July 2010

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I can’t believe Ross actually tweeted this photo and titled it “Jewels come out at night“…..lol, the irony. This is dead sexy though.

According to my homies who pay to get the first-day-projections and the early outlooks (and HitsDailyDouble also reported earlier)….Rick Ross will bump Eminem out of the #1 Billboard spot, which he’s held down strong after having the biggest debut of the year (741k)….but it was very close. Teflon Don‘s first week sales of 189k nudged Recovery aside by just 2000 albums. Eminem’s 4th week sales were 187k.

UPDATE: While everyone from HitsDailyDouble to MTV was lead to believe from the projections that Rick Ross would debut at #1 (for his 4th album in a row)….the final numbers (176k) actually put him at #2, selling just 11,000 albums less than Eminem’s Recovery (187k). Seriously, this Marshall guy? Wow. That album has been #1 for FIVE WEEKS already! Who does that?

Question: Given the tremendous buzz that both Ross and “BMF” have right now, is this result higher or lower than your office pool predicted?

Also, Ross released a freestyle via twitter….

New Freestyle: Nicki Minaj feat. Rick Ross “Your Love (Remix)”

download after the jump…

New Music: Usher feat. Jay-Z “Hot Toddy” (radio rip) [produced by Polow Da Don) (explicit version via KC)

Mikey: So D.C.’s WPGC premiered this version of Usher’s “Hot Toddy” which was rumored to feature both Jay-Z & Ciara, but this version only has Hov on it. Rap-Up says Esther Dean is filling the cracks on this version. Sounds about right.

Download after the jump…


Mikey: Speaking with MTV, J.Cole addressed the controversy and back-lash surrounding the appearance of Fayette State University cheerleaders in the music video for his first single “Who Dat”. If you rememer, the administration at FSU got their panties in  a bunch after they caught wind of their University’s cheerleaders appearing in a video that contained a few curse words.

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A movie project starring Eric from True Blood (Alexander Skarsgard)! *nom nom*…AND that sulky hunky football washup Tim Riggins from my favorite melodrama Friday Night Lights (Taylor Kitsch)?! *nom nom nom!*
Also….lovely fashionista singer Rihanna will make her acting debut on the film too. Ok. Feeling a lil’ trepidation…but still excited.
But wait, the movie is called Battleship? Please not a dumbed down version of Battlestar Gallactica! No? Phew…..um, it’s actually a movie based on the old Hasbro boardgame, Battleship.


There’s some hope because Peter Berg is directing. He’s that actor who was awesome in The Last Seduction, and since then has done a great job directing/producing Friday Night Lights, and a not so great job directing Hancock. (blech) But also interesting….it seems he’s also working on a “Cocaine Cowboys” feature film. Hmm.

Best Tweet Reply Today:
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New Music: Shyne ft. Notorious B.I.G. & Bob Marley “Belize”

Mikey: As promised, XXL comes through with a Shyne record that features sampled vocals from Biggie & Bob Marley. More shots at 50 and possibly Rick Ross?, “Fuck you thought fool/ I’m a hustler/No no noo not the C.O./ Bro bro bro It’s the CEO.”

c’mon son.

MissInfo: I can’t say I’m a fan of this song. But on the plus side, folks on Twitter are flexing their comedic range with their reactions to the song, LOL. 1) @BFred 2) @JLaPuma 3) @ItsTheReal

New music from Ice Cube “Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid”, Nicki x Rick Ross “Find Your Love (remix)” and 50 Cent “Talk Is Dead” (unreleased) after the jump…


this made me sad…not so much in a bad way, just in a touching sense. One thing about Fat Joe is that his memory is so sharp, he has a way of making things that happened years ago, seem so alive. I really think its a gift because for me, so many of my memories seem unreal now. Like all the edges are fuzzy. (And its not because of weed or anything, I’ve always had a very odd selective memory, lol). Anyway….we know from listening to “I’m Gone” that Primo gave Joe the beat on the day of Guru’s death. And we know that colors the entire tone of the song. But I appreciate that Fat Joe communicates in a very convincing way (to those who may not have grown up on GangStarr music) how powerful they were (and still can be to any fan).

Tonite, the Hot97 Family has our usual Who’s Next Live showcase at SOBs, but this time, RapRadar is co-promoting, and it’ll be a celebration of Fat Joe’s Darkside album (which is out now). I heard Vado will be opening too!

Last week, DJ Premier and the LiveFromHeadqcourterz team posted a note about “I’m Gone” as well….read his note after the jump

Mikey: Funeral Fab’s fourth and fifth installment of The Funeral Arrangement video series. Even with the OD rap video cliches, this one is visually NIICCEE.

Directed by Aristotle

New videos from Cam’ron & Vado and Trina after the jump…


Mikey: Estelle shot videos to both versions of her latest single “Fall In Love”, essentially the visuals are the same just swap Nas for John Legend and vice versa. Directed by Sanaa Hamri.

John Legend’s version and new videos from Royce Da 5’9 and The Illz after the jump…


Two a day! Earlier, we shared that new verse that Vado spit on the end of the Diplomats’ “Salute” banger…
And now here’s the new song off Cam’ron and Vado’s Gunz and Butta retail mixtape that my coworkers Mr. Cee and Funk Flex have been goin’ crazy over this entire weekend. Much love to Killa and Vado for making sure we’re up to date : )

New Music: Cam’ron feat. Vado “We All Up In Here”

Download link after the jump…

Mikey: Just be glad that Rik Cordero hasn’t abandoned Hip-Hop for Hollywood, feels like he’s just getting warmed up, too. Here, Cordero turns The Roots x John Legend record into a movie, no Khaled.

“The Fire” chronicles a post-apocalyptic death march set in 1945 during the final stages of World War II in Europe. After a cataclysmic event renders the war futile, a paramilitary splinter group — led by a Kurtz-like figure known as The Commodore — forces the transfer of young men who will be used as labor…and food. The last survivor of the march receives a mysterious White Box which holds the key to survival. “- Rik

(Props OkayPlayer)

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