April 2007


So about a week ago, I mentioned on the Miss Info Celebrity Drama Report that I had spoken to a friend at Disturbing the Peace (that’s Ludacris’ camp and label) and that they told me Shawnna was no longer part of the crew! Allegedly she has new management and asked to be let go so she could be independent. Now my source said that the whole crew still loves Shawnna and wishes her the best but that they were disappointed because she and Ludacris were already working on a duet battle-of-the-sexes album (shame, sounds like a good concept). But I keep getting emails from my celeb drama family (much love to all of you guys who always help me out!) that they’re reading on the internet that Shawnna is not off DTP. Huh?? Well if my source from DTP isnt enough, then maybe straight from the horses’ mouth is : ) I got an email from my fellow Chicagoan, Shawnna herself. This should clear things up!

To: Minya [that’s my gov’ment, lol]

From: Shawnna

HEY U!!!!!!!!!! Hope all is very well and accompanied with lots of CASH!!!!!!!!!!! You Dig!!!! Ok, ok, ok here’s the deal of coarse you’ve been hearing here and there that I am leaving DTP and now it is finally official.

Yes I am parting ways with the company(DTP) and my distributor(DEF JAM) but it is strictly a mutual dicision between Luda and I. I love Chris like a brother, he loves me the same and that will never change. But the kid gotta get it and the game is fortunately still wide open for me. This is someting that he and I have discussed thouroughly and he is in full supprt of any move that I am about to make. and right now I aint really got nothin worth mentioning on the table yet I just need the word to get out that the “beast is loose” and everybody better take cover ’cause I aint even been the best that Im gonna be yet.

I want to definantly set the record straight there is no beef betweeen myself and any member of DTP staff or artist. We will always be family!!!!! Def Jam has not dropped me!!!!!!! And YES I will be doing some incredible shit this summer with my girls Remy and Jackie O!!!!!!!! I want to thank everybody that has been in support of me and know that you ain’t heard from me for a reason. This shit Im cookin up now got niggaz real nervous and you know I ain’t never been worried ’bout a chick!!!!!!!! So tell ’em I said have fun while you can ’cause I’m on my way and I’m bringing a couple new thangs wit me!!!!!!

Girl, you are thefirst one to get this straight from me so I really need you to let them know the real!!!!!!!!!!! Peace and see you soon………………………………….Shawnn

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I feel like I hear the same conversation whenever certain names come up….like Latifah…and Ricky Martin…and Kevin Spacey…and Jaheim…and Missy Elliott…and all the male contestants of “I Love New York”…and Anderson Cooper (well, that was actually a new one for me but apparently everyone says its true)….and Da Brat.

Its always like, “Why dont they just come out the closet already?” We’ve seen photos of Queen Latifah with her pretty personal trainer homegirl. And we’ve seen Ricky Martin’s arched eyebrows. And Chance’s weak-wrist hand gestures. And Missy Elliot and Trina’s photos together……but I guess its still too taboo for a hip hop artist to be publicly gay or lesbian. I keep thinking that if Latifah came out the closet (if she prefers the ladies, of course, wink wink) would anyone really shun her or change their opinion of her? Wouldnt it be just like with Ellen Degeneres? People still think Ellen is funny and nice and marketable…..would Latifah lose her Covergirl account? Would she not get gigs like Hairspray or The Cookout? Its not like Latifah needs street cred anymore….

Anyways, Da Brat had a big birthday party down in Atlanta, and my boy LT from Sohh’s ATL blog had the amazing coverage of the whole thing. LT noticed that Da Brat was accompanied by a very pretty, “exotic” looking ladyfriend. Maybe spanish or brazilian? Well, either way….they seemed a bit cozy…and in LT’s video, watch very closely, because Da Brat even makes a sly comment about the mystery ladyfriend, saying “I know where her lips have been…hahaha!”

(One correction…LT mentions that Da Brat was romantically linked with Pam from the group Total back in the day. But it was actually the pretty one, Keisha, who was dating Da Brat in the 90’s. They were adorable together, fyi ; ) But now Keisha is married to actor Omar Epps, hee hee)

Check out the video and tell me if you think we’re witnessing new love at its best : )


so allegedly Keyshia Cole popped up at the City of Refuge Church in South Central, Los Angeles on Easter Sunday…..and when the pastor heard they had a celeb singer in their midst, Keyshia was invited up to sing. That’s when the congregation realized that she was halfnekkid in a thin-strap mini-dress….so allegedly a churchgoer tried to cover Keyshia up with a shawl, which backfired because the back of her dress crept up. Awkward.

