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Twitter is synonymous with twisted up panties, in that the twittersphere loves to lock arms and rage en masse when faced with a reason to be mad…sometimes that reason is real, sometimes it’s conflated. Today’s twitter scandal is a bit of both.

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Last night, nuttin’ to do….Drake and his buddy Jas Prince on the tour bus….ustreaming….calling chicks around the world….putting on the smooth voice….asking innocuous questions of minor import….and making gals’ day year lifetimes with a lil’ love.

I loooove you!” “Aight, I love you too

But the lil’ impromptu double-dutch freestyle with OJ da Juuman adlibs was kinda cute….

watch after the jump…

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Those girls need to go to the convent. However, I can’t front….this video is unbearably adorable.

After the jump, if you are unfamiliar with Waka Flocka Flame, I posted the recent video for his club hit “O Let’s Do It.” Aside from having my favorite rap name in recent memory (mainly because it reminds me of Fozzie Bear’s slogan “Wocka Wocka Wocka”), Waka is also the son of Gucci Mane’s manager/auntie Deb.



First, Diplo (producer of “Paper Planes”) twitted this electro dancehall¬† remix…

DJ Mighty MI vs Gucci Mane vs. OJ da Juiceman vs DJ Slink vs Major Lazer “Make the Trap Say Aye”

[audio:MIGHTY MI REFIX.mp3]

then the homie Paul Cantor aka Gooch sent over this mash-up….

OJ Da Juiceman and Oran “Juice” Jones- “Walking in the AYE!!!” (mashed by Gooch and DJ Bailey)

[audio:Gooch and DJ Bailey.mp3]

All of which made me look back and appreciate The Juuman’s bizarro greatness.

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(this happened. it is real. embrace it.)

More of OJ’s mindblowing tweets, and one of the best mixtape covers since the days of Pen and Pixel….after the jump


A lot of fans have been holding their breath, hoping for some good news about Drake, after reports and photos spread of his painful knee injury onstage with Lil Wayne.
So, even though the first statement is limited to Twitter’s 140 characters….it’s still a bit reassuring.
Niko, who is Drake’s good friend, tour hypeman, and co-blogger on October’s Very Own, posted this tweet….


Very good to hear, and Drake, don’t rush the return….health over everything. The fans can wait.


Photo: Drake’s onstage injury

Breaking News: Drake twists injured knee and collapses onstage in Camden, NJ


Angel from Concrete Loop just retweeted this fan photo taken of Drake just after he fell in pain onstage while performing “Best I Ever Had,” with Lil Wayne in Camden, NJ.

Whats so scary about this photo is you can sense how much pain Drake is feeling. I asked folks on twitter for some insight into ACL-tears, and judging by the responses, they take months of rehabbing. Even then, the knee is very vulnerable to new injury.

UPDATE: Drake reassures fans via his hypeman’s twitter

PREVIOUSLY: Breaking News: Drake twists injured knee and collapses onstage in Camden, NJ

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thanks to loyal pal Louis for alerting me to the rumors that Joe Budden and Raekwon had gotten into an altercation backstage at today’s Rock the Bells tour stop in Washington D.C.
You know I love righting wrongs : ) so I’m happy to report that, according to Rae’s brother DomP, no such altercation happened.
What did happen is that during Raekwon’s set, Inspectah Deck came out onstage to perform “Cream,” and a few other songs….(Rza even joined Rae and Deck’s performance)

…but before Inspectah Deck left, he did tell the crowd, “F–k Joe Budden.”

Hence, Joe’s tweet….
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The homie CaughtintheWeb posted the link to this fantastically creepy trailer for “The Thirst,” which is the upcoming vampire film from Korean director Park Chan-Wook, who did the cult-classic “Old Boy.”

Speaking of Park, I really hope those plans to remake “Old Boy” Americano-style have fizzled with the recession. There was talk of a Spielberg-Will Smith combo team…..which made me cringe.

lol….Raekwon‘s OB4CL is in its final stages of production…so DJ Absolute and Rae took the cameras to the local bodega on a late night mission, and talked his classic talk.

Then, at the 3:49 mark, Rae sent a message to Nas…
“Nas, man, you better show up for me, n—a. You better show up for me. You got my fans thinkin that it ain’t real with us. Show up, my n—a. Real n do real things. That’s my son. We got a mutual relationship. Son is just a ghost in his own way. But he gave his word up…..Son, come see me, B.”

very interesting. that’s the new style full-court-press.

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(spotted on NYMag)

come’on Conan…don’t fight it.

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