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Contrary to some hasty and inaccurate headlines, Esquire did not name Rihanna as their 2011 “Sexiest Woman Alive.” But they did use a dirty short clip of Rihanna to promote their 2011 “Sexiest Woman Alive” voting brackets. And by dirty….I’m referring to actual soot which Rihanna rubs into her face and body. Perhaps an exotic volcanic exfoliation ritual. At the very end of the video there also seems to be some wet paper towel clinging to her arm. So, needless to say…the height of anti-glam.

And in return, Esquire‘s readers didn’t even vote her past the sweet sixteen? Rude! In fact, the final four “Sexiest Women Not Dead” came down to Brooklyn Decker, Erin Andrews, Megan Fox, and Katrina Bowden….aka Barbie, Barbie, Veronica, and Barbie! Zzzzz.

(wait…Erin Andrews is the sports reporter who Brett Favre dong-sexted? No, wait. She’s the sports reporter that got violated by a peeper who secretly videotaped her in her hotel room. Not cool.)

Oh, and guess who won?
Katrina Bowden….aka the intern on 30 Rock. Really? Riri was robbed.

Watch Katrina’s cheesy cheesecake Esquire video and Rihanna’s Esquire video after the jump….

The new Bruno Mars video for “The Lazy Song” reminds me of the perennial hit that’s played ad nauseum at Cancun resort bars because they are the soundtrack of carefree middle-American joy: franchising, binge drinking and teen pregnancy. You know these songs, they also play on an endless loop in Forever 21 and Hollister. That said, I like Bruno’s voice and he and his team are clearly talented at making hits. But “Grenade” was more compelling than this musical hush puppy. Maybe I’ve just got a dark heart.

Is that the Jabbawockeez under those monkey heads? Lol. It could be, right?

(Speaking of Mars, he and his bubblegum rockabilly steez are on this year’s People Magazine Most Beautiful People list. Regarding that list, if you know that Halle and Beyonce and Zac Ephron or whatever, aren’t exactly going to dissipate into horrid ugliness in the course of 12 months, why don’t they just keep a standing pretty people roster and just add the new faces. Also, don’t try to give us the okie doke with the random smart-or-funny-but-not-hot people. The list is a product of pure vanity. Just own the obnoxiousness.)

Related: What I like better is this version of Far East Movement‘s “Rocketeer” with Bruno Mars doing the hook (Thanks Bibi/360Digi)

Bruno Mars “Grenade” (Live at the Grammys 2011 version)
Things I Like: Bruno Mars “Grenade” video…pompadours, pianos, and guilt trips


Last month during her sit down with Angie Martinez, the American Idol host was quoted that Lil’ Wayne “Might be one of the best out there right now. He might be the best. He’s really good.” Fast forward to last week when during an online chat she announced Weezy will be on her new single that you can check out called “I’m Into You”. J-Lo’s new album Love? is set to release on May 3rd.

New Music: Jennifer Lopez feat. Lil’ Wayne – “I’m Into You” (CDQ)

Props to JamessRod UPDATE: CDQ added via EastExclusives

MissInfo: um….”if you need me just call up the crew…cuz I’m on it, and you on it, and we on it….” Who wrote this? Jenny is a sharp woman, I’m sure she can handle better lyric structure than this.

Artwork & lyrics after the jump….


It’s pretty much routine now that every Thursday night most people tune into MTV’s Jersey Shore and takeover Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites giving play-by-play for 60 minutes. Even Nicki Minaj got into all the madness that went down on last night’s episode, the Ronnie and Sammy crap needs to end by the way. Recently, one of the show’s stars Vinny Guadagnino was over in the U.K. and our homie Tim Westwood got him to “freestyle” on the streets of London.

*DEAD* at the Beckham line and trying to use a British accent.

Twice in one day, seems as though the most popular song for young girl’s to cover is Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday bonus track “Super Bass”. Above, actress and currently Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, Selena Gomez takes a crack at the song.

NOTE: Nothing will ever top Michelle Trachtenberg covering Nicki Minaj’s feature on Robin Thicke’s “Shakin’ It For Daddy”.

