mike jones

you tell me…is this Mike Jones (Who? Mike Jones. um….who?) having sex with a pretty gal (poor she) in a bedroom that looks like someone’s old pimp uncle decorated it (complete with bed-in-a-bag satin sheets, black lacquer bed set, matching teal drapes….)????

Is it really him? The white doo-rag isnt evidence enough, sadly. But everyone is saying this is the same Mike Jones who somehow had a hit last year, never to be heard from again.

I watched this clip but I cant really tell……honestly, Mike Jones could probably serve me a grande iced caramel latte with soymilk at starbucks and I wouldnt know it was him there, either…..but you be the judge : )

Click here to download the sexcapade, but obviously, this isnt for kids or uptight co-workers ; )

UPDATE: well, Mike Jones told my friends at SOHH.com that it wasnt him in the video, and he seems shocked and angered by the accusations, hahaha…..look, of course, its not him, the tattoos dont match, etc….but who cares, it was good for a hump-day laugh : ) Your comments were priceless!