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Miss Info: When I need to go to a lonely, quiet, contemplative place…or maybe is it more accurate to say, when I’m already in a lonely place and I need some music that leaves me there and doesn’t try to drag me to a stupid party to make me feel better…I know I can always rely on those moody Brits of The XX. Now this June, frontman Jamie XX (who has hip hop fans like Drake who also knows the pop music value of sadness) is releasing a solo album called In Colour. Can. Not. Wait. And if this new single “Loud Places,” that Jamie debuted on BBC Radio is any indication…the solo material will be very much in keeping with the xx vibes of previous albums like Coexist (it even features Jamie’s bandmate Romy) and I mean that in the best way possible.

Listen to Jamie XX’s “Loud Places” featuring Romy Madley Croft after the jump…


Fritz The Golden Retriever

(Fritz vs. Hard-shell Taco)

Miss Info: Just a brief break from all the rap stuff. I know there’s everything from Rich Homie Quan fleeing the Liv goons on a speedboat like he’s Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice And there Action Bronson cookin’ up with his red-headed doppelganger Mario Batali. And if you haven’t watched Mikey’s sit down with ASAP Rocky in Austin, that will touch anyone with a human heart.

But…for right now…you must watch this silly pet video. Seriously. I know I might have extra-hormone reactions to things these days but this shxt was just friggin’ hilarious to me…

Fritz The Golden…Fail Reel
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Nikelab x Sacai 2015 outfit

MissInfo: I know all my guys here at MissInfo.TV get all worked up over Yankee hats with Supreme box logos on them, and every glimpse of Kanye’s Adidas Yeezy Boost was click crack on social media. But I’ve heard barely a peep about this Nikelab x Sacai collection from most folks. Maybe it’s because the set of pleat-backed jackets and hoodies are for women? Maybe it’s because Chitose Abe doesn’t have the Kardashians and the Rihannas of the world sitting next to the fashion editors at the Sacai shows? Not sure…but I’ve been a superfan of Sacai for the longest. Think wool baseball jackets with lace flounce backs, or combo wool and silk scarf dresses. Lots of tent shapes and weird colors, but so well done. This collaboration with Nike doesn’t have any of the sex appeal of H&M’s Alexander Wang hype-machine. But I love it. The Spring 2015 pieces will be on Nikelab on March 19th.

Check out NikeLab x Sacai’s great video presentation and their futuristic Air Max 90 interpretation, after the jump…

new iphone emoji OSX
(Just a few of the new emoji coming to your iphone this spring. Photo via The Next Web)

Miss Info: According to the techies, Apple has given app developers an updated beta version of their OS X software…complete with a new expanded set of emoji. New ways to express ourselves cryptically without words?! It’s like when our ancestors got a fork to go along with that fire burning in our caves!
Now we will have an “Apple Watch” emoji, and an updated “iPhone 6″ emoji, and so many more country flag emoji.
But what most folks are happiest about are the new diversity range of pre-existing emoji.
For example…once this new update is available, any time you click on an emoji that looks like a person, you will be able to choose from different racial options. And in the case of the family sets, you can choose between 2 dads, 2 moms, 2 daughters, 2 sons, etc.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 4.13.51 PM

More choice…seems like a good thing, right?


I’m fascinated and terrified by the cult of Scientology and it’s relationship with Hollywood’s heavyhitters, like Tom Cruise and John Travolta. And the critics have been raving about Alex Gibney’s Scientology exposé “Going Clear,” which finally airs on HBO on March 29th. Can’t wait. In the meantime, you should check out the 2012 Maureen Orth Vanity Fair article that had Tom Cruise and the Scientology Church flipping out.

Check out the trailer…
As well as a interview with “Going Clear” author Lawrence Wright and the South Park Scientology episode…
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Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney

Miss Info:
Lady Gaga is engaged to her longtime boyfriend Taylor Kinney. And…I mean, it’s not news to anyone who has seen these two together, or watched Kinney on the TV series Chicago Fire or Vampire Diaries…um, Gaga’s man is super hot, lol. And doesn’t exactly have similarly extreme fashion tastes like his beloved. He looks more of an Aeropostale type than a meat-suit wearer. Which just goes to show you that love isn’t just about matching Givenchy cleavage blazers.

According to Gaga’s IG announcement, her man proposed on Valentine’s Day…and honestly, out of all the oversized, glacial engagement rocks that we’ve seen paraded around on social media from couples who end up split up and bitter months later…
This ring is probably the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. Good job, hunky actor…

House of Cards Season 3 Netflix

‘House of Cards’ highly anticipated Season 3 wasn’t supposed to hit your Netflix lineup until February 27th. But like an tantalizing invitation to cancel all your NYFW and All-Star Weekend work duties…this just happened on your boob tube.

And it’s not just Episode 1…


Ummm. This is not O.K. This is not a “lituation.” This is a disaster.
According to Comedy Central… Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show.

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morris day and HAIM "Jungle Love"

Well this is a bizarre combination that I never thought I’d see…The Grammy-nominated sisters of alt-pop group HAIM played ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ last night. And instead of performing their usual Urban Outfitters mood hits like “Forever”…they served as backup singers for conk legend Morris Day and the Time on that ‘Purple Rain’-soundtrack classic “Jungle Love.”
HAIM aren’t exactly the Apollonia 6 but they kinda killed it.

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missy elliott super bowl

Yes, Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show looked like an even scarier version of Channing Tatum’s hallucination in 22 Jump Street, but credit where credit’s due: she broke off a slice of the biggest show on Earth to let one of hip-hop’s true legends, Missy Elliott, rock out (and subsequently steal the show with a medley of decade-old hits that clearly still ring out today).

Miss Info: Hold up! Before you bow down to Missy’s freshly-reinstated greatness…here’s a little #MissInfoExclusive ; ) We heard an unreleased remix from Diplo and Skrillex (aka Jack U) of their massive pop/dance hit “Take U There” but this one featured two incredible verses from our girl Missy Elliott, not just spittin’ in high heeheeheeheehaw form, but also giving up a little buttery “Hot Boys” melody too. We’re as ready for this Missy renaissance as the rest of the world…and even though this collabo was recorded before all the Super Bowl hype, it would just in time to catch the wave. Hope to be able to share the remix with you guys soon!

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