November 2007

Cash Money’s former in-house producer Mannie Fresh lost his 42-year old sister to a horrible tragedy on Weds night.

MTV News reports:

Mannie Fresh’s sister, Angela Bryant, was shot and killed Wednesday night in her New Orleans home, according to local TV affiliate WWLTV. Police reportedly said the 42-year-old mother’s two young children were present but not physically harmed.

Can you imagine, a 2 year old and a 7 year old were there in the house, frightened and confused until the next morning? Life is very cruel sometimes.

And it was only last year that Baby and Slim lost their sister.

I love Lil Wayne’s swagger, but I beginning to wonder if what we’re calling quirky star quality, is actually some early stage dementia.

The good folks at Complex (thank you) sent me some outtakes from the new issue’s Weezy F. BabyPleaseSayTheBaby cover story…..and…um….wow.

Wow, as in, I actually felt a lil’ woozy reading it. I thought maybe it was because I hadn’t drank enough coffee, but no….it was hardcore mathematics like this:

“You are your pain, nigga. You can cut yourself right now. That don’t hurt because you are your pain. If it hurts you, then you done that, it’s a mind thing. You ever notice when you have a very stuffy nose or you have a cold and you eat something, you don’t taste nothing, you be like, “I can’t eat nothing, I can’t taste it, I’m hungry,” that’s because you don’t actually taste nothing, you know what I mean? You are you, you make everything around you. You make water, you make the sky, because it’s you, if you don’t want that to be water then it ain’t water, fuck. It’s you, so…ya dig?”

That’s high. Really really really (x 100) high.

I would summarize the rest of the outtakes if I knew what the hell he was talking about.

I know there’s some explanation of how he and the Hot Boys reunited. And I’m managed to figure out that Weezy vows to never wear bathing ape again, because of The Clipse, saying “I was the hottest nigga to ever have Bapes on…quote that. (So what will the weezy wannabe’s wear now? This could cripple the bootleg Bape market in Dade County. Luckily Soulja Boy is still reppin’.)

Oh, and Weezy even talks about proposing to a woman onstage at the BET Awards. Obviously he didn’t end up doing that, instead he fumbled some of the words to “Duffle Bag Boy” and debuted “Gossip,”….(but rumor has it that the lucky girl Weezy wants to pass Toya Nivea Trina Solange Farrah Karrine‘s old toothbrush and empty dresser drawer to is Lauren London. I dunno…)

Well, I can’t wait to read the real thing when it drops, but for now, there’s headcrack like this…. (click more…)


I loved Tay Zonday’s Chocolate Rain. But this makes me feel like curling up fetal style in the back of my closet and sleeping the memory of that melted chocolate wave to wear off.

as if Dr. Pepper wasn’t a weird enough soda already. Who’s your target market, Doc? Circus carnies and French surrealists?

BBC sohoBBC soho line

(pics from my homie Loic’s great BBC blog, make sure you check all the dope travel pics with Pharell and Nigo)

Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream just opened their first US store this week on West Broadway in Soho and….

I just got the word……

Tonite is the opening party, so come check it out in about 20 minutes with me and the missinfotv webcam : )

Ok, onto the afterparty at the Bowery Hotel. Big up to my girl Wendy from Nitrolicious and Yu Ming from Freshnessmag for rolling with me…we had a lovely time with good friends: Loic, Pharell, Rob W, Icepick Jay, Phillip (all from Startraks); Toby, Nigo (Bape); Mike the Exec, big homie Funk Flex, Messiah; Qtip, Bevy Smith; DJ Drama; Dante Ross; Danica, Carl, Sam Ed, Ramos, Mimi, Jigsaw….and many more. Also Snoop, JD, and a bunch of vapid models were there, lol…

Here’s some pics (with help from Wendy), but check Nitrolicious and FreshnessMag for much more professional pics:

At the store, giving you guys a live webcam view:


(Nigo and friends. He has the illmatic 3 piece Saville Row bespoke suit on, with a huge heart shaped solitaire ice chunk in his ear. Silent stunna. The best kind)


(Everlast in his one of a kind, handmade Manuel cowboy shirt. Say what you will about the look. But in a world of clown-costume all-over-cartoon audigier streetwear ca-ca, I love that Everlast was rocking a shirt thats a piece of rock-n-roll history. He schooled me that Manuel is the original tailor who made shirts for Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan…he even handmade Elvis’ white rhinestone jumpsuit. Now that’s worth blogging about.)

BBC- me everlast

(The Manuel tags include the shirt’s owner’s name too)

BBC- everlast's shirt

(Yu Ming, Wendy, Mike the Exec and friends)

BBC- yu ming wendy mike d

(boss status, lol: Loic from BBC/IceCream, Toby from Bape)

BBC- Loic Toby

(Phillip, Pharell’s road manager, rocks BBC…but…I had to admire the customized hood. Russian sable by J.Mendel! Dreamy!….even duke behind Phillip thinks so, lol)
BBC- phillip

(Flex spins, DJ Drama pollys. I had to tell Drama how much I love Art of Storytelling Pt4.)

