(left to right: Michael K. Williams aka Omar Little, Ol’ Dirty Bastard aka Ason Unique/ Dirt McGirt/ Big Baby Jesus/ Dirt Dog/ Osirus)

Ok, this news out of Hollywood completely blew my mindgrapes.
So apparently there’s going to be a movie….in which Omar Little, Baltimore’s homo-thuggiest bogeyman, will play the late great Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Wu-Tang’s untame-able icon. Alright, to be more specific, it’s actor Michael K. Williams who will be playing Ol’ Dirty Bastard…but Williams will always be Omar from The Wire.

And that’s not the only headcrack here. The movie isn’t even an ODB bio-pic, it’s called Dirty White Boy because it’s based on the life of ODB’s much maligned manager Jarred Weisfeld. I actually worked with Weisfeld numerous times during his run with Dirty. And I think anyone else who saw their dynamic, as well as the very contentious dynamic between Weisfeld and the rest of Wu-Tang….knows this story can be an interesting one but only if it’s done honestly, no gloss.
I can only imagine that there will be some serious push back from Wu-Tang members. Meanwhile, according to Deadline Hollywood, Dirty’s mom Cherry is onboard.

The third shocking element to this project, is the caliber of production that is involved. The project is being developed by Part & Labor, a Williamsburg-based crew that recently produced the Oscar-winning Mike Mills’ film Beginners. Both the director Joaquin Baca-Asay and screenwriter Brent Hoff are upcoming talents.

Remember the short-lived VH1 series that followed Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Jarred Weisfeld?
Well, watch this 2003 clip of Dirty, Jarred and Dame Dash, arguing about RocaWear…
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