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(Kanye and his new favorite singer, Teyana Taylor)

Well that was quick, the full version of Kanye’s reunion with Dip Set called “Christmas In Harlem” is here. You can purchase the song exclusively on iTunes tomorrow.

New Music: Kanye West feat. Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Pusha T, CyHi Da Prynce, Teyana Taylor, Big Sean & Musiq Soulchild – “Christmas In Harlem” (Produced by Hit-Boy) (Tagged)

UPDATE: Vado’s verse is missing, even though ‘Ye said one is coming.

UPDATE #2: Here’s the final version of the song, featuring everyone and Vado MH (Download available here and here)

Props to InFlexWeTrust

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Happy Thanksgiving, friends, readers, critics, and artists. I just want to tell you I really appreciate you guys. And I will eat many many starch calories in your honor today. But while cooking, my jaw dropped watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade…..all the weird dressed up marching bands and “gum-boot” dance troupes seemed to be doing hip hop moves. Then Murakami, the Japanese commerce-artist who has designed cartoon-like characters for Louis Vuitton and Kanye, had his own balloons in the parade, and also appeared in the parade dressed up as one his own trippy flowers. (pics after the jump)

But the topper was Kanye West’s own performance. Yes, he was wearing a headband, gold lowcut tank top, Mr.T chains, and a fur gillet. Yes, he was performing a song about being alone in the woods. But it was the look that he had on his face at the end that was the best thing ever….you MUST watch this!

Video after the jump

Today, MTV released the final five for its Hottest MC’s list and deservingly so Eminem claims the number one spot for 2010. His comeback to the music scene this year was one to remember with the success of his Recovery LP, the historic Detroit/NY concert series with Jay-Z and high profile features on tracks with Drake, B.o.B. and Lil’ Wayne.

Em got back in the swing of things this year, first by ripping the all-star posse cut “Forever,” which, despite being released in September 2009, had enough momentum to keep playing all the way into 2010. Then he guested on the Lil Wayne single “Drop the World,” a highly anticipated duet between the two rappers that had been buzzed about for years; added a poignant verse to the remix of B.o.B’s “Airplanes”; and even dropped a couple of freestyles (on Drake’s “Over” beat and Lloyd Banks’ “Beamer, Benz or Bentley”).

It all led up to the release of the first single from Recovery, “Not Afraid.” The song was a turn of form for Em that found him spitting motivational rhymes and encouraging people to face their fears, for better or worse. In a post-recession America, it felt like a message people really needed to hear: Don’t give up, because we’re all in this together. “Not Afraid” hit #1 on the Hot 100 and pushed Recovery to 741,000 units sold its first week. Em followed that with “Love the Way You Lie,” which was poignantly assisted by Rihanna.

After the jump you can view Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake and Rick Ross plus the full Top 10 list….



Alicia Keys held her 8th annual, Keep A Child Alive Black Ball in NYC, and introduced the new  “Buy Life” campaign. Alicia recruited husband Swizz Beatz, Kim Kardashian, Katie Holmes, Usher, Ryan Seacrest & Jay Sean for the effort’s ad campaign and you can scan the t-shirt bar code with your smart phone to make a donation (see below).  The organization helps families and children that have been affected by AIDS. (Thanks to Illy for the heads up)

MissInfo: this is such an amazing tradition and cause. I have so much respect for Alicia and her team for making this charity such a consistent force. And looking at the photos and video from the Black Ball gala, everyone looks amazing! (well, Usher looks more “fabulous” than amazing, but you can see for yourself in the photo gallery below ; )

After the jump a recap from the 7th annual “Keep A Child Alive” Charity Ball with Alicia Keys, Sade, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Whitney Houston, Usher, Janelle Monae and more…


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After visiting Lil Wayne in jail on Thursday, Kanye West changed out of his green striped polo, dusted any album-hack rumors off his sharp suit shoulders, speed up to Greenwich CT, and joined his buddy LeBron James at the vainglorious announcement of his announcement.

“I’m taking my talents to South Beach…”-LBJ

LeBron delivered “The Decision” to join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat live on ESPN, and the reactions were instant and passionate. Even before the announcement, there were know-it-alls with bad sources, LeBron stalking, and sportswriters who ripped LeBron’s strategy (Deadspin called him a “c–ksucker”). After the announcement, there were superhyped Miami fans, Rick Ross bragging about his courtside seats, and celebs booking their South Beach trips for Sat’s private party (that I was already hearing about on Weds, lol).

But, on the other hand, there were also Cleveland die-hards burning their #23 jerseys, girls crying at sports bars, and most shocking, a virulent letter from the Cleveland Cav’s owner Dan Gilbert. Gilbert’s sore grapes letter not only accused LeBron of cowardly betrayal, but he also “guaranteed” a Cleveland championship, and planted a curse upon the Heat for signing LeBron. Basically, this guy Gilbert gave LeBron an NBA version of the Miss Celie “Until you do right by me, everything you even think about gonna fail!” Color Purple curse. (Read the whole letter after the jump)

As casual observer, the rollercoaster, the circus and the soap opera has been fascinating. I definitely feel for embittered Cavs fans…but thoroughly enjoyed the twitty repartee, LOL.

