April 2007

ok, so in light of this hyper-senstive post-Imus atmosphere we’re in….Rush Limbaugh does a skit called “Barack the Magic Negro,” featuring an Al Sharpton impersonator with a fake diss song about his political rival Barack Obama.

Is it tasteless but allowable parody? Or it is offensive enough to call out the wolves….

Big up to Ciph and producer Serife over at MTV’s Sucker Free hip hop show…..If you’ve never watched Ciph at work, he’s really one of the funniest folks I know, so I’m sure this week’s Sucker Free’s are going to be great…esp with all the big guests, TI, 50 etc. And….next week, yours truly Miss Info will be dropping by MTV for an appearance on Sucker Free too. I’ll let you know exactly when/where : )

For now, check out this clip from this week’s shows……



“In 2005, I was a victim of a violent crime. I was shot multiple times without provocation by two armed men who attempted to carjack my vehicle. Although I was a crime victim, I didn’t feel like I could cooperate with the police investigation. Where I come from, once word gets out that you’ve cooperated with the police that only makes you a bigger target of criminal violence. That is a dark reality in so many neighborhoods like mine across America. I’m not saying its right, but its reality. And it’s not unfounded. There’s a harsh reality around violence and criminal justice in our inner cities.

“But my experience in no way justifies what I said. Looking back now, I can see how those comments could be viewed as offensive, especially to those who have suffered their own personal tragedies or to those who put their lives on the line to protect our citizens from crime. Please understand that I was expressing my own personal frustration at my own personal circumstances. I in no way was intending to be malicious or harmful. I apologize deeply for this error in judgment.”

hmmm, this doesn’t sound like the Cam that I know….on so many different levels, lol…I’m actually surprised he’s making this statement….he’s obviously responding to all the backlash after his 60 minutes appearance on their “stop snitching” segment. I think some folks were even trying to Imus him and get him kicked off his label…..

I dont really see why he’s getting so much flack….(or slack, as he said on 60 minutes, lol)….Cam didnt cooperate with the cops when he got shot in the arms….but at least he was the only victim of that crime. Unlike Busta, who refuses to cooperate in a murder investigation for his friend/bodyguard who was allegedly shot…right in front of him!!!!

mike jones

you tell me…is this Mike Jones (Who? Mike Jones. um….who?) having sex with a pretty gal (poor she) in a bedroom that looks like someone’s old pimp uncle decorated it (complete with bed-in-a-bag satin sheets, black lacquer bed set, matching teal drapes….)????

Is it really him? The white doo-rag isnt evidence enough, sadly. But everyone is saying this is the same Mike Jones who somehow had a hit last year, never to be heard from again.

I watched this clip but I cant really tell……honestly, Mike Jones could probably serve me a grande iced caramel latte with soymilk at starbucks and I wouldnt know it was him there, either…..but you be the judge : )

Click here to download the sexcapade, but obviously, this isnt for kids or uptight co-workers ; )

UPDATE: well, Mike Jones told my friends at SOHH.com that it wasnt him in the video, and he seems shocked and angered by the accusations, hahaha…..look, of course, its not him, the tattoos dont match, etc….but who cares, it was good for a hump-day laugh : ) Your comments were priceless!

Diddy decides to release a remix for “Last Night” featuring Lil Kim and Busta Rhymes…..ok, I guess. I remember when anything the Queen B did was exciting, even in its wrongness….now, not so much. But I think folks still are rooting for her to do well, be happy. Busta….well, I think he’s got larger issues to answer to than hot remix cameos and car shows. But what do I know…(see below for the 60 Minutes “stop snitching” report)

[audio:diddy ft. busta lilkim-last night rmx.mp3]

click here to download the remix

busta kim

Thanks to celeb-dramatarian Prince of Brooklyn for the link : )

If you’re around for the Tribeca Film Festival this week, make sure you check out the world premiere of this new flick called “PLANET B-BOY”…a documentary that tracks the World B-boy Championships. In 2005 the Korean team surprised everyone and won the whole shebang. Last year I heard that France’s team won, and who knows what will happen this year…..
but I def think its a positive aspect of this biz, so I gotta support.
My boys from MK are doing a big party this friday featuring a battle btw the Korean team and the Las Vegas team.
And here’s some clips from the movie…

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I’ll definitely be at the party on friday to support, and to see if the hometeam NYC shows up to rep from the originators of this, lol…..oh and of course, dai han min guk! : )

finally something refreshing….no stupid flossing, no rented highclass hoes (yeah I said it), no bullshit…..well just real bullshit, lol….and finally a new rapper that I can look forward to. Plus my boy Rik Cordero directed this clip : )

watch the footage here….set your DVRs….

