Oh God, why? I’m not against all rehashing of the past to lure both grownup dollars and youngun dollars…but can the vintage Larry, Curly, Moe slapstick of the original Three Stooges franchise translate to 2012? Ehh…Watch the first trailer for the Farrelly Brothers’ The Three Stooges film and judge for yourself. (via ComingSoon)

Sean Hayes (Will and Grace), Chris Diamantopoulos (um…24?) and Will Sasso (MAD TV) definitely look the part, but there’s a veneer of cheese that makes this trailer look like it should just be left as a MAD TV skit, or a Funny or Die webisode. I think it makes sense that the Farrelly Brothers are directing, since they’ve carried the torch for slapstick comedy. And I loved The Farrelly’s Something About Mary, and Me Myself and Irene…but they’ve since then it’s been bombs like Shallow Hal, The Ringer and that awful awful Hall Pass. I’m sure this new Stooge will be chock full of celebrity cameos when it drops in April 2012, in fact the last part of the trailer with Jersey Shore’s J-Woww, Snooki and Sammi is the only funny bit, but did this need to be a full movie? Can’t the universe (aka Hollywood) just focus all it’s Scientology prayers on Zoolander 2?

Oh, speaking of Snooki and Company….the new trailer for MTV’s Jersey Shore Season 5 just dropped as well. It is surprisingly trauma free. That’s odd. Shouldn’t there be an unplanned pregnancy, a drug overdose, and a hilarious Situation vs. His Dad fistfight?

Watch the Jersey Shore Season 5 trailer…
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