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Because we can all aspire to getting a shoutout from Nick Lachey on morning television.

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I’ve never been good at acknowledging the passing of time. We’ve never celebrated an anniversary here at MissInfo.TV. I’ve never felt comfortable doing week-long, self-congratulatory birthday tours. I have no idea how long I’ve worked at Hot 97. And I’m terrible at corroborating albums and release years. Is it a fear of change or a symptom of a disorganized mind? Yes, yup. But as a result, yesterday can feel like ancient history, and what I felt 20 years ago… is a room right next door.

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Fans of chained heat, women behind bars, and khaki scrubs rejoice! The women of Netflix’s hit series Orange Is The New Black are coming back for season 2….and like all Netflix series, all 13 episodes will be available to watch on June 6th.

I know a lot of folks who are huge OITNB fans. I watched about 3 eps from the first season, but honestly didn’t get catch the wave. Definitely didn’t feel the need to binge watch the way I devoured season 1 and 2 or House of Cards. Do you love it?

Well, I’ll say this…the trailer for Orange Is The New Black Season 2 definitely looks interesting. Especially the dynamic between fan favorite Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Parker and new castmember, veteran actress Lorraine Toussaint as Yvonne “Vee” Parker.

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Only one episode into the fourth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones and I’m already fully obsessed. Last week ended with an incredible fight scene (all in the name of a good roasted chicken) and there were plenty of other new plotlines piled on. What will Tyrion do if his bitter incest-y sister hurts the love of his life, Shay? Speaking of incest, how come Cersei doesn’t want to give her brother Jaime the buns anymore? What’s one hand got to do with it?

Meanwhile, I joked during our live tweetalong that Jaime and Brienne of the strong jaw have great buddy cop chemistry. They’re the new Will and Grace of Kings Landing. Meanwhile, Sandor “The Hound” Clegane is turning into a peach. Last season, his obsession with Sansa Stark felt like old-man-in-the-teen-chatroom. But hopefully his teamwork with young Arya Stark is more protective and pure, like Turner and Hooch!

This Sunday, we’ll see the worst little shxt in Westeros, King Joffrey, get hitched to the savvy Margaery Tyrell…but I’m more looking forward to more tension and intrigue amongst the distrusting wedding guests.

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Yes. Goats.


When this show stops being fun…I will retire 10 years later.

Tonight’s episode on Late Night With David Letterman will feature the clip above, where Dave Letterman announces that after 34 years of classic talk show television, he and his band leader Paul Shaeffer will be retiring. The actual announcement comes at around the 8:00 minute mark, and before that, David shares some personal stories about discussing retirement with his son Harry.

NYMag’s Vulture blog has already posted some analysis about Dave’s planned 2015 exit from Late Night, including a look at the current ratings. Right now Jimmy Fallon is the ratings leader, but interestingly, the number 2 spot is not even a late night talk show at all…it’s Cartoon Network’s youth-skewed Adult Swim programming block. So in some ways, the departure of Dave isn’t a huge blow to CBS’s standings. But CBS’ next move could get eyeballs back to the perceived “old people’s network” if they snag someone with some heat…specifically, Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel has reportedly said that he would be interested in taking over for David Letterman if he had Letterman’s blessing.

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The hysteria was written in stone as soon as Supreme announced on Monday they would be releasing their much-buzzed-about Nike Foamposite sneakers to the public on Thursday, April 3rd. And as expected, Supreme fanatics, sneakerheads, and thirsty resellers started congregating outside of the New York Supreme store on Lafayette St., early on Weds…And when we say “congregating” we really just mean clogging up the sidewalk, the street, the traffic, everything. Pure chaos.

But did these over-eager customers just kill their own chances of getting a pair of Foams?
Well if you believe this sign that just got posted in the window of Supreme…

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Last night, the men of Dipset and Fool’s Gold faced off in a oddball game of full court basketball. At Jordan Brand’s private court behind The Garden a top secret game of b-ball brought together the thugs and hipsters (lol). It seems as though Cam and Atrak’s forthcoming Federal Reserve EP has spawned more than just music.

With a friendly vibe, Cam, Jim, Dame, Boogy, A Butta, Reks, Tito Poppins and more played for team Dipset, while Atrak, World’s Fair, Nick Catchdubs, Dan solomito and more repped for Team Fool’s Gold. There was definitely some wild cards thrown into the mix as well. People were pulling family members who played D-1 ball and Rucker Park stars to come show out. All in all though, it was a great time with a lot of laughs. Hopefully, this becomes an annual thing and open to the public. We have video footage coming on Monday.

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(That shxt-eating grin of bratty King Joffrey is on the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly, art-designed by our friend and former Complex and Wired alum Tim Leong.)

The fourth season premiere of HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” is right around the corner, April 6th, and after watching so much political drama–both epic, “House of Cards”, and uneven, “Scandal”–I think I’m ready for some straight up Heavy Metal-style fantasy.
The other plus for me is that, unlike the past 3 seasons, I haven’t read the accompanying George R.R. Martin book, A Feast of Crows. I only read A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, and A Storm of Swords…and that only took me almost a year because they’re all over a thousand pages each. Ugh.
So for the first time in this tv series, I have no idea what’s going to happen in the end. The great unknown!

While I’m not quite Stark-crazy enough to actually buy tickets to watch the first episode at the Barclay Center, I am really looking forward to what Arya, Jon Snow, those “loving” siblings Cersei and Jaime, and Daenerys and her dragons get into. And don’t forget, this time around there’s even a rap soundtrack to play at your GOT viewing party.

HBO released one final “Game of Thrones” Season 4 trailer to tease all the upcoming action..
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Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 7.05.50 PM

My big homie over at Hot97, Funkmaster Flex is a jack of many trades and on tonight’s show, he announced that he is launching Project Kixx, a “sneaker,
fashion and lifestyle destination.” He’s keeping the store location underwraps, but there will also be an online shop.

“I’m very excited to bring all things I’m passionate about and be able to get exclusively to the
masses.”-Funk Flex

Props to my girl Tiff the Stylist, Bobby Trends, Tat Wza, DJ Juanyto, who are also reportedly involved in one way or another.

The full press release,
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“Okay, we get it. You bought a ticket to Austin. You think you’re part of the music industry. You’re not really. You’re just going to corporate brand freaknik.”

*Funk Flex GRRR!*

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