June 2007

Remember that Lauryn? Or the Lauryn here….

I remember when she was the most inspiring, most beautiful, natural, talented singer/songwriter/performer out. Nothing like todays manufactured singing stripper-dancers. Well, its time for an intervention…or is it 8 years too late?

Now she’s usually like this…

Or even worse…according to an eyewitness source, Lauryn Hill performed at the Paramount Theater in Oakland, CA…and maybe hit rock bottom:

“Man, I went and seen Lauryn Hill last night. Broad is crazy. She had that make-up on like a bag lady, like cake face with reds and blues. She wasn’t even performing songs, she was chanting and walking around. Then the broad fell and kicked her feet up for like a minute. Never seen nothing like it. Halfway thru, the crowd started booing, then got up and started a revolt for refunds…..”

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ummm….is there a youtube?….I know folks had their camera phones out.

And just because I wanted to make sure that the person above wasnt just exaggerating….I found a local concert review that confirms the fiasco. This was part of the review at the the Inside Bay Area-Concert Blog.

“The crowd had started to turn on Hill long before she took the stage _ nearly 2 1/2 hours after the showtime printed on tickets. Even with an opener, fans were forced to endure an hour of silence. Little did they know that was going to be the highlight of the night.Once Hill finally made her appearance, fronting a solid 14-piece band that deserved far better than this, things began to quickly unravel. She opened with a jammed-out, improvised number that featured almost no real lyrics and zapped whatever little wind remained in the crowd’s sails.

The 32-year-old vocalist then turned to 1998’s landmark “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” _ a work that, amazingly, still stands as her most recent studio effort _ for a garbled version of “Lost Ones.” Her voice was terrible, so harsh, strained and unlike what one hears on the masterful “Miseducation” CD. She also sounded like she’s out of shape, huffing and puffing like a weekend warrior after only a few songs.

But it wasn’t just her voice that was shaky. Hill stumbled about the stage and, at one point, actually fell flat on her back _ which brought into question exactly what the singer had been doing backstage during the long delay.

Of course, Hill would find that question ludicrous. She blamed her stage fall on her high heels and, later in the show, took the time to assure the crowd that she was sober…….”

UPDATE: thank you to the readers who told me about the SFGate story about the Lauryn show and this photo….

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Here’s a quote:

“Some concertgoers who had paid as much as $89.50 for tickets were requesting refunds even before Hill hit the stage — two hours and 15 minutes after the concert’s scheduled 7:30 start and 80 minutes after the opening act, Jupiter Rising, had finished its set. This was an improvement, however, over club shows last summer in San Francisco and Santa Cruz at which her performances began more than two hours behind schedule. Other patrons started their exits during her first song, and the trickle turned to a flow after a speech late in the show during which the vocalist attempted to explain her new musical direction. “I can’t fit into a stereotype that makes me comfortable for you,” she added. “If that makes me feel uncomfortable to you, I need to find some new company.”

and for his fiancee Tomeka’s hearty bun-oven….

I guess they really couldnt keep playing it off like she was just gaining weight, lol….Usher and Tomeka have announced that they’re having their first baby this fall….His first ever, Her fourth ever.

“We are extremely excited at this point in our lives planning our wedding and the joy that comes with expecting our first child together,” the couple said in a statement released to the Associated Press Wednesday. “We hope people will be happy for us and respect our privacy during this happy period in our lives.”

(kinda not the best grammatical wording but it’s all good, the kid can learn that stuff in school, right?)

photo from triscene

Big up to Fresh at the Crunktastical Blog and her eagle eye fans for this one….

Um, does this bag of sheet metal look familiar to anyone who watched Beyonce on the BET Awards last night?


This is the video that saw a week ago, and you can read all the making-of details here…..

To see photos from the BET Awards, backstage, red carpet, show and more, check out Fresh’s Crunktastical Blog….
as well as the hilarious recap and screengrabs on Sandra Rose’s Blog….
Lt Dinwiddie has a good recap of the Awards too at his Sohh blog.

Me, I’m still trying to find a photo of 50 n Ciara sitting next to each other…
and a photo of Lil Wayne sneaking a kiss from Beyonce when he presented the best R&B female award to her (he used the lil kids as bait! lol)….Hov is gonna have a fit when he sees that. But speaking of Hov, he was supposed to be there…whatever. And finally, I need a pic of Lloyd in that fantastic low V-neck purple t-shirt he was rockin in the pre-show. What a weirdo.

And here is audio from TI’s onstage apology for um, TIP’s violent behavior, lol ….


And my homie Nigel at RealTalkNY posted videos from the awards…including this confusing performance by 50 Cent.

And this performance by Diddy, Keyshia and The Black Pamela Anderson….

This is what I was telling you about a couple days ago….and the lovely couple was sitting together at the BET Awards last night too. Which, doesnt happen by accident, by the way : )thank u to rik at Three21media for the watermark, I’m not tech enough to handle that myself, lol…
and much love to Sandra Rose and the Suckafree blog. But boo to the folks on LA radio and on a certain not-so-credible website who didnt give credit where credit is due, lol…

yeah, everyone is buzzing about how the BET Awards week in LA got kicked off with a bang…well…a wham boom zing. From what folks tell me, TI and Chaka Zulu (Ludacris’ manager) were both at Kevin Liles’ pre-BET Awards luncheon…having a heated argument, in front of many people. And there are two slightly different versions of the ending. Either Chaka put his hand on TI’s shoulder, and TI said “dont touch my shoulder,” and then Chaka turned to walk away….when TI pulled him around and punched him. Or, version two…in the middle of their argument, TI just hauled off and punched him in the face.

