OMG! I think this episode of LOST Untangled was even better than the actual episode of LOST that it recapped. (Thanks reader DoubleDeux)

Puppet Dr. Chang was in rare form….not to mention, he completely reads my mind when he spazzes out on Sun for writing too big on that pad of paper. “Don’t write so big! You don’t get it, I can’t just run down to the grocery store and buy more paper!” LOL!

(also….the pronunciation of Charles Widmore…awesome)

(the final struggle with the word “brother”….also awesome)

Update: Sam/CaughtintheWeb tweeted this GQ LOST Podcast. But that reminds me….Jin’s English-speaking learning curve was really annoying. Its like the actor just gave up on even trying to pretend that his character doesn’t speak fluently. Meanwhile, my cousin is a big fan of Hurley aka Jorge Garcia’s podcast, Geronimo Jack’s Beard. In unrelated/related news, congrats to Sun aka Yunjin Kim on her wedding last week: )

By the way, I didn’t post last week’s Untangled Episode 6.9, which dealt with Ricard “Guyliner” and his shocking past….very interesting episode….so peep it after the jump

I must admit, the guyliner story is a leeetle telenovela-ish…so dramatic!” -Puppet Dr. Chang

LOST Untangled: Ep.6.08 “Recon” and Ep.6.07 “Dr. Linus”