April 2009


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NOTE: Throwback video, it was just last year that Nas stood onstage with his wife Kelis, in the midst of her alleged sex tape rumors, and announced “I’m her biggest fan….” sigh.

the homies at Nahright and their homie John Public launch a series of man-on-the-street water-cooler-talk vlogs.

(kelis and nas during happier times, at her birthday party in miami, 2007)

Elliott at RapRadar hit me with a tip that basically confirms the circulating rumors…

“Sad news is spreading that Kelis and Nas’ marriage is no more—this time, for real. Apparently, Miss Milkshake is fed up with this QB dude’s verbally abusive and cheating ways. Let us not forget, ole girl is seven months preggars. Smh. We at Rap Radar hope these crazy kids can work it out, but it’s not lookin’ good. If all goes as planned, Kelis should be filing for divorce very soon. Damn shame!”

Verbally abusive ways?** Yeesh. Verbally abusive to a expectant mom? Double Yeesh.  Well, I’d like to know Nas’ side of the story as well. But either way….it sounds like separation is for the best. I feel like 2 happy separate parents make for a  better childrearing environment than 2 unhappy together parents.
I did think they made for a very handsome couple.

[**note: thanks to the sharp-eyed readers for pointing out that I missed “verbally.” That’s a very important distinction. That I shouldnt have missed if it weren’t for the fact that I’m zombie-tired from doing the morning and night shift, lol]

Go renegades! The homie Godfree from Gamertag Radio sent over this video (via his man DJ Idee) that Myk31 aka Mykola created for his own unofficial Kanye West “Robocop” video. Peep all the amazing vintage videogame references! Myk31 says he did not lift any pre-existing videogame images but instead was inspired by NES classics like MegaMan II, Punchout, Battletoads, Double Dragon, and Ninja Gaiden.
Love creativity like this : )

lol, this is kind of funny. But what about Diddy’s longtime affliction? Shameless Promotion Fever : )

Asher Roth issued this statement in response to the flack about Twittergate, as well as the flack about his comments, in an Associated Press interview, about “African rappers” who brag about all their money in the face of poverty in their home towns. (“All these black rappers — African rappers — talking about how much money they have. ‘Do you realize what’s going on in Africa right now?’“) (statement spotted at Nahright)

As of late, statements I’ve made have been stirring up much controversy and speculation. It is in my best interest that I feel I should address these instances personally and specifically. Truth: I am 23 year old imperfect human being who’s world is drastically changing around him. Facebook is no longer for just me and my friends. Twitter is no longer solely for the watchful eye of my parents. A new responsibility and voice has been placed upon me and is being heard well beyond my immediate peers. I’ve been receiving a crash course on perspectives and a very real sensitivity that exists and is an essential part of our world. With that, I’d like to sincerely apologize for any words that have been misinterpreted and may have offended any man, woman or child.

More of the statement after the jump…


Ross goes on vacation in a wind tunnel and calls Eminem a “hungkey.”
And Asher Roth offended folks with this tweet last week. (Me, I was more offended by the fact that Roth followed up with an apology tweet, then him or his team deleted both and then tried to perpetrate the idea that his account was hacked into. And then refused to address any of the ensuing outrage. Eskay posted a most eloquent op-ed on the subject)
Picture 2

Prince is a musical genius, and one of my all-time favorites (shout to all the twitter family who followed my play by play from his recent 21 Nights marathon performance that I witnessed at the Gansevoort Hotel last year with the homie Jay Smooth)….and here he sits down for a rare interview with Tavis Smiley. (I wish they’d replay that great interview he did was it with Chris Rock? or MTV…I can’t remember but he spoke about his rivalry with Michael Jackson. So Classic)

Anyways, in this first half of the 2part interview, Prince shares his…um…unique POV on things like….why as a Jehovah’s Witness he did not vote in the last presidential election. And how he was cured of childhood epilepsy. And what he thinks of the fumes that come out of jet engines….oh boy. Fascinating if not dubious.


Kanye won Complex’s first ever Style Wars, beating a field of 64 that included my favorite snappy dressers such as Ghostface, Slick Rick, Andre 3000, Pharell, and the GOAT gangster with the girly-‘do Rappin’ 4-Tay from the Bay. The final pose-off was between ‘Ye and Jay-Z. And after Kanye posted the battle on his blog, he handily won with 77% of the votes.**

Here’s what he proclaimed exclaimed in response.

kanye wins complex style war

**full disclosure: I did not vote because I could not choose between Ghost and Slick Rick. And my first choice was not on the ballot. Nor do I know what his name is. But his haircut alone is godlike. (after the jump)

uh oh…on the heels of Rick Ross’ #1 soundscan debut (which 50 and crew compare to Jadakiss’ sales in terms of investment vs. return), G-unit Books has revealed of Ross’ baby mom’s tell-all book “Tia’s Diary” on the website deeperthanrapbook.com.

Here are screengrabs of the prologue…

Picture 11

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