But not as awkward as when Keyshia….after hitting some strong notes in her rendition of the gospel classic “Eye on the Sparrow”….um, started taking her eye off and missing her mark.  Personally, I dont think it was so bad, but folks seem to be skewering her for this one…she’s obviously got a great voice, maybe she just had a long time pre-eastering it up at the club with Young Jeezy the night before.

Click here to listen….


I tried to tol’ you…back when I heard Fergie say “I ain’t promiscuous” back when “Fergalicious” came out, I thought….hmm, that seems like MC Pee Pants is stabbing at that other blue-eyed pop b-girl Nelly Furtado. But everyone said I was just trying to start beef where there was none. And low n behold, half a year later….today’s lunch special: Beef pop pie. According to TMZ:

On “Impacto,” Fergie’s latest collaboration with Daddy Yankee, the self-proclaimed Duchess fillets the “Promiscuous” singer, saying, “I ain’t promiscuous, the realest chick up in this,” and threatens with an old fashioned “I’ma pull your wig back!”

Ah ha! Well, click below to hear “Impacto” for yourself….

[audio:Impacto Remix feat. Fergie.mp3]

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So here’s a quick summary….Shock Jock Don Imus spends the past, what, 25 years talking mad ish about everyone and their Mexican uncle. Not only getting away with it, but being rewarded for it. Then last week, he decides to make fun of the Rutgers University women’s basketball team, inferring that they’re are a tough-looking crew by calling them…. “nappy headed ho’s.” A week later, after enough people got enraged, and after the media was finished with all those “wow, its really cold for April” stories….the firestorm was on full blast, and Imus was making the rounds with a bunch of insincere half-ass apologies. Well Imus will see how far those apologies get when he meets with the Rutgers female athletes face to face. Meanwhile, he’s lost his MSNBC deal, he’s suspended from his radio gig for 2 weeks, and some bigtime sponsors are gone (but, dont always fall for that move, folks…thats very often a temp move that brands do just for a good look).

Of course, Imus is an ass, and I was neither surprised nor that inflamed by his comments, only because I expect that from him and I just love when an 7:30 bigot shows his true face so we know who we’re looking at (ie. Michael Richards, Mel Gibson, Kenneth Eng, Brandon Davis, Paris Hilton, etc.). But here are a few things that I found either accurate, interesting, exaggerated, or disturbing…you’ll know which is which….

Popular Atlanta photographer and blogger Sandra Rose’s statement on why she “couldn’t care less about Imus!”

NY Post editorial on how Imus…and Mim’s and R.Kelly are all taking us straight to hell…equally.

Howard Stern’s reaction to his long-time rival Imus’ scandal…”He’s apologizing like a guy who got his first broadcasting job,” Stern said. “He should have said, ‘(expletive) you, it’s a joke.’ [hmm, that didnt really work for Stern back when his caller used the n-word a few years ago. Didn’t Stern have to fire a producer? I cant remember.-Info]

Snoop tells MTV News that Imus should be kicked off the air permanently…and you can’t compare his namecalling with the misogyny in hip hop because…“It’s a completely different scenario,” said Snoop, barking over the phone from a hotel room in L.A. “[Rappers] are not talking about no collegiate basketball girls who have made it to the next level in education and sports. We’re talking about ho’s that’s in the ‘hood that ain’t doing sh–, that’s trying to get a n—a for his money. These are two separate things. First of all, we ain’t no old-ass white men that sit up on MSNBC [which announced Wednesday it would drop its simulcast of Imus’ radio show] going hard on black girls. We are rappers that have these songs coming from our minds and our souls that are relevant to what we feel. I will not let them mutha—-as say we in the same league as him.”-Snoop. [umm….I dont think those jewels helped our cause, Doggy. Mental note: dont ever ask Snoop to write me a reference letter.-Info]

And finally…one more shoutout to Sandra Rose…she clears up a ridiculous rumor that connects Jay-Z’s secret love child scandal to the Imus-Rutgers scandal….Its totally wrong and Sandra sets the record straight but click HERE with a guilty conscience : ) rutgers jayz

Today there were numerous things that made me grumpy, and this ridiculous email didnt really help….

