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Now this isn’t very Christian. As promised, King MC Hammer’s cry for attention is live on the Internets. I mean, this sh*t wasn’t even entertaining, at least Cam went and got  JJ Evans to play Hov.

MissInfo: DEAD @ Mikey for reminding us about JJ! So so true. It’s weird, because Hammer’s beef is from 2010, shirt is from 2008, and his beat is from 1999. Also, why did the trailer look so much more dramatic than the video. Anti-climax fail!

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It’s difficult to listen to Cam’s tribute to Huddy Combs, his lifelong friend, and friend to so many others who came up in Harlem. But I’m thankful he sent these memories over this morning. And I’m very thankful that Cam is pouring his grief into the music that he and Hud built their lives on.

Rest in Peace: Cam’ron “Tribute to Hud 6”

“Huddy is harlem.”

This the 30-year story, doggy, of two swingers that took the 6 train to Canal to get two-fingers and rope chains, at 13 poppin’ bubb, the youngest youngest ever to be in the Cotton Club…not even gonna start to lie, my body cold, no heart in side. Damn, my other part done died. ya’ll should run when I start to cry…

after the jump…video footage from Hud’s wake, as well as a tribute video from former Harlem World member Meeno


(Candles and memorabilia arranged in the shape of “6” in honor of Andre Hudson aka Huddy Combs aka Huddy 6….over on Lenox and 143rd street in Harlem)

Thank you to Huddy’s friends for sending over the details of Hud’s funeral on Monday. And again, continued condolences to his loved ones.

If you’d like to pay your respects….the details, as well as two video tributes, are posted after the jump….

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On Tuesday night, Cam’ron and Huddy Combs (Andre Hudson) were at Perfections with DJ Camilo (who took this twitpic with his phone). Just a few hours later, Huddy was driving home, crossing the George Washington Bridge to New Jersey, when his car collided with a truck, killing him and injuring a female relative in the car (via Daily News, MTVNews, Associated Press).

Picture 77

All day I’ve had a heavy heart. It’s hard to quantify Huddy‘s contribution to the Harlem social scene, to the music game, and to the Diplomats team, but there’s no way to underestimate it either. He was the glue that held so much together.

I remember the days when Killa Cam first signed to Untertainment, Murda Mase was the future of Bad Boy, there was talk of a new Harlem renaissance, and Huddy was right in the middle of it. He was with Cam every day at the Hit Factory, he was on the road with Mase, he was even in Mase’s shortlived offshoot group Harlem World (with Loon, Meeno, Stace, and Suga J). There wasn’t enough Huddy to go around. Everyone that met him, loved him. He elevated the mood in every room, and was able to relate to anyone….

(read the rest after the jump) (Updated)

we should have known better than to think that the cultural phenomenon known as Kat Stacks had just faded away into the ether. Until there is an antidote, we must keep vigilant. And sadly, Soulja Boy Tell Em was so busy trying out new dances and searching for space to tattoo…he let his guard down. And Kat invaded his temple.

Too bad it looks like SB’s Temple is already occupied by that Florida snowflake, that Aunt Nora, that Bolivian marching powder, that Happy Trails, that Rae Dong Chong, that Perico, that HollywoodHideout, that sugar, that schmeck, that high snowbiety…..you get the idea.

So in this unbelievably display of espionage and video-journalism, Kat uses her feminine wiles to seduce Soulja Boy, then videotapes his scalp, and what looks to be cocaine lines on a dining room sideboard table.
Not the delightful youngster with the “superman” dance and the yums sneakers!

yes. him.

Picture 5

(Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson making happy face)

Mel Gibson’s disgusting phone rants:

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the sweet sounds of Mel Gibson’s phone jonesing with his Russian ballerina babymama, Oksana Grigorieva.
Ladies, it’s okay to admit that you were entranced by Mel’s breathless terms of endearment, as he berated his girlfriend for not going to the jacuzzi with him, as he admitted that he knocked out her teeth while she held their infant daughter, and as he suggested that her fashion sense might get her raped by some men of color.

But as disgusting as this neverending stream of audio is, the plus side is the flood of Mel Gibson mockery. For instance….Someone was genius enough to create posters of Mel Gibson’s choice quotes with kittens. Verbal abuse can be adorable!
(for the record, though: it’s actually not adorable, it’s frightening and anyone who is experiencing this in their own relationship needs to run in the opposite direction….but that black and white kitten is SO CUTE.)

But there’s more….what about the Mel Gibson x Christian Bale mash-up, twice the crazy! And then there’s the overdub masterpiece Mel Gibson rant x What Women Want…etc.

UPDATE: DJ Brainchild also made a Mel Gibson x Kat Stacks mashup! Lawd.

after the jump

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After visiting Lil Wayne in jail on Thursday, Kanye West changed out of his green striped polo, dusted any album-hack rumors off his sharp suit shoulders, speed up to Greenwich CT, and joined his buddy LeBron James at the vainglorious announcement of his announcement.

