…the footage just makes you appreciate how beautiful the real Tionne, Lisa, and Rozanda were during the TLC heyday. #noshots

You’ll see what I mean….
Watch the TLC biopic trailer…
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(photo of Kanye and Kim leaving a movie theater, via SplashNewsOnline)

Oh Jesus. So it seems that right before we all started going bonkers over that new Kanye song feat. DJ Khaled and DJ Pharris “Theraflu” last night….Kanye and Kim Kardashian were hitting up a “Hunger Games” screening in Manhattan. So she’s clearly comfortable, nay flattered, by Kanye’s Kris Humphries ether. Ahh what a difference 72-days makes.
TMZ reports that their “dating relationship” is just getting started, but come on…they’ve dated in some way/shape for years now. He already used the “L” word. (I’ll admit I fell in love with Kim ’round the same time she fell in love with him.”)

Hey, whatever floats Ye’s boat is all good. But my only concerns are…
1) If the fact that Kanye’s name also starts with K has any bearing on her affections, I’m throwing a damn uprising.
2) Really? Hunger Games? The most disappointing book rendition since…Cat In The Hat? Isn’t Salmon Fishing in Yemen or something artsy playing down the street?

UPDATE: More photos including Kim leaving Kanye’s NY residence and footage of their second date earlier today…After the jump

(left to right: Michael K. Williams aka Omar Little, Ol’ Dirty Bastard aka Ason Unique/ Dirt McGirt/ Big Baby Jesus/ Dirt Dog/ Osirus)

Ok, this news out of Hollywood completely blew my mindgrapes.
So apparently there’s going to be a movie….in which Omar Little, Baltimore’s homo-thuggiest bogeyman, will play the late great Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Wu-Tang’s untame-able icon. Alright, to be more specific, it’s actor Michael K. Williams who will be playing Ol’ Dirty Bastard…but Williams will always be Omar from The Wire.

And that’s not the only headcrack here. The movie isn’t even an ODB bio-pic, it’s called Dirty White Boy because it’s based on the life of ODB’s much maligned manager Jarred Weisfeld. I actually worked with Weisfeld numerous times during his run with Dirty. And I think anyone else who saw their dynamic, as well as the very contentious dynamic between Weisfeld and the rest of Wu-Tang….knows this story can be an interesting one but only if it’s done honestly, no gloss.
I can only imagine that there will be some serious push back from Wu-Tang members. Meanwhile, according to Deadline Hollywood, Dirty’s mom Cherry is onboard.

The third shocking element to this project, is the caliber of production that is involved. The project is being developed by Part & Labor, a Williamsburg-based crew that recently produced the Oscar-winning Mike Mills’ film Beginners. Both the director Joaquin Baca-Asay and screenwriter Brent Hoff are upcoming talents.

Remember the short-lived VH1 series that followed Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Jarred Weisfeld?
Well, watch this 2003 clip of Dirty, Jarred and Dame Dash, arguing about RocaWear…
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Oh God, why? I’m not against all rehashing of the past to lure both grownup dollars and youngun dollars…but can the vintage Larry, Curly, Moe slapstick of the original Three Stooges franchise translate to 2012? Ehh…Watch the first trailer for the Farrelly Brothers’ The Three Stooges film and judge for yourself. (via ComingSoon)

Sean Hayes (Will and Grace), Chris Diamantopoulos (um…24?) and Will Sasso (MAD TV) definitely look the part, but there’s a veneer of cheese that makes this trailer look like it should just be left as a MAD TV skit, or a Funny or Die webisode. I think it makes sense that the Farrelly Brothers are directing, since they’ve carried the torch for slapstick comedy. And I loved The Farrelly’s Something About Mary, and Me Myself and Irene…but they’ve since then it’s been bombs like Shallow Hal, The Ringer and that awful awful Hall Pass. I’m sure this new Stooge will be chock full of celebrity cameos when it drops in April 2012, in fact the last part of the trailer with Jersey Shore’s J-Woww, Snooki and Sammi is the only funny bit, but did this need to be a full movie? Can’t the universe (aka Hollywood) just focus all it’s Scientology prayers on Zoolander 2?

Oh, speaking of Snooki and Company….the new trailer for MTV’s Jersey Shore Season 5 just dropped as well. It is surprisingly trauma free. That’s odd. Shouldn’t there be an unplanned pregnancy, a drug overdose, and a hilarious Situation vs. His Dad fistfight?

Watch the Jersey Shore Season 5 trailer…
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I’ve known Dame for so many years and it’s always interesting to hear what he’s cooking up. Over the years, there have been fashion projects and watch companies and film productions and clubs. His demeanor may have softened a bit, like anything you put in a tumbler for long enough. But I appreciate that he is ever active and sends over updates on his latest. Sometimes it’s a link to a female singer that he’s working with, Mckenzie Eddy. Other times, it’s the announcement of a sequel to his acclaimed BlackRoc rock x rap project with one of my favorite rock groups, The Black Keys. And last night, he sent over this short trailer for something called Assassin. Is it a film? Or a music video? Not sure, but I see it’s directed by DD172‘s Jonah Schwartz, and features Stalley and Citizen Cope…with sniper rifles.

Screen shot 2011-07-06 at 10.53.17 AM

Who’s more confused than Lloyd‘s scalp? Nobody.
Within the past 8 months, Lloyd’s scalp has flown free with long frizzy fabio curls. It has been bound and stretched with tiny braids. It has been trimmed down to a cushy carpet. And now…it’s been partially shaved down and injected with ink. Lots of it!

In promotion of his new King of Hearts album (iTunes link), Lloyd tattooed and enormous guns and roses motif on his head down in New Orleans. To be fair…in comparison to most of the head and face tattoos that we’ve seen in hip hop circles, Lloyd’s is actually not that horrible.
But are we getting to the point where above the neck tattoos will actual get mainstream? I used to think neck tatts were extreme, but now…not so much. Every barista at the local espresso bar has one. (male and female) Maybe soon, a face tatt will no longer represent: ‘hello, I am either an ax murderers, boardwalk entertainer, or a runway fashion model.’

UPDATE: Miguel tweetedImitation is the Highest form of Flattery. Shout to LLoyd.” rawr! cat scratch!

The Journey of Lloyd’s Scalp:

Watch Lloyd show off his new head tattoo on 106 and Park on Tuesday….
Plus more photos from his head-tattooing session….
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Jeezy and Weezy’s “Ballin'” video from Young Jeezy x DJ Drama’s “The Real Is Back” mixtape features not so much wild spending, but more actual running around with a round ball.
Jeezy plays a shady character who frequents basketball games under highway overpasses, parties in abandoned buildings, and raps in a smoky room of paper mache cones. Huh?
The lighting is reminiscent of Belly. (which is to say, it is very hard to see anything). And the female extras did not call each other to coordinate whether they would be dressed for a Pussycat Dolls audition or for a Deep Cover reinactment.
At the end there’s half a hint of streetball violence a la Fresh meets Above The Rim. But overall, this is the oddest non-linear video I’ve seen in a long time.

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