Tupac Shakur To Appear “Live” On Mind of Mencia, April 15th
Tupac Shakur Still Alive
Los Angeles, CA – April 11, 2007

To the amazement of the music industry, entertainment industry and millions of fans worldwide Tupac Amaru Shakur, a hip hop star and screen actor long believed to be dead, will be returning to the public spotlight in a controversial live taping on the popular television show Mind of Mencia. The show will air Sunday April 15th on Comedy Central at 10pm, 9pm central.

The show hosted by Latino comedian Carlos Mencia is known for its controversial racial statements and images, but has never tackled an issue with this much potential for backlash.

“That’s why I chose to come back on Mind of Mencia” said Mr. Shakur in a telephone conference with several news media organizations. “Cause Carlos keep it real.”

“I been away for years and I been hesitant to reappear” Tupac said. “But it’s the seventh year of the new millennium and I got work to do. It’s a lot of issues goin’ on right now that need to be addressed.”

Tupac went on to list the war in Iraq, black presidential candidate Barack Obama’s campaign for office and what he called in his own words “bitch ass niggas” as the main issues he planned to focus on.

According to U.S federal law it is a felony to fake one’s death. The Los Angeles police department will be standing by at the live taping of Mind of Mencia Sunday April 15th.

So, before you conspiracy theorists get wind of this…I was in no mood for stupid publicity ploys today and so here’s the deal….This guy, Josh Harraway is a rapper named “Dusty Roze.” (like a flower?) But I guess the Roze thing isnt poppin’ off quite like he’d like, so…why not pretend to be Tupac instead. I often wonder the same thing myself on days like today. Sadly, Carlos Mencia finds something redeeming in this circus act, so he’s featuring the guy on his show. But if you cant wait to be irritated…I’m here to serve. Five scoops of unflattering imitation coming up!

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Hip hop’s hottest troll has his sights trained on a new tall glass of crunk juice. And her name is Ciara….Listen to this new Lil Wayne “Promise” freestyle where the rapper professes his lust for her….

You got them goodies and I got a sweet tooth.
Can yall blame me, Hov got B
and I just want to see, if your taller than me
Open your heart up to me and you will get your key back
Miss Ciara you are colder than blue
and baby I ain’t talking to nobody else but you

[audio:lil wayne – promise freestyle- realtalkny.mp3]

(much love to my pals at RealTalkNY for the clip)


somewhere, ciara is sweat-soaked, shivering in the corner a dark hotel room….


Today we got more willing White Girl applicants for Jeezy’s all-white-girl street team….as I said in the previous post…I’m not entirely cool with the whole concept especially because the song itself is a metaphor for a white powdery substance…but this is more of a social experiment for me. And surprisingly, there are some very pretty and normal white girls who want to be down with the United States Dopeboys of America. Persia from The White Rapper Show says Jeezy should get a “band of baseheads to pass out flyers” but I dont think they’d be very reliable….so (at the risk of being only slightly less immoral) here are tonite’s new applicants!

—Drea C writes: My name is Drea and I’m originally from Sunnyside, Queens. I heard about Jeezy’s “white girl” street team tonight and I’d love to submit my pics. I am Romanian/American… my parents came to this country in 82. I was born in April of 85 ( I’m about to turn 22 ). I am 5’7 and have an athletic build.

I’ve been a hip hop head since I was 10 yrs. old when Reasonable Doubt first came out. I am a full time student/tennis player at CUNY Queens College. I am an English and Political Science double major. I have also been dancing for a really long time… nothing serious but I take hip hop classes over at Broadway Dance Center in Manhattan; so if you need a white girl who can actually shake her butt… you can count on me for that.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usdrea 2

—-Jennifer: she didnt have any statement but did send a photo for Jeezy’s review….




—-Lauren F writes: hello Miss info. My name is Lauren and I am a 22 yr old italian, “white girl” from queens ny. Here are some pictures also check out my myspace for more www.myspace.com/laurenbabe


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jeezy n white girls
I mentioned this tonite on “Celebrity Drama”…because I can’t figure out if its genius, comedy, or offensive (yeah, I know, all the above, right?)

