Once again, DJ Scoob Doo* comes through with the exclusive!
Last night Drake went on Ustream and played the verse for “Light Up” that Lil Wayne spit over the phone from Rikers Island (see after the jump). But in this video, we hear Weezy’s voice on the phone with Scoob and Mack Maine (with a brief Birdman cameo). Wayne asks Mack Maine about Drake’s Thank Me Later album, they predict its first week sales and compare it to Wayne’s own Carter 3 sales.

Wayne: What that boy [Drake] sounding like? Like a million in a week?
Mack: Yeah, like a classic, like a million in a week, like big money…
Wayne: I need it to do more than that Carter 3. I need like 2 mill in that first week, straight up.
Wayne: What it sounding like, it sounds good? He singing his ass off and all that?
Mack: Man, that n—a got some songs. He played me a song called “Karaoke”….that n—a got different tones now, blood.
Wayne: He singing like that, on a mug?
Mack: Yeah he got some other s–t. He killin it…
Wayne: Maaan, I’mma murk n—as when I get outta here…That’s my lil’ dawg, but I’m going hard….I’m trying to tell you, Carter 4? It ain’t gonna be safe for the universe, man.

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Also, Wayne and Mack Maine broke down Hov’s verse on Drake’s “Light Up” and made plans to record the Wayne “Light Up” freestyle over the phone….after the jump

More transcription from Lil Wayne’s call-in to DJ Scoob Doo and Mack Maine:

Wayne: [Jay-Z] said, ‘Oww, Hov turn they heads like owwls, I’m the man of the hour.’ Man, I be up in the cell, everybody listenin’ to n—as spinnin’ that s–t, I be so pissed off…
Mack: You supposed to have that 3rd v. come up for a V for it)
Wayne:….drop the beat so its just a break down, so you can really hear what I’m saying…let me know when it’s set up
Mack: Lemme know when you got it?
Wayne: (silence)…Lil Bwoy. Man, I got it already, what you talkin bout?…
Mack: Love. Alright, studio tomorrow…
Wayne: Man, then its done tomorrow, then!
Mack: I got your session, what time you calling? I’mma book your studio. Lets make it around 10…
Wayne: Come see me…..man, Imma be hurt if you playing!…I’mma get my verse ready right now.

And just as they planned it, Lil Wayne called in the next night and spit this verse over the phone….which Drake shared via ustream.

man, now all we need is for Drake and Young Money to deliver us a clear mp3 of Wayne’s verse.

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