To see photos from the BET Awards, backstage, red carpet, show and more, check out Fresh’s Crunktastical Blog….
as well as the hilarious recap and screengrabs on Sandra Rose’s Blog….
Lt Dinwiddie has a good recap of the Awards too at his Sohh blog.

Me, I’m still trying to find a photo of 50 n Ciara sitting next to each other…
and a photo of Lil Wayne sneaking a kiss from Beyonce when he presented the best R&B female award to her (he used the lil kids as bait! lol)….Hov is gonna have a fit when he sees that. But speaking of Hov, he was supposed to be there…whatever. And finally, I need a pic of Lloyd in that fantastic low V-neck purple t-shirt he was rockin in the pre-show. What a weirdo.

And here is audio from TI’s onstage apology for um, TIP’s violent behavior, lol ….


And my homie Nigel at RealTalkNY posted videos from the awards…including this confusing performance by 50 Cent.

And this performance by Diddy, Keyshia and The Black Pamela Anderson….