In the season finale of Food Grails, Miss Info and First We Feast head down to Atlanta to explore the city’s love for lemon pepper wings. From Magic City to J.R. Crickets, Miss Info learns about the origin of lemon pepper wings, and how rap music, strip clubs and, more recently, Atlanta has turned the finger-lickin’ dish into a local delicacy. Donald Glover, Waka Flocka Flame and Wing Stop CEO Rick Ross explain what makes lemon pepper wings so great, while writer and ATL native Rembert Browne hosts a backyard taste test to decide who has the best lemon pepper wings in town.

Watch below…

Be sure to read Rembert Browne’s love letter to lemon pepper wings:

Through all of these changes, there has long been one dish just sitting there—hiding in plain sight—waiting to be officially recognized as Atlanta’s most singular food: wings. There are places as far as Arizona, New York, and Texas with establishments called “ATL Wings,” because of the city’s reputation—one rightfully deserved when the occasional stroll in town will have you seeing the bones of discarded flats littering the sidewalks, as if they were cigarette butts. But it’s not just wings, generically. After a lengthy hiatus from Atlanta, it was an episode of television and a pilgrimage home for the holidays that served as a reminder that, above all types of wings, it was lemon pepper in Atlanta that stood above the rest. Because they were ours.

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