April 2010

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Splash blessed us on a gorgeous sunny Friday (soon to be an oppressively unnaturally sweltering Sat), with another one of his exclusives….A Big Sean and Drake collaboration, produced by WrighTrax and Kanye West.

New Music Cartel Premiere: Big Sean feat. Drake “Made” (Tagged) (Download link)

[audio:Big Sean (feat Drake) – Made (Newmusiccartel.com.mp3]

UPDATE: After the jump, Big Sean talks to HoneyMag about meeting Kanye West, his relationship with Kid Cudi and more. (thanks Erika)


(Jay Electronica performing “My World” last night¬† in NYC)

New Music: Jay Electronica x Diddy “The Ghost of Chrisopher Wallace” (prod. by Quincey Tones) (download)

Mikey: Earlier this morning, Angela Yee debuted Jay Electronica x Diddy’s “The Ghost of Christopher Wallace”. Yesterday, Jay E hinted on twitter that he would finally drop something new today and he delivers. This ish is hard.

(New music from T.I. , Scarface, Pill (“OK Denn” Video), Consequence and DJ A-Trak after the jump) (more…)

I was literally crippled with laughter…and guilt about said laughter…while watching this week’s episode of South Park. While the 100th episode got all the attention for bringing back South Park’s past roast victims, it was not nearly as diabolically funny as this ep’s parody of the A&E show “Intervention,” (with drug addict Towelie) and its parody of summer camp for kids with developmental handicaps, Lake Tardicaca. They have the “Intervention” sound effects down to a science!
(on a serious note though, I think substance abuse is ultra serious and destructive, and anyone who has fought for their sobriety after being an addict has my utmost respect)

More South Park “Crippled Summer” clips after the jump…

Don’t tell me what I can’t do!

Ok…finally we know what that song was that Puppet Dr. Chang kept cutting into his LOST Untangled episodes. Its a rap song that details the entire storyline of one of the best characters on the show, John Locke (later Fake-Locke, aka F-Locke, aka The Smoke Monster). Since this week was a rerun, the Untangled team (big up them, by the way) still put in work, recapping all the key Locke moments, like “Father and Son on anesthetic drugs, opened my ears, to my surprise, Dad was gone with my insides…” Awesome. (thanks to DoubleDeux for the link!)

But the brutal truth is….the end is nigh. There’s only 4 eps left. Is that enough time for the show to wrap things up? *breaks into cold sweat*

This Tuesday’s show better be productive. But in the meantime, if you missed this massive LOST-special that Wired Magazine did….its a must-read. Also, Slashfilm highlighted an artist named Gideon Slife who created a poster for each of the 78 LOST episodes so far. That’s dedication….I love the simplicity of the graphics. Reminds me that I really need a good MissInfo.TV logo, and I want something simple and direct.

some of my favorite Slife posters, after the jump…



New Music: Eminem “Not Afraid” (Prod. by Boi-1da) (download)

New Music: Maino’s “Survival of the Fittest” (Prod. by Boi-1da) (download)

Mikey: So the NMC got wind that Em’s “Not Afraid” beat was actually used by Maino for a new record, “Survival of the Fittest”, that he was intending to include on his sophomore album.¬† While no official statements have been released from Em, Maino, or Boi-1da’s camp , Lowkey says Maino’s camp had no idea Em was using it…


After releasing his superpop single “Find Your Love” on the internets last night, Drake held a conference call today to talk about it….(thanks to Big D and DJ Juanyto on the assist)

Audio: Drake’s Conference Call


Hood Politics from Decatur Dan on Vimeo.

Legend: Young Jeezy is back with some visuals from his upcoming Trap Or Die 2 mixtape with Don Cannon. The project is supposed to drop next week and is a prequel to the album Thug Motivation 103. Spotted at YAF.

(Directed by Decatur Dan)

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(Lil Wayne, left, and his former keeper, Amelia Negron, right)

The lesson here is: Riker’s Island is not a planetarium for you to be watching the stars, yo.

This week, Riker Island corrections officer Amelia Negron got fired for allegedly abusing her sick days and taking too much time off….but Negron thinks she really got fired because she went to say hi to a coworker who was in the same room where Lil Wayne was being held.

The door to the area was unlocked, and so I went in to say hello, and that officer said, ‘Hey, you can’t be here. We’ve got a celeb here.’ I said, ‘Okay, no problem,’ turned around and left,” Negron said.

She said that, after the short exchange, her superiors claimed she was trying to cozy up to Weezy.

We did nothing wrong, but we were threatened with criminal charges, transfers, suspensions,” (NYDN)

Now Negron plans to sue the Corrections Dept for harassment and discrimination. And as for explain why she couldn’t possibly have been looking to discuss the finer points of “how to lick the wrapper,” she presented an air-tight alibi….read after the jump.



New Music: Eminem “Not Afraid” (Prod. by Boi-1da) (CDQ)(download link)
(thanks to Legend)

Mikey: I guess it’s never too early for new Marshall… here’s the first single off Em’s upcoming album, Recovery. (Spotted Shake/2dopeboyz via YAF)

UPDATE 2: Brendan at Complex did a fantastic job rounding up some critical first-impressions of “Not Afraid” from all the bright minds, NCB/Complex, Eskay/Nahright, Noz/CocaineBlunts, and more (full disclosure: I’m in there too). Read some of the Complex Consensus ratings after the jump…

UPDATE 1: Eminem Interview on The Morning After with Angela Yee
(props ILLionaire/UHTN)

(After the jump, Em talks about trashing songs off Recovery, confirms working with Just Blaze, Khalil, Jim Jonsin, Mr Porter, Havoc and Dr. Dre, and more)




New Music: Drake “Find Your Love” (prod. by Kanye West) [download link]


Mikey: Drizzy’s second single off Thank Me Later which drops 6/15.

MissInfo: lol, this dropped in the middle of the night, and still caused a web-flurry. Mikey tweeted: “Its like Drake/Bieber/Kanye had lunch and “Find Your Love” was the resulting food coma.” I guess it is extremely pop-chart friendly. I’ve still had my two favorite Drake ballads “Fall For Your Type” and “Shut it Down” on repeat, so this is way more sugary, but I look forward to road-testing this on the Stairmaster.

(Drake & Birdman talk about shooting the video for “Find Your Love” in Jamaica… after the jump)


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