friends in paris

It’s been four years since Jay Z and Kanye West joined forces for Watch The Throne, and sadly it doesn’t look like that heavily speculated sequel is anywhere close*. Thankfully, there’s some bright and funny people out there to keep us entertained during our long, painful wait. Bianca Bosso from The Interns decided to reinterpret Hov and Ye’s club smash (not to mention sustained source of awkwardness for white people everywhere) “N*ggas In Paris” as a more family-friendly illustrated book. Those Jay faces are worth the read alone. Stick around for Drake’s cameo, too.

If you’d like Friends In Paris to become a real thing, support the Kickstarter campaign here.

*With that said, Dr. friggin’ Dre actually released an album this year, so anything can happen.

Check out Friends In Paris below…

paris 1

paris 2

paris 3

paris 4

paris 5

paris 6

paris 7

paris 8

Click here to read the rest of the book.

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