BBC- flex drama

(cool guys. One being significantly cooler than the other, however.)

BBC-snoop jd

PS: about the live missinfotv webcam:

from what I hear, the webcam worked pretty well! Too much background noise, and I did a horrible job holding up the camera, but I’m gonna work on that. While I was at the store, Swizz, Pharell and Nigo were fascinated by the webcam itself and seemed to get a kick out of the immediacy of it. I’ll def do my best to go live more often. But please, if you tuned in, please give me some feedback on how to make it better. Do you want events? Or do you want just regular chats. Is it too loud or too quiet…


Please enjoy the first installment of…



Part 1:

Part 2:

(directed by the good folks at Three21media)


Nore is an old pal, and he was moving like he was on reality tv long before Real World first started, lol….here’s a preview, featuring Nore and Mad Linx preparing for Nore’s birthday party with Miami super-promoter Michael Madd….Not so sure why they spend 4 minutes debating tonic vs club soda….but here’s a synopsis: Nore drinks, smokes, flirts with his girlfriend, and says “Come’on” alot.

big up to Tim Westwood, my UK potna : )

oh the truth hurts….so good.

If you don’t have a dress code at work, love hip hop but don’t wear “hip hop brands”, have lost any realistic grip on how much a t-shirt is really worth, and are completely jaded and cynical….and hypercritical….then you’re kinda like me. And maybe you were also a fan of the now defunct site “Don’”

In a very insidious “” way (remember that firestarter site? yikes), dontbelievethehypebeast started posting some harsh commentary about your favorite “streetwear” brands and trends. Sometimes it was hatery, othertimes, brilliant. But the name of the site alone was great enough to me.

Anyways, it disappeared (I’m sure the reasons who/what/why are on some NikeSB messageboard or something but I have no idea. When it comes to that scene, I’m the “oh, I only smoke on the shitter” type. Not the pack-a-day type.)….

but now…Merry Christmas…dontbelievethehypebeast has reincarnated itself as (maybe a play on streetwear retail site

And my boy DT forwarded me a recent post they did on the…um…oddly monochromatic model palette featured on the new site. Click Here to read.

Personally, I think Mr. Ecko is a savvy guy (also, I have alot of love for many people who he staffs at Complex. They’re smart, funny, and totally multi-cultural)…but SatchelofGravel makes a interesting point about whoever is running the ecko retail site. Is it racist to have all white models? No. Is it kinda weird? A bit. If a 19-year-old boy in a mall in suburban Illinois is in the market for an all-over-print hoodie, with graffiti-embroidery, then I think its pretty safe to say that he’s ready (maybe even eager) to deal with society’s wondrous multi-colored tapestry. lol. Now, I think it’d be equally weird if the site had all African-American models or all Asian models. (well, actually, if it had all Asian models, then I’d also add creepy and pervy to the mix). Either way, its just unrealistic for any US company, especially an “urban” or “youth”-skewed company to not rep multi-culti. Just my opinion.

Moving on, I loved SatchelofGravel’s post on another site called

faux hip hop

I’d like to see one on hipsters rappers.

more fascinating footage from Kotori Magazine of lunch with Rza… To be honest, most of the technical gadgetry talk goes right over my head, but I’m more amazing that the guy can remember so many specifics about things that happened like 15 years ago. Meanwhile, I have no idea what I ate for lunch yesterday.

(big up to Enigmatik for the link. Read the Boo Goo Doo Boom blogpost about this)

beanie sigel

Mack Mittens muses on topics like hollywood, hating on his Bentley, TI’s war chest, and more on’s Hip Hop Vs America blog…(props to Carl)

Here’s a sample….

“That T.I. situation. Things like that make it hard. But T.I. was trippin.’ C’mon boss, who you going to war with? If you didn’t try it then, why would you try it now? I don’t know his situation, but for a lot of these hip-hop artists, the problem comes in with the people who didn’t live that lifestyle. These kids got that Internet now and they will Google you. They will find out what high school you went to, what grades you had. Now we’re in the position where people have to live those lives out. That’s what I got a problem with. People wait until a certain age to get those attributes attached to their name. Gangsters aren’t sworn in, they’re born in. You’re what you were in junior high.

If you look at this generation, this generation is illiterate. These young rappers are making up their own language. It’s a lack of education. Before you had the KRS-Ones. He was considered a hard-core rapper, but he was also schooling and teaching people. These young people don’t know how to express themselves. ‘What’s up homie? What the f–k,’ that’s all they know. Their vocabulary is crazy. I went to jail and there are grown men who don’t know how to read. Pick up a “Source” magazine and all they want to do is look at the picture. Hip-hop needs a literary test. People will pick out the negative in my music, but I still make those songs. “This Can’t Be Life,” “Have Mercy on Me,” you gotta have that balance.”


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