Even though Drake’s album leaked last week, I’m pretty sure his fans will still be buying the official copy so they can have the official liner notes and album art. Thanks to the homie DJ Kitsune for sending over snapshots of his copy of the album, via Germany, you can see that Drake put alot of effort into that forgotten art of the “thank you’s.” Along with long notes to his family, Drake also shows his appreciation for his music collaborators and contemporaries….

“To Lil Wayne: Thanks for risking your credibility in order to put forth something so different. you are my idol, my mentor, and my friend. I am by your side forever.”

Drake thanks his managers, Cortez Bryant, Gee Roberson, and all of his artist-friends, like Swizz, Kanye, Young Jeezy (he calls him his big bro), Alicia Keys, etc.

“To Jay-Z, I can’t express to you how much I value your presence in my life….and to Nasir Jones for inspiring my whole mindset on this record.”

And, yes, Drake’s special friend Maliah Michel gets a mention too ; ) But I love that he also puts “Drake’s knee would like to thank Paul for doing the surgery.

Picture 3

Check out close-up photos of Drake’s Thank Me Later liner notes in the gallery after the jump….

For a closer look at Drake’s thank you page, click here.

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