“I’m taking my talents to South Beach…”-LBJ

LeBron delivered “The Decision” to join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat live on ESPN, and the reactions were instant and passionate. Even before the announcement, there were know-it-alls with bad sources, LeBron stalking, and sportswriters who ripped LeBron’s strategy (Deadspin called him a “c–ksucker”). After the announcement, there were superhyped Miami fans, Rick Ross bragging about his courtside seats, and celebs booking their South Beach trips for Sat’s private party (that I was already hearing about on Weds, lol).

But, on the other hand, there were also Cleveland die-hards burning their #23 jerseys, girls crying at sports bars, and most shocking, a virulent letter from the Cleveland Cav’s owner Dan Gilbert. Gilbert’s sore grapes letter not only accused LeBron of cowardly betrayal, but he also “guaranteed” a Cleveland championship, and planted a curse upon the Heat for signing LeBron. Basically, this guy Gilbert gave LeBron an NBA version of the Miss Celie “Until you do right by me, everything you even think about gonna fail!” Color Purple curse. (Read the whole letter after the jump)

As casual observer, the rollercoaster, the circus and the soap opera has been fascinating. I definitely feel for embittered Cavs fans…but thoroughly enjoyed the twitty repartee, LOL.

After the jump….read Cleveland Cav’s owner’s scathing letter to LeBron, and watch LeBron’s post-announcement interview, etc.


Mikey: Still more fallout from the death of Guru/Gang Starr and his controversial relationship with best friend and producer, Solar. Last Sunday, an anonymous hacker broke into Solar’s twitter and email accounts and leaked  business-related exchanges between Solar and his PR company, nude photos of women, and more. But most disturbing were the email allegations that Solar postponed Guru’s medical treatment to go on tour, robbed him of royalty checks, and other abuses. (via Allhiphop and The Village Voice)

On Wednesday, VIBE got in touch with the hacker, who said his reason for exposing Solar was:

“I only want the truth out. I don’t want fame or recognition… Solar in my eyes is a very shady dude and all the things he did to Guru is crazy. He shouldn’t get away with it.”

Yesterday, after playing phone tag with Solar’s “assistant,” I finally got this dude on the phone. Really, we just wanted his response to these emails leak and their validity. But Solar played the martyr:

“It has been a very emotional time for me but Guru told me exactly what he wanted to be done in the event of his death. Hopefully, things will calm down and mellow out and, we can get back to the business of seeing Guru’s wishes come true”

And continued his attack on Guru’s former partner, DJ Premier, this time insinuating that Primo lied about visiting a comatose and neglected Guru in the hospital.

” Quite honestly, from my records and what I’ve heard, I’m not even sure there was any visit from DJ Premier. Guru was in the intensive care unit and visiting regulations were very strict. Only family members and I were allowed to see him as far as I know. Not because of anything that I did to prevent that but the policy of the hospital is that when someone is in critical care, only close family members have visitation rights.”

[MissInfo: seriously, man? Why would Premier lie in such detail about something so sad and hurtful to him? I don’t believe that at all.]

Read more of  Solar’s comments about the hacked emails, and see Primo’s original discussion of his Guru hospital visit, after the jump…

(thank you to Gord from the LiveFromHeadqcourterz blog and Primo’s camp)

Along with the sadness surrounding the death of Guru from GangStarr, ther’s also been much confusion and skepticism over his best friend Solar’s press release, and more importantly, Solar’s claim that Guru wrote a final statement, which empowers Solar and disowns DJ Premier from the GangStarr legacy. Fans and former associates of Guru were outraged, but Solar answered with this…
Picture 18

But how could Guru make the statement….if Guru was in a coma from mid-February until the day he passed away (Monday, April 19)?

Guru’s family released their own statement today, finally shedding light on Guru’s medical history, his recent struggles and ultimately, his cause of death. Their statement never addresses Solar’s grandstanding, but it makes one thing very clear. Someone is lying.

Read the full Elam Family statement after the jump…

UPDATE: Ciph and Rosenberg addressed this situation this morning on Hot97, and even played old interview clips from Guru and Solar….after the jump…


The news broke that after a long battle with cancer, Keith Elam aka Guru from the group GangStarr, passed away on Monday at the age of 43. Just Blaze tweeted this overlooked album cut about lost loved ones, “In Memory Of,” from Guru and DJ Premier’s incredible Moment of Truth album from 1998.

Sadly, even the news of Guru’s death is sullied by the divisive nature of his alleged final statement….And while I’m kind of shocked that some reputable news sources just included the statement without any reference to the debate about the statement’s legitimacy….

you can read it for yourself, after the jump…

UPDATE: Also after the jump….Solar responds via twitter, and Capone-n-Noreaga record a freestyle tribute…

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