(photo of Kanye and Kim leaving a movie theater, via SplashNewsOnline)

Oh Jesus. So it seems that right before we all started going bonkers over that new Kanye song feat. DJ Khaled and DJ Pharris “Theraflu” last night….Kanye and Kim Kardashian were hitting up a “Hunger Games” screening in Manhattan. So she’s clearly comfortable, nay flattered, by Kanye’s Kris Humphries ether. Ahh what a difference 72-days makes.
TMZ reports that their “dating relationship” is just getting started, but come on…they’ve dated in some way/shape for years now. He already used the “L” word. (I’ll admit I fell in love with Kim ’round the same time she fell in love with him.”)

Hey, whatever floats Ye’s boat is all good. But my only concerns are…
1) If the fact that Kanye’s name also starts with K has any bearing on her affections, I’m throwing a damn uprising.
2) Really? Hunger Games? The most disappointing book rendition since…Cat In The Hat? Isn’t Salmon Fishing in Yemen or something artsy playing down the street?

UPDATE: More photos including Kim leaving Kanye’s NY residence and footage of their second date earlier today…After the jump


TMZ caught a photo of Kim leaving Kanye’s NY residence early this morning, they point out that same clothing from their first outing the previous night.


The pair were also spotted earlier today having lunch at Serafina restaurant in NYC’s Upper East Side district. More snapshots and video courtesy of TMZ, did the photographer really ask Kim if she ordered Fish Fillet? Ha!

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