Either way, not a good look for millionaires and their teams.


Foxxy gets a special kind of love in her hometown apparently…the kind that makes folks approach her and kindly say “please run that Louie and that cash and that hearing aid….” sigh. Karma is a bitch.

Here’s the colorful write up from the Daily News:

“Trouble-prone rapper Foxy Brown was attacked yesterday by three of her ex-boyfriend’s gal pals – who pulled out her hearing aid and tore her hair weave at his prompting, police sources said.

The assault occurred after the hip-hop artist dumped her beau at 5:30 a.m. in Brooklyn because she found out he was a pimp, sources said.

The two were in his car in East New York, and she “was giving him the heave-ho,” one source said.

“This ex-boyfriend called some of his women, and they pounced on her,” another police source said. “They beat her bad. They ripped out her hair weave. Her hair was a mess – and that seems to be what she cared about most.”

The women also stole Brown’s handbag and $500, the sources said.

The wild dustup occurred after the 27-year-old rap diva and her unidentified boyfriend had attended a party at the Louis H. Pink Houses.

The sources said Brown originally met her beau at a recording studio and didn’t realize he had a criminal past.

After the assault, Brown, who hails from Brooklyn and whose real name is Inga Marchand, went to the local police station to file a complaint.

Police drove her around the neighborhood in an unmarked car to look for the attackers. She pointed out Roshawn Anthony, 23, of Brooklyn, who was arrested and charged with assault.

Police sources said Brown stopped cooperating with the officers when one of her representatives arrived on the scene.

It was not clear whether the rapper received medical treatment for her injuries. She was diagnosed with sudden hearing loss in May 2005 while she was recording an album.

The short-fused, long-nailed Brown got three years’ probation after being accused of attacking two Manhattan manicurists in 2004.

She got in hot water in February by going to Florida without permission. She was arrested there for allegedly attacking a beautician.

While the Florida case is pending, the Manhattan court that handled the original arrest imposed restrictions on Brown, including drug tests and anger management classes. Probation officials wanted the close monitoring to continue for another two months, but a Manhattan judge disagreed at a hearing earlier this month.

Probation spokesman Jack Ryan refused to comment on the latest incident until his office had more information. In general, however, probationers are not supposed to be in the company of known criminals.”

before the King Magazine Model Search, my boys at the Fight Klub (Intl’ P and Executive Nick) held an emcee battle between Iron Solomon (who I peeped for the first time last year at Flex’s car show) and Jesse West aka Third Eye aka (another name that I couldnt remember). For those that aren’t familiar with Jesse West, he rhymed in the 90’s on various Uptown Records compilations, and he also appeared on that classic cut “Dolly, My Baby” (remix) by Supercat with Biggie Smalls, Puff Daddy and 3rd Eye (jesse). Great song.

Anyways, Iron Solomon massacred Jesse…but then afterwards, Ray Dejeon (the host) asked Solomon to just go off the top with a rhyme about the scene at the car show, about whatever was going on around him, and the model search to follow….The audio is fuzzy, but he killed it….. Of course, I’m biased because even though I was just standing quietly on the side, Solomon somehow spotted me and worked that into his verse. Masterful move, the buttering up worked, lol : ) But I wasn’t the only one impressed– whole crowd converted from haters to fans.

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One of the very nice classic cars in the center ring at the car show….
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Jim Jones and Juelz Santana with the big homie Funk Flex…
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At the Mighty Healthy streetwear booth: Ray, DJ MadRyan, and our own streetwear skatewear celebrity Nick Diamond from Diamond Supply Co…..(“yo, you’re like famous” hahaa)
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for the third time, my co-worker Funk Flex coerced me to help him “judge” the King Magazine Model Search….and what a surprise…so many other folks offered their help to judge too….and wow, they all happen to be guys, lol….So it was me, Sean Malcolm (one of King’s editors), Ebro Darden (my hot97 boss), DJ Camilo, and Joie Manda (head of Asylum Records). Oh, and let’s not forget the entire Dipset, Sheek Louch, and a lot of other guys somehow found themselves a comfy spot onstage to watch the “contest.” LOL….

Here’s some of what had them sooo intrigued, hahaa…..

-the contestants….

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Shot with DMC-FX50. at 1969-12-31

-some of the women who didnt make the first cut…

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Shot with DMC-FX50. at 1969-12-31

-Sheek Louch seems happy

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Shot with DMC-FX50. at 1969-12-31

-Freakey Zeke, Juelz Santana, and Jim Jones seem downright giddy, lol

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Shot with DMC-FX50. at 1969-12-31

-These were the four very pretty ladies who made the final four…The gal with the sunglasses on her head was the eventual winner.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Shot with DMC-FX50. at 1969-12-31

-But, um…..this young lady was the favorite amongst all the thirsty celebrity cavemen on the stage, lol….wonder why ; )

(yowza….thats talent! lol…)

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