May 2009

The homie Nigel from RealTalkNY was in Dante’s Inferno, I mean, Sodom and Gomorrah, I mean, Miami for Memorial Day weekend, and had this epiphany:

“I was coming back from the club 5 a.m. and I hit up Walgreens* which was ghetto as HELL! I just stood their observing the madness and this shirt stood out. I knew I had to get a pic for people to even believe this one… Thanks to dude for letting me take the pic. (I blurred out the female’s face in case she isn’t aware of this shirt).”


“That just happened.” (c) Ricky Bobby

*I think know exactly which Walgreens he’s talking about too. Its gotta be the one on Lincoln and Collins. It gets very real in there.

like this.

UPDATE: Kanye says this isnt the final version, and doesnt like that we watched this.

(photo of TI and Tiny at TI’s post-farewell-concert party at the Velvet Room on Sunday. Spotted on PrinceWilliams/ATLPics via SandraRose….I just wanted to know….whats with the person in the foreground holding up their shoe?)

So there have been reports around the internets on some reputable sites, citing sources within TI’s camp who claim that before TI turned himself in on Tuesday, he tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Tiny.

According to Tiny, that is not true. She and TI are not married.

(but on a related note….I can not wait for the Tiny and Toya reality show, premiering June 30 on BET (Necole Bitchie has more deets). Can Not Wait. I’m already a well-documented Tiny-fan. Not sold yet on Toya, who is Lil Wayne’s ex-wife and mom of his daughter Reginae…but I’m sure she’ll add to the sensationalism.)

photo of Tiny and Toya after the jump… (more…)

Parody: Play N Skillz in the studio with Lil Wayne from Miss Info on Vimeo.

yikes!…looks like they still havent resolved that money dispute. (thanks to Play N Skillz and Gina for the clip)

And speaking of Weezy and Baby….

Baby aka Birdman “Always Strapped” (rmx) featuring Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Young Jeezy

(thanks to Splash/NMC)

This is just a supershort blip that DJ D-Nice posted, but I just love the fact that both D-Nice and Biz Markie were invited to and attended the venerable White House Correspondents dinner. That’s big. And Biz is wearing a suit. Which is also big. (bah-dum-bum…here all week, folks)

D, what type of camera are you using? The lighting is so pretty….its like Moulin Rouge…or Red Shoe Diaries ; )

tee hee.
(thanks to Cookin Soul for the clip)



So….Teyana Taylor posted these photobooth pics of her and Drake (perhaps taken on a recording studio couch?) on her myspace page. (thanks to Quianah at CmonGood)  With captions like “bestie’s 4 life~~” and “homies 4 life” and “mclovinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.”

They look adorable together….but….while I’m sure folks will be make a big deal and speculate about some wild romance between these two…..

I don’t think they’re a couple. I believe the “friends” line. And I have a good reason ; )

(more on that later)

2 other pics after the jump….

(thanks to pal Blogxilla/Global Grind for the heads up….you got one of my favorite people over there now ; )

Drake feat. Bun B at HOT 97’s Who’s Next Live at S.O.B.s from Nitaboo on Vimeo.

Drake- “Every Girl” at HOT 97’s Who’s Next Live from Nitaboo on Vimeo.

so, I had a fun night at SOB’s with alot of good friends and good music courtesy of the crown-buzz-holder of the moment, young Drake. The small venue was totally packed for the Hot97 Who’s Next showcase with Peter Rosenberg….although its probably a misnomer for Drake, who is hardly “next”….as evidenced by the fact that in the sweaty tiny dressing room, there were alot of people packed in there, from Kanye West and Don C to Ryan Leslie, Talib Kweli and Def Jam big wigs, Atlantic execs and folks from MTV, RapRadar, Billboard, and of course, the Nahright homies Eskay and Dre.
And then there’s the fact that Warner/Atlantic boss Lyor Cohen was standing dead center in the crowd for a couple hours.

There’s high quality video/audio of the show coming soon from my boy DJ Ness, And that will be well worth the wait. But in the meantime, check my play-by-play and twitpics on Twitter. And above is’s first videos of Drake onstage with surprise guest Bun B, etc.
(In my opinion, the two highest moments in the show was Bun B and Drake doing “Uptown,” and Drake’s performance of “Unstoppable.”)

(ps: thank you to Bun, manager Red, and Asylum’s Joeyie for making sure I was safe and sound at the show.)

More Hot97 videos and Twitpics after the jump…


yeah there’s been more than the daily recommended serving of f–kery today. So…you’re moment of zen…the trill-master Bun B.
Ahh…..street knowledge.

(thanks to swift)

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