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Our friends at the FADER are pulling out all the stops for their 100th issue. The first cover-story reveal is Drake, possibly his best-looking portrait (I mean, there have been some odd ones over the years), and an interesting look into arguably the biggest “rap” star during one of his most active periods. The story opens up with Serena Williams fans blaming him for her U.S. Open loss, moves onto Drake’s action-packed summer of Meek beef and Future bromance…and gives some insight into the imminent ‘Views From The 6′ album which still has no set release date.

The FADER also reminds us that this is Drake’s first in-depth interview since he quit the media in 2014 amidst the backlash of his refreshingly abrasive Rolling Stone feature.
Along with incredible detail and observation from writer Leon Neyfakh, there are also some beautiful photos by Mark Peckmezian that show a different side of hip hop’s most meme-ingful star.
Really well done.

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I’ve tried repeatedly to watch “American Horror Story”…believing that I would like it because I love film noir as a genre, I love creepy old-timey vamp, and I grew up on deviant pop culture like “Twin Peaks,” and John Waters films. But “AHS” always ends up boring me by trying too hard to shock. The a-plus actresses, as county fair freaks or witches…eh. It’s vintage horror given the “Glee” gloss-over (obviously, from the same show creator). It usually looks really good though, I’ll give it that. And I think casting Lady Gaga this season as a mysterious hotel proprietress makes perfect sense. We’re not off to the greatest start with this trailer though…Stanley Kubrick is raging from the grave.

Lady Gaga: AHS

Watch the full “American Horror Story: Hotel” trailer…and “The Shining” comparison…after the jump


Netflix's The Beasts of No Nation (Idris Elba)

I’m halfway through the excellent and mindblowing historical series, ‘Narcos’…tracing the rise of Colombian coke emperor Pablo Escobar…and already adding another Netflix production to my must-watch list.

Upcoming Netflix Original, ‘The Beasts of No Nation’, follows the path of a young boy who is forced to become a child soldier in an African civil war. While the subject alone is reason enough to pay attention, the production also pairs Idris Elba (whose James Bond struggle, I already wrote about at length) with director Cary Fukunaga (who made ‘Fight Girl’, and the critically-acclaimed first season of ‘True Detective’). Apparently, Elba almost fell off a cliff and Fukunaga caught malaria during filming.
I’m almost scared to watch this film when it is released in October, because if it’s even a tiny peek at the horrors of Africa’s wars and genocides…then it will still be completely heartbreaking.

Watch the trailer of ‘Beasts of No Nation’, after the jump

Kanye West stand up comedy debut

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And before you clock out of work today…here’s a youtube that turns Kanye West’s Video Music Awards Video Vanguard award acceptance speech (aka “YE Talk”) into Kanye’s stand up comedy debut.

Twitter is synonymous with twisted up panties, in that the twittersphere loves to lock arms and rage en masse when faced with a reason to be mad…sometimes that reason is real, sometimes it’s conflated. Today’s twitter scandal is a bit of both.

CL and Jeremy Scott for Paper

Korean pop-star and overall cool gal CL poses on the cover of the new ‘Paper Magazine’ with her “best friend” Moschino designer Jeremy Scott (he of the stuffed animal and winged sneaker fad of 2013). CL is often spotted in the front row of Jeremy’s Fashion Week shows, and has worn his loud pop-culture-reference pieces in videos and onstage. And in the cover Q&A with the two, Jeremy explains why his designs are worn by pop stars like Katy Perry, Rihanna and Miley rather than the Hollywood actresses that most high-fashion houses court. More interestingly…CL honestly and accurately describes the hivemind of the Asian teen girl.

Quotes and photos after the jump

A video posted by Jacob Tomuri (@jaketomuri) on

(Yes. It’s Tom Hardy catching the holy ghost of Wu-Tang’s “C.R.E.A.M.”)

Miss Info: These are the moments when you scream out to the heavens…Thank you, Internets!
I’ve made no secret of my awkward obsession with actor Tom Hardy. I’ve extolled his virtues on this blog (like this Bane fashion analysis). I’ve sat through weak plots and corny dialogue to support his films (for example, The Drop, which was unoriginal. The only good thing about the movie was Tom Hardy with an adorable pitbull puppy. I’m even going to watch the poorly-reviewed, straight-to-ondemand Child 44 just to see Hardy tackle a Russian accent). And I’ve urged all my friends to go see Mad Max:Fury Road, and Peaky Blinders, and Warrior. But I had no idea that all this time, Tom was performing Dubsmash rap videos of Action Bronson, Wu-Tang Clan, 50 Cent, etc. with his friend and stunt double Jacob Tomuri. Thank you, Jacob, and thank you, Vulture, for ending my week with this gift!

Watch more moments of glory, after the jump

MissInfo: People are usually shocked when I tell them that I’m actually kind of shy in real life…but it’s true. Pulling out stories from others is a breeze, but talking about myself is pure struggle. That said, I loved opening up my humble abode to our friends from the FADER and Sonos for their incredible “At Home With” series because I know that there are so many folks out there just like me, cramming family, friends, work, and of course, music┬áinto their day.
Watch as I drag MissInfo.TV‘s Mikey Fresh to the farmer’s market, have a brainstorming meeting about our upcoming site redesign (it’s finally coming!), eat bagels and lox with my girls, and listen to some tunes with my 3-month old baby boy, Max. Most importantly…I get to share some thoughts about being a working mom isn’t a sacrifice, it’s a bonus!

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Obama Tiger Beat

Miss Info: Of all the interesting investments that Nas has made over the years…from Mass Appeal Magazine to Sweet Chick chicken-and-waffles to the Rock The Bells concerts…this one is one I would have never expected. Nas, along with his tech-investment savvy manager Anthony Saleh, basketball star Kevin Durant, Nick Cannon, Atom Factory founder Troy Carter, Daily Mail (which recently bought EliteDaily), and Steve Tisch (as in the NY Giants’ Tisch Family)…are Fashionista of the teen fan magazine, Tiger Beat.

“It was all a dream, I used to read ‘Word Up’ Magazine…”
Biggie immortalized the practice of poring over teeny-bopper magazines, ripping out the pages, and taping them to our walls…the way many of us who grew up in the pre-iphone era expressed our “likes”, “retweets,” and “faves.” And while Word Up and Right On! spoke to the fans of Another Bad Creation, Wreckx-n-Effect, and later, Aaliyah, the biggest player in the fan-mag business was Tiger Beat (and to a lesser degree, Bop). The formula was simple…


It’s Future in the booth…not the recording booth, the confessional kind in this new clip for “Kno The Meaning,” directed by Vincent Lou. Perhaps Future Hendrix is also praying that no colleagues come out their face saying anything slick about him in this Summer of Wild Flying Beef Patties.

Watch Future’s “Kno The Meaning”…
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