Joell Ortiz brings out Fat Joe to perform Big Pun’s “Twinz/Deep Cover 98” (via Waterfall)

Jay Electronica performing “The Ghost of Christopher Wallace” (w/ intro) [via I.F.]

Mikey: So while I was being a SCHELP and sleeping my life away, all the homies were at the Highline enjoying what looks and sounds like was an incredible show by Joell Ortiz & Jay Electronica. Shouts to the fam over at Onsmash for putting this one together. (who’s that shadowy Asian figure twittering in the background?)

MissInfo: wait, there’s no way I’m on camera, I was on the side of the stage w/ flats on, barely able to see! But yes, Mikey lost : ( The show was amazing! Much family in the place, much great music. Joell Ortiz brought out Joe Budden, Fat Joe, Sean Paul (with mega-gelled mohawk), Styles P (love him), and Jim Jones (ditto). Wowza, yowza, yaowa! It was like a SummerJam of keep-it-real-rap, lol. Then Jay Electronica did his one-man monologue/performance in his gym-slides (LOL!); giving away his shades for a blunt, his watch for nothing, and then diving into the crowd for “Exhibit C.” (much love to Hof, Peter Rosenberg & Cipha Sounds (who hosted), Yandy, Angela and Deirdre) Check out these photos from Mel D. Cole/VillageSlum….

PS: If Summerjam has the infamous “screen,” then OS shows have the entitled close-minded boo-birds. Last time my boy OJ caught it, this time Big K.R.I.T. did. But later on, Jay Electronica said, “You New York crowds are the toughest…but you did [Krit] a favor. That’s the same reception y’all gave me a year ago at the Nokia, and look where I am now.” [UPDATE: WhatWeTalkinBout has footage of Krit’s reaction]

Joell Ortiz brings out Joe Budden, Jim Jones, and more…after the jump

Joell Ortiz & Jim Jones “Nissan Honda Chevy”

Jim Jones performs a part of the new Dipset Reunion song “Salute”

Joell Ortiz & Joe Budden “Microphone”

Joell Ortiz & Fat Joe “HA HA”