January 2009

The cartoon is very funny (esp the ending) but the part about his moms? No bueno.

In the aftermath of Thurs night, “Celebrity Drama Exclusive” and 50 Cent’s “Try Me” diss record….

On Friday, Rick Ross called in the homie Angela Yee’s Shade45 show, and brushed off “Try Me.” And challenged Fif to come with another song in 48 hours…

Listen to Part 1
Listen to Part 2

And on Friday night….50 Cent indulges in his favorite past-time…s–t-talking.

(spotted on RealtalkNY)

oh boy…this is movie is gonna have multiple sequels.

I can’t explain why this video made me slam my forehead onto the front edge of the desk but it did. There’s something about Weezy’s bizarre “what me worry” expression every time he says something absurd to Ms. Katie….or maybe its Ms. Katie’s poop-scoopin’ look of pure “I’m lovin it!”…no, its gotta be the “I’m a gangsta” line. Yup.

Its funny how Mr. Katie was Bill the Butcher with Sarah Palin, but if you’ve got face tattoos and thermal on, she turns into Alotta Fagina : )

Meanwhile Lil Cease spoke to The RockMeTV Roundtable and said that he feels that Charli Baltimore should have been included into Notorious….after the jump


50 Cent “Try Me”

Celebrity Drama Report 1/29/09 8PM Edition: Rick RossĀ  plays the house fire card with “Mafia Music,” 50 Cent Responds with “Try Me”

Full Version of the song, included DJ Khaled diss verse. Thank you to Legend

Hey there. if you’re free on Sat night, and in the Tri-State area, please come join me and my homie Illmind (one of the most talented producers soon to blow)….we’re gonna be celebrating Ill’s new “Blaps, Rhymes and Life” mixtape out in Jersey City. Since all the streetwear companies have mad love for Ill, and all the cool kids too, it should be a nice, chill time. The only kind I like : )

Here’s the free download for “Blaps, Rhymes, and Life”

and here’s the deets!



Jeezy jay-z

Young Jeezy feat. Jay-z “My President is Black” (new Jeezy verse)

(thanks to onsmash)

While I grow old waiting for a dang imovie to upload to youtube….ugh….my only solace is that Dick Shittman has resurfaced!

Looks like he and his team of misfits were at the Inauguration, which was 9 days ago?….maybe they got waylaid at the Tailhook Association afterparty.

No matter, because HoodNewz presents:

o hoodnewz

HoodNewz Inauguration Pt1


HoodNewz Inauguration Pt2 (LOL @ the Robot Thingy ad)


HoodNewz Inauguration Pt3 (featuring a guest appearance from an angry Peter Rosenberg)


Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes

Q-Tip ft. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon & Lil Wayne – Renaissance Rap (Remix)

When Hip Hop gives you that feeling you haven’t felt in a while

(Spotted at Onsmash)

After a much delayed press day at Def Jam, I got chance to speak to Mr. Raspy on a few things. Kiss was in great spirits, and after dealing with more than a few hungry journalists, still made some time for the kid. Here’s a small clip.

(Full interview coming soon at Allhiphop, big ups to the homie Aqua)

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