March 2010


Mikey: This week the internets was buzzing with rumors of a Dre x Hova collabo being leaked. Though, don’t have the music  just yet, this flick might be an indicator that this record actually exists. Stay tuned. (Props UHTN)

MissInfo: Ok, I guess I should have said something before…but I kind of promised not to, and then I forgot about the whole thing. But around Feb. Twentysomething, I got a tip that Jay-Z was in the studio with Dr. Dre in Miami, working on Detox. So, I guess this was taken around then. Nice!

Mikey: Nicki Minaj adds visuals to her recently released single for “Massive Attack.” Directed by Hype Williams. Amber Rose shows up for a cameo too.

(hi forehead! spotted via BallerAlert)

Well, pressure busts pipes….or in this case, leaky pillow talk and reading off rapper phone numbers gets your mug shot exposed.

After the epic Kat Stacks vs the Young Money bedfellows video, and then the Kat Stacks vs. The Hackers video…this “lady” has become an internet legend. But according to Necole Bitchie, Stacks is now feeling the wrath of the internets. An old mugshot and probation file has surfaced. Her twitter page has been shuttered. But not before Stacks complained: “Social Services just left my house cause a Rapper reported me. They saw I’m a good mother & they investigated my condo. Sorry hater

I’m wondering if maybe the hundreds of thousands of views on a youtube of her bragging about getting slizzard up in the Hit Factory, and her swigging from an economy-sized bottle of Absolut set off any alarms with social workers…..nah, it must have been Lil’ Twist.

But my fear is not that Tyga might be on a mission to touch the hair on Kat’s chinny chin chin. My fear is that the web-bullying will rob me of my guilty pleasure. Kat Stacks’ awesome mutation of the English language.

See more Kat Stacks twitter rant after the jump…


(via OnSmash)

Mikey: Monae’s forthcoming album, The ArkAndroid, drops May. 18th. (Big Boi is also the album’s executive producer)

OMG! I think this episode of LOST Untangled was even better than the actual episode of LOST that it recapped. (Thanks reader DoubleDeux)

Puppet Dr. Chang was in rare form….not to mention, he completely reads my mind when he spazzes out on Sun for writing too big on that pad of paper. “Don’t write so big! You don’t get it, I can’t just run down to the grocery store and buy more paper!” LOL!

(also….the pronunciation of Charles Widmore…awesome)

(the final struggle with the word “brother”….also awesome)

Update: Sam/CaughtintheWeb tweeted this GQ LOST Podcast. But that reminds me….Jin’s English-speaking learning curve was really annoying. Its like the actor just gave up on even trying to pretend that his character doesn’t speak fluently. Meanwhile, my cousin is a big fan of Hurley aka Jorge Garcia’s podcast, Geronimo Jack’s Beard. In unrelated/related news, congrats to Sun aka Yunjin Kim on her wedding last week: )

By the way, I didn’t post last week’s Untangled Episode 6.9, which dealt with Ricard “Guyliner” and his shocking past….very interesting episode….so peep it after the jump

Mikey: As a weekly visitor to S.O.B’s in NYC, I can honestly say I haven’t see a New York artist or any artist for that matter get the spot rockin’ like it was tonight in a long, long time. (SOBs employees said it was crazier tonight than when Drake performed last summer) Real Talk, J. Cole murdered that shit. No album out… no singles, just mixtape cuts. I mean Nipsey and Pill can attest, they were there and didn’t go anywhere near a mic. As the encore J.Cole debuted a new joint that I’m guessin is titled “Who Dat?”

Update: MissInfo: Thanks to QueenKarlita for letting us know that “Who Dat” is produced by EliteThatsMe and J.Cole himself.

Previously: MissInfo Exclusive: J.Cole brushes off Jae Millz’ XXL Freshmen 10 criticism

UPDATE 2: (A closer shot of J.Cole performing “Who Dat” after the jump via Hot97)


Mikey: Tonight, J.Cole rocks a sold-out S.O.B. for the Hot97 Who’s Next series, and tomorrow, he reps the XXL Freshmen 10 concert at the Highline Ballroom.

But earlier this evening, I caught up with Young Simba and asked him how he felt about Jae Millz’ recent criticism that XXL’s Freshmen 10 should have included Vado (“Who the f–k are these other niggas?…them n—as is f–kin’ wack.…n—as know who ain’t supposed to be on that f–king cover.”).

Showing that J.Cole has already learned some media-trained restraint from being around vets, he brushed off the rant, saying: “I don’t know in particular who he was talking about and I don’t know him but if that’s his opinion that’s his opinion…but I feel like whoever is on that cover would beg to differ.

Miss Info: Well-played, young man. But honestly, I’m pretty sure even Jae would admit that J.Cole fully deserved his spot on the cover and on the list.

(watch Jae Millz’ full commentary after the jump)

UPDATE: More J.Cole interview clips from Peter Rosenberg, RapRadar, and VIBE after the jump)



New Music: Ciara feat The Dream “Speechless” (download link) (thanks Splash)

And while we’re talking about the Dream, the homie JD/TheLifeFiles sent over some behind the scenes footage from The Dream’s upcoming “Love King” video

(Props Legend and OS crew)

Mikey: What a contrast of videos here… up top is something strictly for the streets with Joell Ortiz “Project Boy” (prod. by DJ Premier) and after the jump we go a whole another route with the latest from Usher feat. Will.I.Am “OMG”.


WHERE’S THE MONEY GEORGE ? from oizo mr on Vimeo.

Looking at my recent timeline of posts, the ratio of boobs to non-boobs is alarmingly unbalanced, so I’m going to try to reestablish some sort of happy medium….

Back in October, when that bizarro “Ear” art short came out, starring Pharrell….we also noticed a clip online from the making of another video, this time teaming up Pharrell with puppet Flat Eric (previously seen in a Levi’s ad). This is a longer version of the video, directed by French producer Mr. Oizo….but it still seems unfinished because at the end, where is Flat Eric’s music? (Spotted on Nahright)

Previously: Pharrell loses an ear, and fights a puppet…what have you done lately? ; )

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