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Think you have to be an (ex)dope boy like Pusha T to enjoy “Move That Dope“? Not anymore thanks to Future’s very own “Move That Doh” video game. Based on the storyline in the song’s video, your job is to collect the cash, chop the work like karate and move that dope in the hood, all while avoiding the feds. Do good and you’ll earn money, power and respect (or just a place on the leaderboard).

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Following their interview on Hot 97 last week, Rick Ross and Angie Martinez went head-to-head in the code-breaking game of Mastermind. With Rozay’s new album carrying the same title, the two battle to see who the really is a true mastermind.

Released one day early, Rick Ross’ new album is available now on iTunes.

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From Instagram honeys hashtagging their morning selfies with #WokeUpLikeDis to “serfbort!” becoming a ritual-like chant in the club, Beyoncé’s new album has provided Generation Y with more quotables than 95% of Tumblr. Luckily for us, one genius fan decided to compile all the best moments from Bey’s album into a soundboard — or Soundboardt — for you to spend your next 30 minutes (at least) attempting to create the greatest Beyoncé hook of all time. Or something like that. Procrastination awaits you here.

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Yung Lenox (which has to be the coolest non-rapper rap name ever) will impress you for two reasons: a) he’s seven-years-old and is really effing good at art; b) he draws classic hip-hop album covers and portraits and clearly has better taste than any seven-year-old alive. The child prodigy and self-proclaimed “Lego enthusiast” has been making noise for a few months now, even hosting his very own art show, “Parental Advisory,” at Seattle’s Alive & Well last August. But if, like us, you’re new to Lenox’s talents, peruse some of his incredible pieces below and prepare to be wowed.

You can also purchase some of Yung Lenox’s prints over on his online store.

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pharrell hat

Even after adding to his Grammy collection this past Sunday, it’s nice to see Pharrell doesn’t take himself too seriously. Joining the entire Internet (including a sandwich chain) in poking fun at his Vivienne Westwood hat, Skateboard P’s iamOTHER company has reworked part of his viral “Happy” video to feature his Arby’s/Smokey the Bear/Canadian Mountain Police headpiece. The result? “Hatty.”

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jay shells rap quotes

Jay Shells’ Rap Quotes was easily one of the coolest projects of the year. Back in March, the New York artist plotted 30 authentic-looking street signs featuring rap lyrics across the city, relevant to the corner/block/area that they referenced. With that idea going down a success, Jay decided to team back up with ANIMAL to take Rap Quotes out West. From Compton to Beverly Hills, he brings the words of Left Coast greats like 2Pac, Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar to life.

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Beyoncé turns into Santa Claus instantly! Out of nowhere, the R&B Diva gives fans an early Christmas gift, releasing a self-titled album exclusively on iTunes. Beyoncé, her fifth solo LP, is a 31 song and video collection dubbed a “visual album.” Justin Timberlake, Kelly Rowland, Drake, Frank Ocean, Pharrell, Timbaland, Hit-Boy, Miguel, Key Wane, Detail, Michelle Williams, Sampha, husband Jay Z, and daughter Blue Ivy Carter all make contributions through guest appearances, production, songwriting, and video cameos.

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2pac uncut interview

Watch any 2Pac interview (hell, listen to any song) and it becomes immediately apparent he was more than just a gangster rapper; he was a visionary, a revolutionary and a man of the people. With such powerful and insightful words, who better than Tupac Shakur to bring to life?

That’s what PBS Digital Studios have brilliantly done, setting an uncut 2Pac interview with Entertainment Weekly’s Benjamin Svetkey from 1994 to animation for their Blank on Blank series. Makaveli speaks profoundly on life, death, religion, fame, the media, prison and Thug Life. Once again, ‘Pac’s foresight was eerily accurate when he says, “I feel like a tragic hero in a Shakespeare play.”

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Ok, there’s a ton of Drake content today being that his new album Nothing Was the Same is out now…we’ve seen Drake on Ellen, Drake on Chelsea Lately, Drake talking about Kendrick, Drake partying with Kevin Durant, and best of all…that awesomely comedic “Hold On, We’re Going Home” video featuring Majid Jordan, ASAP Rocky, Steven Bauer (Scarface), Fredo Santana and more.

But what’s also been great is the commentary about Drake, the cultural phenomenon. From over-analytical think pieces, to angry WSHH comments, to my personal favorite of the day…
Drake’s OKCupid Online Dating Profile….as imagined by College Humor.

Body Type: Buff Meerkat

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The latest viral sensation which caught the world by storm last week turns out to be fake. The mastermind behind “worst twerk FAIL video” turned out to be late-night show host Jimmy Kimmel. On Monday night’s airing of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host and woman seen crashing into a table name “Caitlin Heller” played the director’s cut. Heller, whose real name is Daphne Avalon, is a stuntwoman who crashed into a table of candles after attempting to twerk on a not-so-stable door.

Some questioned if the video was indeed real after abruptly ending following Avalon’s crash. In the director’s cut, Kimmel donning an identical pink t-shirt, rushes in with a fire extinguisher in hand putting out the fire cause by Avalon. With a cheeky grin, Jimmy leans towards the camera and throws a thumbs up to viewers. Making headlines across the world on networks such as CNN, the video has now gained 9,329,262 views since its original release on YouTube.

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