Earlier in the day footage of Taylor Swift attempting to do the same hit, you can check that out after the jump…..


Following last year’s list that included an Eminem snub and Jay-Z being named #1 for 2009, MTV returns with it’s Hottest MC’s list starting on October 18th. The list is based on MC’s who have released music and been active in 2010 plus follows a criteria of: artistic execution (lyrical ability, flow), commercial success (charting hits, radio spins, album sales), cultural impact (business acumen, putting on other big artists), digital metrics, buzz and other intangibles.

Let the debates and arguements begin!

Props to MTV & Jayson Rodriguez

more details after the jump…


Is this the lead off of that Lil Wayne birthday album? This isn’t the whole video but I’m not sure I’m a super fan of the preview. (via Motion Dose)

I am a fan of this new R.Kelly song and Nat-King-Cole-replica video though….after the jump

The song “Free Mason” is a big enough event, and with strong enough content, that I don’t understand how this teaser trailer adds to the conversation. I would absolutely love to see footage of the recording process (and clearly Ross’ in-house videographers Spiff-TV caught this all), but 30-seconds of Jay and Ross vibing, with Trey Songz observing, along with 60-seconds of intro and outro….marginally insulting.

I’m posting this more to see if you guys disagree than for the actual video. But I definitely encourage fans to listen to the actual collaboration. Nice piece of work. Especially on the eve of Ross’ Teflon Don drop, this Tuesday. The meat of all SpiffTV’s footage will appear on their upcoming Teflon Don: The Bossumentary DVD.

New Music: Rick Ross feat. Jay-Z “Free Mason” (CDQ)
Jay-Z dismisses Illuminati conspiracy theories on “Free Mason”


Clearly, I should have logged off about 10 minutes ago…because when you’re on the internets too late on a Friday night, you enter the Twilight Zone and things get loopy… in point, an email from Tila Tequila’s new website, MissTilaOMG, tipping off her exclusive scoop that Playboy is suing Drake, Cash Money Records and Universal Music Group for not clearing a sample in the song “Best I Ever Had” from their holding , the 1975 Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds’ song “Falling In Love.”
So many things here are making me want to go lay down….Playboy Music? A Tila Tequila exclusive…that isn’t about Tila? The fact that this sample still hasn’t been cleared for a mixtape that’s been out for over a year, and was even re-released in stores? I usually ignore litigation stories, but I really just noticed because of this motley combo of players.
Then again, sample clearance missteps are nothing new and rarely personal…Even cases like The Fugees vs Enya, it’s just sloppiness on an admin level. I’m sure Drake and Playboy Enterprise’s lawyers will smooth it over with sparkly chunks of change or a private serenade in the Grotto.
But let’s just soak in this quote from Tila’s post:
Well…Drake is cool and all, but it kinda DOES sound like his song. DAYAM!! SO DOES THAT MEAN HUE HEFFNER IS DRAKE’S GHOST WRITER???

*blank stare* (but thank you to OMG staff for the tip.)

Here’s the original….Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds’ song “Falling In Love.”

And here is Drake’s “Best I Ever Had”

MTV just premiered this rock-ish clip from Weezy and ¡Mayday! that was shot in Miami right before (one of the times) he turned himself in to the court….(thanks to Shake/2DopeBoyz for the heads up)

Director David Rousseau spoke on the pressure of the shoot:
“It was basically a ‘Mission: Impossible’ [scenario]: This is your mission if you choose to accept it. Everybody is onboard, because everybody knows what’s at stake. Unlike T.I. and some of these other guys that’s disappeared while they were in, the point is to keep Wayne [visible] on TV and everything for whatever time he’s in. There was a plan in action. Slim and Baby really could foresee that. He’s at the height of his career. You can’t let that momentum slip.”

Lil Wayne freestyles w/ ¡Mayday!, plus a preview of “Knockout” (ft. Nicki Minaj)
NMC Exclusive: Drake feat. Lil Wayne “Miss Me” (CD Quality) (Updated)
Exclusive: Lil Wayne calls from Rikers, “I got in a lil’ trouble…I can’t live without the music

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