November 2007

very interesting….today I got the new beta…basically, Hulu is NBC’s answer to Youtube and Itunes. You can access full episodes of their shows (not only short clips) for free (unlike Itunes).

The catch is…as far as I can tell…when you’re watching a full episode, there are a couple short commercials. Nothing too bad. But you can’t fast forward them, and if you click to try, then a link opens up for whatever (Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines etc). Also, unlike Itunes, you can’t download the shows. But you can embed them.

Won’t it be wack if every studio has to launch a separate video site? Maybe it would just be better if they can encorporate ads like this onto youtube for all TV episodes. Especially if its on the new high-quality youtube that’s launching soon. And more importantly, how convincing am I as a super nerd? Did my use of the word “beta” help at all?

Here’s one of my favorite Arrested Development eps on Hulu. The Korean kid they call Anyoung is my favorite (They think that’s his name, but its just ’cause he keeps saying hello in Korean).

neyo japan
So, Keyshia Cole can pitch fits, but Neyo steals the show and gets the boot. This from the guy who used his eagle-eye to spy a gun in row KK-302 of Madison Square Garden….and the guy who dipped early from a show to take over the drive-thru at a local Burger King.

UPDATE: according to Carl at BET, Neyo says:

Let them tell it, I was removed from the R. Kelly tour because of contractual agreements not being met, but that’s absolutely false,”I believe it was because the first few reviews of the show, people were talking more about my set than his and I don’t think he liked that too much,” said Ne-Yo. So will he be spraying R. Kelly down with a can of mase the next time they run into each other? He laughs, “Nah, Nah. I’m gonna keep doing what I do, because it’s obvious that’s what was hurting him.”



Some emcees repeat their “hot” lines to make sure you catch them. Other emcees get their lines repeated because they’re so hot.

Thank you Outkast….

[audio:outkast art pt4.mp3]

And I love that XXlmag’s Noz transcribed Andre’s verse….here’s a tidbit:

this old lady told me if I ain’t got nothing good say naythin
that’s why I don’t talk much
I swear it don’t cost much
to pay attention to me
I tell it how it is then how it could be
the hood be
requesting my services
oh don’t get nervous it’s
step your game up time
these ain’t them same old rhymes
designed to have you dancing in some club

this is the Joe Budden freestyle that made Saigon mad. You can skip all the other stuff and just go to Joe’s part at the end.

Do you think that artists who sling sharp punchlines using each other’s names to make their points, should be more lenient about other artists doing the same? Are these disses on purpose or are they just whatever fits the joke?

UPDATE: News coverage of today’s funeral in Oklahoma City(more…)

Keyshia Cole refused to perform at the Columbus, Georgia kick-off for the current R Kelly “Heaven, I Need a Hug and My Lawyer Needs his Retainer” tour. Allegedly, it was because she balked at going on before Neyo. Well, as is the case nowadays, with more established artists and delusional ones….youtube was where disappointed fan, Loony T, vented…

Well, dude definitely knows Keyshia’s catalog….

(spotted at SandraRose)


My weekend: Went to a really good Ghostface, Rakim and Brother Ali concert at the Nokia Theater. (more on that to come) Met up with family from out of town, did a little shopping. Played Super Mario Galaxy….good times.
But then I get back online, and what the hell is all this Saigon hullabaloo? I like his music alot, and I think he’s very talented but wow, he sounds like a massive asshole on this radio interview. I’m not talking about all the disses towards other artists. That’s just the par for the course these days. I’m talking about the part where he tells one of the women at Sirius’s Lip Service show that he’ll punch her in the face.

You’re built for thug talk all day every day, but come completely unhinged when one female journalist hits you with some slick banter? I can understand being irritated and even shutting the interview down, but get ahold of yourself. This ain’t the yard. And you’re smart enough to adjust your act according to the element that you’re in.

You can hear Saigon’s interview at Sohh here…and here

You can read Saigon’s statement on NobodysSmiling here…(summary: I was drunk, I’m sorry to Nelly, I’m sort of sorry to the woman I thought was Melyssa Ford, I’m gonna slap Joe Budden)

Eskay has more details on the fallout here

And Peter Rosenberg has Joe Budden’s reaction here

sigh….I’m gonna go back to Super Mario Galaxy. He can turn into a bee. That makes everything better.

UPDATE: Saigon says he quits…I dont see how that’s going to solve anything, but he definitely seems frustrated. Like I said before, he’s very talented, but  he’s torn between insisting on a message and promoting the opposite of it. For example: what’s the moral difference between gang violence and personal violence? Click more to read is treatise. (more…)

There are a couple youtube videos of that heartwrenching moment during Kanye’s Paris show on Saturday….I can’t believe he actually had the strength to perform at all, but when the band started playing the song “Hey Mama,” Kanye reportedly said “This song is for my mother….” and stopped and buried his head in his hands. He stood there onstage for many minutes, completely broken down. The sold-out crowd chanted in support. And some of his band-members ran over to console him. What a completely heartbreaking moment. Kanye left the stage but still came back a little while later to finish the show with “Stronger.”

EDITED NOTE: Kanye had planned to continue with his European tour (with a big show in London set for thursday night). An inside source told me Kanye would cancel to grieve, but then an hour later, I was told the concert is back on. Sometimes I guess its better to stay busy. Hope he takes care of himself.

Thanks to reader Pete Dice for posting the lyrics to “Hey Mama” on an earlier Kanye post. Here’s part of that….

…And you never put no man over me
And I love you for that mommy cant you see?
Seven years old, caught you with tears in your eyes
Cuz a nigga cheatin, telling you lies, then I started to cry
As we knelt on the kitchen floor
I said mommy Imma love you till you don’t hurt no more
And when I’m older, you aint gotta work no more…

and the reality is…Tony Yayo is down with Hannah Montana and Billy Ray Cyrus.

No, but seriously, this is an entertaining Tony Yayo video interview from the friends at XXLMag (V, I see you standing there, lol). They should allow embedding but it’s all good, lol. Yayo says he wants to name his next album: “I’m 50 Cent’s Tax Write-off.” Funny.

And I got some giggles off of this snippet from 50’s upcoming Crib’s special.

(spotted on Nahright)

but my question is….

Isn’t that house on the market already? So, basically…MTV got got for a glorified For Sale ad.


For the second year in a row, the homie Joe Budden won the Powermoves Celebrity Spades tournament. Last night at Strata, Joe and his dad/partner beat out the pool of cardsharks, including Vince Carter, Jadakiss, Chris Robinson, Jamie Hector etc. The final four pitted Joe and Pops vs my girl Angie Martinez and her partner, Mike Kyser (from Atlantic Records), and from what I hear, the final tally was so close, Joe’s team won by one point. I’m not that surprised, seeing as how I know Joe is a compulsive gambler with a hard-core Spades habit, lol…But I can still say me and my friend Kim were the first spades tourney champs : ) That really “grinds his gears” lol.

But seriously, its a great event, especially because the winners get a check for $10,000 to donate to the charity of their choice. (Mine was the New York Asian Women’s Center for victims of domestic abuse)

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