After the jump….read Cleveland Cav’s owner’s scathing letter to LeBron, and watch LeBron’s post-announcement interview, etc.

Joell Ortiz brings out Fat Joe to perform Big Pun’s “Twinz/Deep Cover 98” (via Waterfall)

Jay Electronica performing “The Ghost of Christopher Wallace” (w/ intro) [via I.F.]

Mikey: So while I was being a SCHELP and sleeping my life away, all the homies were at the Highline enjoying what looks and sounds like was an incredible show by Joell Ortiz & Jay Electronica. Shouts to the fam over at Onsmash for putting this one together. (who’s that shadowy Asian figure twittering in the background?)

MissInfo: wait, there’s no way I’m on camera, I was on the side of the stage w/ flats on, barely able to see! But yes, Mikey lost : ( The show was amazing! Much family in the place, much great music. Joell Ortiz brought out Joe Budden, Fat Joe, Sean Paul (with mega-gelled mohawk), Styles P (love him), and Jim Jones (ditto). Wowza, yowza, yaowa! It was like a SummerJam of keep-it-real-rap, lol. Then Jay Electronica did his one-man monologue/performance in his gym-slides (LOL!); giving away his shades for a blunt, his watch for nothing, and then diving into the crowd for “Exhibit C.” (much love to Hof, Peter Rosenberg & Cipha Sounds (who hosted), Yandy, Angela and Deirdre) Check out these photos from Mel D. Cole/VillageSlum….

PS: If Summerjam has the infamous “screen,” then OS shows have the entitled close-minded boo-birds. Last time my boy OJ caught it, this time Big K.R.I.T. did. But later on, Jay Electronica said, “You New York crowds are the toughest…but you did [Krit] a favor. That’s the same reception y’all gave me a year ago at the Nokia, and look where I am now.” [UPDATE: WhatWeTalkinBout has footage of Krit’s reaction]

Joell Ortiz brings out Joe Budden, Jim Jones, and more…after the jump

Last year’s BET Awards scrambled to deal with Michael Jackson’s sudden passing, and did a less than stellar job of it….but this year, all it took was post-conviction post-contrition Chris Brown‘s one-man tribute to deliver all the emotion MJ fans hoped for. And all the irony we wanted too. When he broke down in sobs during “Man in the Mirror,” it really felt like he was asking for forgiveness for his transgressions. And it seemed like the audience was ready to give that to him. Later on, Chris won the fan-voted AOL Fandemonium Award, and said “I let y’all down before, but I won’t do it again…I promise.

Picture 3

Now the other highlight of the show for me was the Prince tribute….for 2 reasons. Prince’s facial expressions and Alicia Keys’ pianotop gymnastics…

watch after the jump

dipset bk3

Of course, the big homie Funkmaster Flex got to drop the bombs on the first song from the reunited Diplomats, he played it tonite on his Friday night Hot97 show. And even though I missed the commotion while watching Ip Man 2, thankfully both Jimmy and Cam sent me the CDQ of the song, because I’ve been waiting to hear this too!….and share with you.
Even though its still early yet, I’m definitely proud to see the progress. Big up to Jim Jones for persevering, Killa Cam for allowing, and Juelz for joining…Dipset2010!

MissInfo Exclusive: Cam’ron x Jim Jones x Juelz Santana “Salute” (CDQ) (Produced by Araab Muzik)

Only these guys would use Inglourious Basterds‘ lingo into a rap song. lol! Scheiße!

PS: here’s how Jimmy described another song they recently recorded…with a certain OG: “Super stupid retarded disrespectful ignorant arrogant to the 10th power of the fullest lol…and a bag a chips.

Download the song and let me know what you think….after the jump

Mikey: The pride of Canada stopped by the Jimmy Kimmel show last night to debut their new single “Tweet Tweet”. Haha! Shout to Drake’s white du-rag.

MissInfo: Kimmel has been consistently creating hilarious skits on his show (see the amazing “Handsome Gentleman’s Club” and “Eminem teaches Jimmy to rap“)….and what I love about this is Drake x Kimmel collabo is that while this song is easily the new twitter anthem…it manages to be catchy and celeb-skewering at the same time. Also…I can imagine Drake hosting SNL and killing it in the next few years. Definitely has that Justin Timberlake self-deprecation potential.

After the jump, Drizzy performs “Over” and “Bedrock” (ft. Nicki Minaj)


“some real sexy s–t”

As a non-smoker and super-featherweight-drinker….watching this video of Rick Ross talking with the homie Duke Da God (Dipset Radio) in a dressing room in Seattle (with Hell Rell in tow), reminded me of all the times that I’m the only sober person in the room. Is anyone familiar with that feeling? Your cloud-nine friends are happily blathering on, exchanging deep revelations. Lightbulbs going off. But you just keep looking around, like “what?!?!”
Yup. That’s this, lol.
I was dying listening to Duke’s questions, Ross’ answers, and Duke’s reactions. So Awesome.
Especially 0:50 to 0:58….”the homies” camera-pan….and the abrupt ending.

Another short Rick Ross “vlog” after the jump. (props to 57thAve for the clips)

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