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With a hand in various albums set to arrive this summer, Kanye West’s recent promo run on Twitter maybe his most controversial moment. On Wednesday (Apr. 26), the artist/designer tweeted in support of U.S. President Donald Trump. “You don’t have to agree with trump but the mob can’t make me not love him,” said Kanye. “We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. I don’t agree with everything anyone does. That’s what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought.”

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Sad news this afternoon: TMZ reports that Charlie Murphy has died at the age of 57 after losing his battle with leukemia. Murphy died in an NYC hospital where he was receiving chemo treatment, according to his manager.

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The world is in a state of shock as Donald Trump is will become the 45th president of the United States, winning the 2016 U.S. Election over Hillary Clinton. Soon after the historic victory, people took to social media to voice their thoughts on the billionaire real estate magnate and former reality star moving into the White House following current president Barack Obama’s 8-year run.

Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg, Macklemore, Big Sean, Meek Mill, Tinashe, Azealia Banks, T.I. and expressed their disappointment, shock, and in some cases happiness over Donald Trump’s stunning win early Wednesday morning (Nov. 9).

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Sevyn Streeter was scheduled to perform the U.S. National Anthem before tip-off of the Philadelphia 76ers home opener on Wednesday night (Oct. 26) vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder. Sadly, the moment was taken away from the 30-year-old singer, as she was informed by the NBA organization that they scrapped the performance due to her wearing a “We Matter” jersey. “I’m at the 76ers game singing the National Anthem and the organization is telling me I can’t because I’m wearing a ‘We Matter’ jersey,” said Sevyn in a video posted on Twitter.

“The Philadelphia 76ers organization encourages meaningful actions to drive social change,” said the 76ers organization in a statement released to Philadelphia’s ABC 6 Action News. “We use our games to bring people together, to build trust and to strengthen our communities. As we move from symbolic gestures to action, we will continue to leverage our platform to positively impact our community.”

In a video posted online, Sevyn is seen and heard practicing “The Star-Spangled Banner” hours before tip-off as Action News reporter Jeff Skversky gives a preview of the NBA matchup.

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13 Hours: The Secret Soliders of Benghazi..I mean…it can’t actually get worse than this, right? Michael Bay and assorted Hollywood slopchops deciding that they’re the right folks to turn the 2012 terrorist attack on the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya (that left 2 American diplomats and 2 CIA agents dead) into their own personal chest-thumping Zero Dark Transformers moment. Woo-Ah!

But Bay isn’t Kathryn Bigelow (although he does somewhat remind me of another Hollywood megalomanic, Bigelow’s former husband James Cameron). Michael Bay is the man who made last year’s important cultural contribution…the movie Ouija. Yes. Based on the board game for paranoid schizophrenics. Along with all the Transformers, Purges, Bad Boys (those were actually pretty good), and The Rock (again, a retro favorite but in hindsight, cheesy).

Judging from this fantastically cringe-worthy red-band trailer…Jim Halpert AND Roy Anderson from “The Office” (actors Jim Krasinski and David Denman) are two of the real life Navy Seals who rushed to the embassy after it was attacked, along with a few other B-level mall-heartthrobs, like “Pornstache” from “OITNB” (actor Pablo Schreiber, brother of Liev).

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Twitter is synonymous with twisted up panties, in that the twittersphere loves to lock arms and rage en masse when faced with a reason to be mad…sometimes that reason is real, sometimes it’s conflated. Today’s twitter scandal is a bit of both.


A historic African-American Methodist church in Charleston, SC is currently attempting to heal its wounds after a gunman opened fire on random members Wednesday night (June 16) around 8:00pm. Nine people were killed in the savage attack, which took place during a prayer meeting.

According to reports, the main suspect is a Caucasian man who spent an hour in a prayer meeting the night before his fatal attack. However, this unthinkable shooting is believed to be a hate crime. The FBI has confirmed there is currently a manhunt for suspect Dylann Roof, 21, in the shooting.

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The rap community is mourning the loss of Far Rockaway, Queens rapper Chinx. Formerly known as Chinx Drugz, the Coke Boys artist was murdered in a drive-by shooting early Sunday morning. During night two of his B-Sides TIDAL concert in New York City, Jay Z took to the stage to speak on Chinx’s death and young stars becoming victims of senseless violence. French Montana, the man who took Chinx under his wing, broke his silence and spoke out for the first time in an Instagram post, also thanking Jay Z for his words.

“The devil comes in all shapes and sizes and he’s ruthless. Life here is temporary. They will kill you for this lifestyle, if they can’t afford it jealousy is a motherfucker Protect yourself, protect the people you love. I’m sad to see my brother go out like this, one of the realest people I met. This shit’s not right. These streets don’t love us My prayers go to his kids and family. We going to finish off what we started #ripchinx #ripstacks #freemaxb 🙏 s/o to #jayz”

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HBO’s ‘Last Week Tonight’, starring ‘Daily Show’-alum John Oliver has quickly become my favorite way of learning about what I should be mad about in the world. It’s actually taken that similar role from ‘The Daily Show,’ and finessed it by making longer rants, with less skits, more context, and all the razor-sharp insight. I urge you to watch Oliver’s breakdown of the Ferguson uprising, his incredible interview with Edward Snowden in Russia (that finally made a real-life comparison of the NSA scandal that I could understand), and his explanation of how ridiculously unfair college sports is to athletes….please cancel your lunch date, and just start watching.

This past Sunday…’Last Week Tonight’ focused on a recent marketing slogan that somehow made it onto bottles of Bud Light beer. Seriously…what the fxck!?!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 1.11.12 PM

Did Rick Ross somehow get a copy-writing gig at Bud Light’s ad agency?

Not only did John Oliver take down Bud’s corporate checks and balances system hilariously…but the bonus parody commercial at the end, starring Wyatt Cenac, Alex Karpovsky, etc, was amazing.
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Ummm. This is not O.K. This is not a “lituation.” This is a disaster.
According to Comedy Central… Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show.

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