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(pics from my homie Loic’s great BBC blog, make sure you check all the dope travel pics with Pharell and Nigo)

Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream just opened their first US store this week on West Broadway in Soho and….

I just got the word……

Tonite is the opening party, so come check it out in about 20 minutes with me and the missinfotv webcam : )

Ok, onto the afterparty at the Bowery Hotel. Big up to my girl Wendy from Nitrolicious and Yu Ming from Freshnessmag for rolling with me…we had a lovely time with good friends: Loic, Pharell, Rob W, Icepick Jay, Phillip (all from Startraks); Toby, Nigo (Bape); Mike the Exec, big homie Funk Flex, Messiah; Qtip, Bevy Smith; DJ Drama; Dante Ross; Danica, Carl, Sam Ed, Ramos, Mimi, Jigsaw….and many more. Also Snoop, JD, and a bunch of vapid models were there, lol…

Here’s some pics (with help from Wendy), but check Nitrolicious and FreshnessMag for much more professional pics:

At the store, giving you guys a live webcam view:


(Nigo and friends. He has the illmatic 3 piece Saville Row bespoke suit on, with a huge heart shaped solitaire ice chunk in his ear. Silent stunna. The best kind)


(Everlast in his one of a kind, handmade Manuel cowboy shirt. Say what you will about the look. But in a world of clown-costume all-over-cartoon audigier streetwear ca-ca, I love that Everlast was rocking a shirt thats a piece of rock-n-roll history. He schooled me that Manuel is the original tailor who made shirts for Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan…he even handmade Elvis’ white rhinestone jumpsuit. Now that’s worth blogging about.)

BBC- me everlast

(The Manuel tags include the shirt’s owner’s name too)

BBC- everlast's shirt

(Yu Ming, Wendy, Mike the Exec and friends)

BBC- yu ming wendy mike d

(boss status, lol: Loic from BBC/IceCream, Toby from Bape)

BBC- Loic Toby

(Phillip, Pharell’s road manager, rocks BBC…but…I had to admire the customized hood. Russian sable by J.Mendel! Dreamy!….even duke behind Phillip thinks so, lol)
BBC- phillip

(Flex spins, DJ Drama pollys. I had to tell Drama how much I love Art of Storytelling Pt4.)

BBC- flex drama

(cool guys. One being significantly cooler than the other, however.)

BBC-snoop jd

PS: about the live missinfotv webcam:

from what I hear, the webcam worked pretty well! Too much background noise, and I did a horrible job holding up the camera, but I’m gonna work on that. While I was at the store, Swizz, Pharell and Nigo were fascinated by the webcam itself and seemed to get a kick out of the immediacy of it. I’ll def do my best to go live more often. But please, if you tuned in, please give me some feedback on how to make it better. Do you want events? Or do you want just regular chats. Is it too loud or too quiet…