(hi forehead! spotted via BallerAlert)

Well, pressure busts pipes….or in this case, leaky pillow talk and reading off rapper phone numbers gets your mug shot exposed.

After the epic Kat Stacks vs the Young Money bedfellows video, and then the Kat Stacks vs. The Hackers video…this “lady” has become an internet legend. But according to Necole Bitchie, Stacks is now feeling the wrath of the internets. An old mugshot and probation file has surfaced. Her twitter page has been shuttered. But not before Stacks complained: “Social Services just left my house cause a Rapper reported me. They saw I’m a good mother & they investigated my condo. Sorry hater

I’m wondering if maybe the hundreds of thousands of views on a youtube of her bragging about getting slizzard up in the Hit Factory, and her swigging from an economy-sized bottle of Absolut set off any alarms with social workers…..nah, it must have been Lil’ Twist.

But my fear is not that Tyga might be on a mission to touch the hair on Kat’s chinny chin chin. My fear is that the web-bullying will rob me of my guilty pleasure. Kat Stacks’ awesome mutation of the English language.

See more Kat Stacks twitter rant after the jump…

BallerAlert also documented the dizzying back and forth between Kat Stacks and her “manager” who has never met her, but who seems very eager to get her on these media streets to make her and daddy some paper, lol…But this rant from Stacks was problematic…


because it was followed by a twitter shutdown and the social services visit….


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