Young Jeezy and his crew USDA (that would be the United States Dopeboys of America?)…They have a new song called “White Girl” (which obviously isn’t a metaphor for your friendly neighborhood Britney, Ally or Cindy). So their brilliant plan is to assemble an “All White Girl Street Team.” In fact, Young Jeezy, Blood Raw and Slick Pulla promise to personally review each application.

Are you ready for this direct quote from Slick Pulla?: “For the first time in the rap game history, we finna get us a street team of nothing but pretty white girls to promote this single. The blondes, the brunettes, the green eyes, the grey eyes, the red heads, the freckles, all that man.” (zoinks!)…..(he said: the first time in rap game history.)

Hell, I really wanna see these aspiring dope girls out too : )

So, if you’re a snow bunny, ages 18 to 24, send your photo, name, age, and why you wanna be part of Jeezy’s Cream Team and email it all to me here at missinfo@missinfo.tv or missinfo@hot97.com . I’ll make sure to post it on the blog/hot97.com and also forward it to Young Jeezy’s peoples. You’ll get the double the exposure : )

Good Luck!
Here’s the song “White Girls”:
[audio:02 WHITE GIRL DIRTY.mp3]
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

–Our very first applicant! Selvi H. writes:
“Hi Miss info! I work out during the top 8 at 8 everynight and caught your scoop about the “White Girl Group” being put together. Myself being an aspiring model, I’m applying, not because of any vainglorious desire but due to the fact I’m struggling financially and would only be doing it as a
means to pursue college. Its my last year in highschool and I’ve just
started modeling. I’m attending school of Visual Arts this fall to pursue an associates in Fashion Illustration and then going to Cali to
get my degree in fashion design. To budget my expenses, I’m using
modeling. Even if the gig is as ridiculous as this one, money’s money,
Very true, Selvi…hustle on! She looks like a very pretty girl…but is she thick enough for the “Trap”?

You know whats funny, I dont really care what people think so I say what I feel as soon as I feel it. But you know the media takes it and runs with is. I LOVE JEEZY !!! he’s me with a dick LOL
I just thought it was the dumbest idea Ive ever heard. And many people want to think Im offended that he is exploiting white women, ummm nah thats not it. I own a brothel, Im a madame, so all women are equal to me, exploited or not.
I was simply offended as a fan of hip hip, at the gimmick that he felt would lure people in. since when is the music not enough ?
And as odd as it may seem it sounded foolish the way he referred to white women like they were in some shape or form better then other women. You know the age old, oh he got him some money watch him go and get a white woman. I never thought he would fall into some shit like that.
I support Jeezy as an artist and even more so as a person, but when i read the article I pictured the girls gone wild white girls making a mockery of hip hop…and that shit pissed me off. Who wants to see the love of their life being pimped ?
A bunch of hood white chicks OKAY, but he sayin shit like” we gonna have green eyes and freckles and all that”…wtf does tha have to do with hip hop?
Im not in the business of defending a bunch of grown women about their choices in life, so this was in noway about the women. It was about yet another gimmick placed on hip hop.
And as far as the sex sells thing goes….LOL Im in the adult entertainment industry, i know sex sells and thats not what Im talking about.
Sex in place of talent is what gets no respect…I respect a sexy ass talented mu’fukka hahahha. Anyway girl, thats my take.
tootles noodles. Persia

um….so much for maintaining a moral upper hand. While his peoples are protesting hip hop violence at a rally with Rev Al Sharpton….The Game is spitting rhymes like:

“Potato on the muzzle, black tape on the grip/We in the A-Team van with black tape on your b***h/She gonna tell us where you at, we gonna twist that dro/And just wait until the rat climbs out that hole/Know the streets aint safe, when we see him we gonna eat that face/No body we gonna beat that case/It’s on again….”


Click to hear Game’s “Body Bags” song….


(thank you to Game’s myspace and Nahright.com for the audio)

My thoughts….if you were gonna go this route, isnt it like 2 weeks late? Also, does this hurt Henchmen/Czar’s anti-violence stance? and finally…when Game says “who lied to Buck,” what does he mean? He just made a truce with him a couple weeks ago….null and void?


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