March 2010

(Lloyd Banks “On My Way” (directed by 50 Cent)

New Music: Diddy & Dirty_Money feat. T.I. “Hello Good Morning” ( link)
Another one from Diddy’s Last Train To Paris album. Definitely sounds like 1:00am on Friday night in a club somewhere.

New Music: Charles Hamilton & B.O.B. “Paperboy” (download link)
Maybe B.O.B. can help resurrect Hamilton’s career, even if he doesn’t this joint is kinda niice

[Big up to the NMC] –  (New Vado feat. Jae Millz, Joe Budden (prod. by Beewirks, and Quan (Addresses Nas) after the jump)


As if Part 1 of the Kat Stacks groupie confessional wasn’t absurd enough. Now I absolutely can’t tear myself away from listening to this crazy person…her mouth moves like a human, but the noise that comes out….it’s indescribable.

I fully entered an altered state at the 3:54 mark:

“Wull, inywaydough, yaaal kint stob me. Yaal hock mee and yaal hock mah muggfuggin frens?! Bow wee steel heer, Beetch!”

whoa. did you feel that?

Previously: I Quit: Breaking down Kat Stacks’ groupie confessional (via Kid Fury)

Picture 31Picture 32

this chick, Tila Tequila, actually arranged for a photo opp with paparazzi at the local grocery store. She actually showed up in a cheap nightgoan, where folks were just shopping for their string cheese snackpacks, and their Fresca…and walked around with her chestballs out, and her black thong showing….fake-dropping kielbasa and bending over to pick it up. (shameless publicity whoring spotted on TMZ)

This woman is such an embarrassment. As if anyone would pick up kielbasa without bending at the knees.

Picture 33Picture 30

Picture 27

(Nicki and Amber look super GI Jane onset for the “Massive Attack” video, directed by Hype. Which is set to debut this week. But Necole said there were some tv-censor issues? Photos via Amber-Rose.Org)

My big homie Funkmaster Flex played this today on Hot97…check out the song and let me know what you think.

New Music: Nicki Minaj “Massive Attack” (to download the song, redirect to the link that Nicki herself tweeted ; )


Nicki talks from the set of “Massive Attack”

Usher feat. Nicki Minaj “Lil Freak” video

more photos from the “Massive Attack” video after the jump…



Three times dope….thank you to my girl Yvette for sending me the Wu-Massacre CDs…all three collector’s edition variant covers, featuring amazing comic-style artwork from Chris Bachalo. Just like with the Freeway x Jake One album packaging that Brent Rollins did, the effort that’s put into packaging makes the CD worth coveting beyond the digital ones-and-zeros that make up the music file itself, lol.

Buy the Wu-Massacre album in-stores on Tuesday, or pre-order now online.

After the jump, check out Method Man and Raekwon’s dedicated cover art, and a making-of video…


I only have about 3 chips left before I have to declare mental bankruptcy….so I was resisting this Kat Stacks groupie confessions debacle like it was a case of adult first-time chicken pox. But once I saw that Kid Fury was doing a full video analysis, how could I stop from watching? (Spotted on Freshalina‘s of course; )

“Yes, I hab screwed the hol’ Jung Money.” -Kat Stacks

Mack Mang, claim to be CEO, but he roomers with Jae Millz, ang GuddaGudda…” -Kat Stacks

I bing fugged Lil Wayne ang the n—a gave me twelve hunnid mufasuggin’ dawllors…hOH!” -Kat Stacks

(She had a lil bit of trouble communicating her feelings about BowWow with human noises, at the 6:36 mark)

Since is spelled s.i.n.c.e, not s.e.n.s.e. That spells sense…what cha don’t have.” -Kid Fury

Picture 28

More classy lady after the jump…including the original Kat Stacks video, which is so insanely awesome, it’s necessary to watch on its own. It didn’t hurt me, it helped me. And it will help you too.


Picture 17


A big birdie tells me that Yelawolf has officially signed to Interscope Records. Again, buzz+climate created a bidding war, but it seems Jimmy Iovine was highly motivated. Congrats to the Alabaman! Now usually I just pretend to be interested in people, but I’m honestly intrigued by this fellow (and I enjoy his Zannel). Fans who were introduced to Yelawolf’s twang on Juelz Santana’s “Mixing up the Medicine” may need to ease into his unfiltered solo work, but I like his southern-comfort-in-his-own-skin attitude. It’s definitely attracted some vets (Bun B, Travis Barker, the Neptunes, Raekwon etc), not to mention, everyone who saw Yelawolf at the Nahright x Smoking Section SxSW show left raving as well. So that’s no small feat.

Plus, when Atrak and I met him at the FnF party in LA, he was kooky but supernice. How can you not like a guy who cites 10,000 Maniacs as an influence, and describes his music as “grimy, box-Chevy, dope-boy, working-class music.”

I expect this new Interscope deal will add more fuel to those overanxious Eminem comparisons. (“If I’m ever in the same room with [Em], I definitely would holla… I’m sure in the near future we’ll cross paths.”-Yela in Vibe)…and maybe one day lead to carefully orchestrated collaboration. Corporate synergy!

(**Was Yela the last holdout of the current crop of buzzing newscomers? I guess Jay Electronica could sort of count as another holdout. He has a deal with Decon, but I believe it’s a one-off?**)

UPDATE: Hmm, so two people hit me on twitter to say that one member of Yelawolf’s management team is denying the Interscope deal. So… we wait. Which makes me anxious because I hate being inaccurate more than anything in the universe. But my source was very reliable.

UPDATE 2: Maybe that guy from Yela’s team didn’t get the memo? Congrats Yela! Congrats KP/GhetoVisionary1 and congrats Interscope!

More Yelawolf interview and videos, after the jump…



Mikey: Dick Shittman & the Hood Newz are gang back with a new weekly Rap-Up series. Mo’ absurdity and hilariousness on deck!

“Better hate than never! I know we’re late, but we’re like that pregnancy test of rap: unexpected, but life changing. This weeks episode finds Steelers Quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, in some hot water with the ladies and Lil Wayne encounters a certain law enforcement rapper during his stay in New York’ s Riker’s Island.” – Hoodnewz

(Listen to the Hood Newz Weekly Rap-Up after the jump)


Mikey: Vancouver’s Nardwuar celebrates his 5th interview with Snoop Dogg throughout  the past decade.

Mikey: We have a couple new videos to get this Monday morning going, first up is Kelis’ “Acapella”.
MissInfo: I can’t front….I like this song and this video….it makes me wanna do my Snooki dance : ) I love her outfits, her makeup, the Akitas, lol…the only thing I hate is her hair. And baby Knight makes a cameo too, look at those feet!

After the cut we head down to the trap with new visuals from Jeezy ft. USDA “Bag Music” and Gucci Mane ft. Rick Ross “All About The Money”.


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