Kidd Kidd is up next, closing out XXL’s 2015 Freshman freestyle series. The G-Unit rapper brings some New Orleans flavor to battleground during his two-minute performance.

I was going for the 10th spot, so I looked at a lot of the competition and I’m telling myself, ‘Yo, if I don’t get this spot like something up with y’all!’ I feel like I put in the work and I put in enough effort, and I have yet to really show y’all what it’s really about to be.

Check out the freestyle and his video profile below.

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Nas has been following hip-hop fashion with a close eye ever since he first set foot outside of the Queensbridge apartment he was raised in. At first he was just enamored with the older guys in his neighborhood, but when Eric B & Rakim’s Paid In Full was released — everything changed.

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Young Guru is known for many things hip-hop. His work with Roc-A-fella pretty much solidifies his spot forever but there’s so much more to the DJ/producer/engineer. On the latest episode of The Combat Jack Show, Guru talks about his early days in Delaware, his love for AC DC, going to see Will Smith & Fresh Prince as a kid and more. “I would take the ass whoopin’ to pass my curfew for the Jazzy Jeff party,” Guru remembers about seeing the duo back in the day.

The “Most Successful Engineer In Hip Hop” makes his second appearance on The Combat Jack Show to share his thoughts on the Roc hey day, the recent Tidal Roc reunion, behind the scenes on some of his greatest hits and why Jay Z didn’t get ethered by Jay Z. Plus, a very special announcement by Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson.

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The Geto Boys are working on releasing their first group album in over a decade. They last released Foundation back in 2005 which was met with moderate success and acclaim. Titled Habeas Corpus, Willie D told Rolling Stone they want to raise $100,000 by July 15. Producers Mike Dean, Tone Capone, N.O. Joe, along with guest Ice Cube are said to have contributed to the project.

“I’d like to take credit, but the fans really made it happen,” rapper Willie D tells Rolling Stone. “It’s hard to get all of us on the same page, ’cause everybody’s always doing their own thing. We are three totally different people. We didn’t grow up together. We’re not blood-related. We didn’t go to the same schools, didn’t grow up in the same neighborhood. The one commonality that we do share is being in the group.”

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Let’s take quick trip back in time with Tuxedo as they debut a new video shot in lo fi. The upbeat love song “R U Ready” gets the VHS treatment this trip around.

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Jhene Aiko‘s “eat the booty groceries” might be one of the most talked about lyrics of the year. Nobody expected sweet lil’ Jhene to put her freaky tales on front street like that. But the debate whether the line is literal, or just for fun still has people scratching their heads. That was until MTV’s Rob Markman took Aiko to real grocery store for the 411.

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The most famous college drop out in the world is finally getting a degree. Yes, Mr. Kanye West is being awarded with an honorary doctorate degree from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. We’re almost positive his late mother, Donda, would be so proud today. She’s definitely up there in heaven smiling down today.

UPDATE: Missed the stream? Watch Kanye’ss full acceptance speech below

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denitia and sene debuted their new video for “The Fan” earlier this week. Director extraordinaire Shomi Patwary directed the club lust video where the duo is shown caught up in their own sounds.

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diddy forbes.jpg

Forbes returns with their annual “Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists” list. The 2015 edition is lead by Diddy with $735 million, as Ciroc, his Sean John clothing line, Aquahydrate water, and Revolt network contributes to that amount. Dr. Dre is right behind the Bad Boy mogul with $700 million, as Jay Z comes in at No. 3 with $550 million. The final two spots goes to 50 Cent ($155 million) and Cash Money Records CEO Birdman ($150 million).

“In order to complete the Forbes Five list, we follow the same procedures used to calculate our list of the world’s billionaires: valuing current holdings, looking at past earnings and talking to analysts, attorneys, managers, other industry players and even some of the moguls themselves to find out as many details as possible.”

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I honestly didn’t know if this would ever even happen — but Pusha T has finally said goodbye to his beloved braids. One of the only dudes to keep the look fresh for so long, King Pusha seems to going through a transformation of sorts. For his entire career and probably as long as anyone can remember, P has kept his hair long.

It’s never easy to say goodbye…

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