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Hi Rihanna….
Out the blue, RiRi tweeted a link to her website with the first song off her upcoming album. “FourFiveSeconds” is an acoustic pop-rock ballad featuring the heaviest of hitters…Kanye West and the legendary Paul McCartney (who? lol.)

Here’s a line from Kanye’s verse:

“Woke up an optimist, sun was shining I’m positive, then I heard you was talkin’ trash, hold me back I’m bout to spazz…I’m four, five seconds from wilding and we got 3, 4 days ’til Friday…If I go to jail tonight, promise you’ll pay my bail…”

Hahaa…this is like the happiest theme for anger management therapy ever.

Listen to Rihanna, Ye and Paul rock out below….



Miss Info: This was one of my favorite events of 2014…I hung out with dance songstress Kiesza (“Hideaway”, “Teach Me” Feat. Joey Badass, “Take You There” with Diplo and Skrillex) all day in New York City, touring some of her favorite low-key hangouts. We ate some healthy hummus on the Upper West Side, shivered in the snow under Riverside Drive in Washington Heights, visited her dance crew in Midtown, and ended up vintage fashion shopping down in the East Village. Solid field trip all the way around. You can watch all the hilarity and $300 Hee Haw-branded overalls here.

To cap off the fun, Kiesza got down to what she does best…rocking Reebok Classics and the fader’s NYC celebration of music and fashion, “Coast To Coast.” And she even wore the sparkly number we bought together. Takes a real diva to pull off a turquoise satin blouson bomber;)

Watch the beautifully edited concert clip (from our buddies at the fader and Treeboy Pictures)…
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Makonnen 2015 shades

Our buddy ILOVEMAKONNEN released a new taste off his upcoming ‘Drink More Water’ EP…this one called “Super Clean.” Again with this song, we get Mak’s usual nonchalant sing-song delivery over a forest nymph synth instrumental, produced by Makonnen and Phantom Power. While you’re listening to this…think of a young Too Short making a never-released cameo in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. LOL. That’s how my mind works.

Check out “Super Clean”…
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sia elastic heart shia labeouf

Amazing song… def my favorite on the album… but oh my god, the sight of mud-smeared, flesh-toned, Speedo-wearing Shia LaBeouf grappling and extreme-miming with a pre-pubescent 12-year-old girl (dancer Maddie Ziegler) around a cage is enough to make my sciatica shoot daggers up my spine. I know it’s “acting,” but it is so wrong on so many levels.

1) Stop it Shia, you’re not hipster Mikhail Baryshnikov. That tween girl isn’t Gregory Hines. And this isn’t White Nights. (Extra credit to anyone who knows this random movie reference)
2) Sia… your music is so great. But between Lena Dunham in “Chandeliers” and Shia in “Elastic Heart,” you’re acting like you don’t know your own self-worth. It’s like Diddy’s over-celebritizing all his videos in the 90’s.
3) Interpretive Dance. Never ok. Unless it’s ironic… and performed by really out of shape comedians like Will Ferrell or Zach Galifianakis. Or in a movie like Magic Mike.

Watch the video below…


Ludacris and Eudoxie, Wedding

Over the holidays, Ludacris concocted an over the top marriage proposal that wowed his longtime girlfriend, Eudoxie Agnan, so much…she married him later that day!
We remember hearing last week that Ludacris whisked his girlfriend and some friends away on a private jet…During the flight, they looked outside and saw he had painted on the ground: “Eudoxie Will You Marry Me?”
But today he revealed that the proposal was just the start of a whirlwind day…

miss info kiesza

Miss Info recently teamed up with Reebok and The FADER for their #CoastToCoast series to take a mini tour of NYC with rising artist Kiesza. Despite hailing from Calgary, the “Hideaway” singer knows her way around the city as she shows Info her favorite park, lunch spot and vintage clothes store. Forget what that dude said, those dungarees are fire!

Watch below…


(Bobby Shmurda leaving the precinct after his arrest on Weds. night)

Bobby Shmurda (real name Ackquille Pollard) has pled not guilty to gun and drug trafficking charges.

During a press conference today at Manhattan’s One Police Plaza, Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan, Police Commissioner William Bratton and others displayed a table covered with 21 different guns and updated the media on their task force investigation into Brooklyn’s G-Stone Crips (GS9) gang activity which culminated in the arrest of 15 members, including rising rap stars Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel.

The statements included charges of crack sales, use of crack revenue to fuel gang activity, as well as serious accusations of violence.

At one point, the prosecutor alleged that Rowdy Rebel was involved in a shooting and then went to the Barclay Center and got onstage wearing the same clothes. (See photos from that night)

As of now, Bobby Shmurda and his crew are still in custody and Shmurda’s bail has been set at $2million dollars, a clear sign of the severity of the indictment…but his lawyer Howard Greenberg says bail will be posted. Earlier this year, Bobby was arrested for weed possession and then gun possession.

Here is a screenshot of Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel’s charges…it’s significant to note that Bobby’s conspiracy charges reportedly include “conspiracy to commit 2nd degree murder” and “conspiracy to commit 2nd degree assault.”:

bobby charges

Explanation: According to one legal website, “Conspiracy to commit murder” means that you “aided” one or more persons’ plan to murder, and it could even just mean that you knew about the plan and didn’t do anything to stop it from happening.

Quotes and photos from local reporters in the room after the jump…



Cam’ron posted an instagram video on Weds which was touching for those of us who knew and loved his late friend Huddy, but the message that went along with it also shocked Killa Cam music fans…

“Fresh off da flight.. To see my brother.. HUD 6 told me lastnite.. #AChangeGoneCome ..my last album.. #PurpleHaze2 this summer.. It’s been fun.. But HUD said we got other things to do. #Hud6″

Could this really be true? With the DJ Atrak x Cam’ron Federal Reserve project still unreleased, and a recent flow of hood movies and mixtapes…is Cam’ron really retiring from rap?

I reached out to Cam to get more details and here’s a short version of our convo…



What is it about club LIV in Miami that brings out the worst in people? Something aggro in the air at the legendary romper room of cut-out lycra dresses, white slacks, and indoor sunglasses…we’ve heard of fights involving Lebron’s mom, Teyana Taylor, and more. But on Sunday night, the massive Miami club was packed for DJ Khaled’s birthday party, and according to the rumor mill, Drake and Diddy had a physical altercation. This comes during the same weekend where Drake was accused by Chris Brown of having an affair with his now-ex-girlfriend Karrueche while he was in prison. (Drake sources seem to have planted a denial via TMZ)

Here’s what we know vs. what is being speculated…


beanie sigel shot

Absolutely terrible news. According to local New Jersey news reports, Beanie Sigel was shot this morning in the Jersey Shore suburb of Pleasantville. Press of Atlantic City reports he was shot in the torso and is being treated at the AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center.

Beanie was just released from prison in August, after serving two years on tax evasion. And since then he’s been confined to Philadelphia, staying at a halfway house. Not sure whether he had clearance to travel outside the state to NJ when he was shot.
This is a disturbing turn of events when things were just starting to look up. A few weeks ago Beanie sounded sharp on his first post-prison lyrical appearance with Young Chris.

Sigh. We’ll keep you updated.

Details about the shooting and local news footage after the jump…


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