before the King Magazine Model Search, my boys at the Fight Klub (Intl’ P and Executive Nick) held an emcee battle between Iron Solomon (who I peeped for the first time last year at Flex’s car show) and Jesse West aka Third Eye aka (another name that I couldnt remember). For those that aren’t familiar with Jesse West, he rhymed in the 90’s on various Uptown Records compilations, and he also appeared on that classic cut “Dolly, My Baby” (remix) by Supercat with Biggie Smalls, Puff Daddy and 3rd Eye (jesse). Great song.

Anyways, Iron Solomon massacred Jesse…but then afterwards, Ray Dejeon (the host) asked Solomon to just go off the top with a rhyme about the scene at the car show, about whatever was going on around him, and the model search to follow….The audio is fuzzy, but he killed it….. Of course, I’m biased because even though I was just standing quietly on the side, Solomon somehow spotted me and worked that into his verse. Masterful move, the buttering up worked, lol : ) But I wasn’t the only one impressed– whole crowd converted from haters to fans.

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