oh the truth hurts….so good.

If you don’t have a dress code at work, love hip hop but don’t wear “hip hop brands”, have lost any realistic grip on how much a t-shirt is really worth, and are completely jaded and cynical….and hypercritical….then you’re kinda like me. And maybe you were also a fan of the now defunct site “Don’tBelieveTheHypebeast.com.”

In a very insidious “urbanexposure.com” way (remember that firestarter site? yikes), dontbelievethehypebeast started posting some harsh commentary about your favorite “streetwear” brands and trends. Sometimes it was hatery, othertimes, brilliant. But the name of the site alone was great enough to me.

Anyways, it disappeared (I’m sure the reasons who/what/why are on some NikeSB messageboard or something but I have no idea. When it comes to that scene, I’m the “oh, I only smoke on the shitter” type. Not the pack-a-day type.)….

but now…Merry Christmas…dontbelievethehypebeast has reincarnated itself as SatchelofGravel.com. (maybe a play on streetwear retail site digitalgravel.com)

And my boy DT forwarded me a recent post they did on the…um…oddly monochromatic model palette featured on the new Ecko.com site. Click Here to read.

Personally, I think Mr. Ecko is a savvy guy (also, I have alot of love for many people who he staffs at Complex. They’re smart, funny, and totally multi-cultural)…but SatchelofGravel makes a interesting point about whoever is running the ecko retail site. Is it racist to have all white models? No. Is it kinda weird? A bit. If a 19-year-old boy in a mall in suburban Illinois is in the market for an all-over-print hoodie, with graffiti-embroidery, then I think its pretty safe to say that he’s ready (maybe even eager) to deal with society’s wondrous multi-colored tapestry. lol. Now, I think it’d be equally weird if the site had all African-American models or all Asian models. (well, actually, if it had all Asian models, then I’d also add creepy and pervy to the mix). Either way, its just unrealistic for any US company, especially an “urban” or “youth”-skewed company to not rep multi-culti. Just my opinion.

Moving on, I loved SatchelofGravel’s post on another site called YourSceneSucks.com

faux hip hop

I’d like to see one on hipsters rappers.