Cam on 60 Minutes

Today was the statewide day of mourning for the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy, and the anniversary of the Columbine shooting. Rest in peace.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

“Rain Rain Go Away” (a tribute to the victims at VT) by Jin

[audio:Jin – Rain Rain Go Away.mp3]

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

so here is footage of Akon attempting to nail a young Trini woman onto the floorboards of a stage….some folks are complaining that the woman is 14 years old. Well if that’s the case, then why didnt someone stop the 14 year old from wearing that red slingshot bathing suit and microskirt to a nightclub where she obviously voluntarily climbed onstage to enjoy a hearty dryhumping by a equally willing music celeb? In front of a large crowd….at a nightclub….oh I said that already.

Anyways, like I said on celeb drama, missy better just be glad she left sore as opposed to preggers or married.

UPDATE: So it looks like Akon’s peoples managed to track down all the youtube footage of his hump-attack and removed them.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Meanwhile…..This man…Pastor Dave Alleyne, uh, yup, that’s Miss Fast-Ass’s preacher-father, he’s trying to complain that his sweet little angel was taken advantage of by Akon onstage that night. YEAH RIGHT. Well, there are still alot of photos of the “angel” getting her freak on with Akon, so CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ALLEGED 14-YEAR OLD ACTING GROWN, and go to PAGE 14 to see Akon and the girl in red….is anyone even surprised about all this?

UPDATE: 4-23-07

So our poor innocent 14-year-old dancehall queen is working her 15th minute of fame here by doing a contrite apology media tour…this is such a load of crap, its hilarious….read on…

A HUMBLE Danah Alleyne, 15, yesterday publicly asked her parents, brother and sisters for forgiveness for attending the Akon concert at Club Zen two weeks ago where she engaged in a sexually explicit dance with the hip hop singer.

Danah, daughter of Pastor Dave Alleyne, of the Flaming Word Ministry in Chaguanas, described her ordeal as shocking and humiliating. She insists she and other girls were deceived into entering a dance competition in which the first place winner would receive a trip to Africa. Danah said she won the competition but her “trip” to Africa turned into a simulated sex dance.

“I was shocked when Akon pulled me to dance. I did not know what to do and with the crowd cheering and stuff I guess I got a little carried away but there was nothing I could have done about it. I was in a state of real shock,” Danah said.

“I am so sorry about everything and I am sorry for disappointing my parents and my brother Ian, who is a public figure in his portfolio as the president of the Trinidad and Tobago Crime Watch. I will learn from this experience for sure. This week was the worst week of my life,” she added. She was interviewed at the Crime Watch office in Chaguanas.

Danah said she accepted the criticisms that have come her way. “I deserve the criticisms but now, it is kind of overbearing and I really want it to stop. I feel so depressed sometimes that I feel like passing out. I cry all the time just thinking about the whole situation,” Danah said.

Danah said two days before the concert, a friend sponsored her a $450 VIP ticket. She said her parents, who were not present at the interview, knew she was going.

When asked if the club had requested ID from her to enter the venue, Danah replied, “Yes but I told them I did not have any but they still allowed me in seeing that I had a VIP ticket. I have been there several times without ID and they always let me in.” Asked about the revealing outfit she wore, Danah described it as “club clothes.”
Ha! Club clothes? I thought bathing suits were for the beach? And she’s so depressed she almost passes out? This chick is good.

Oh, and here’s young Danah copping pleas with her older brother, the crime watch minister, in the Trinidad newspaper. Peep the sad face. Like a Trini Dakota Fanning.

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