In the previous post, we had some great footage of Q-tip’s ram-packed preview of  “The Renaissance,” at the Knitting Factory, thanks to Mikefresh

And as Tip ran through some of his classics, his old friends Busta Rhymes (along with Spliff Star and Tip’s cousin Consequence) jumped onstage to join in the fun.

Then Busta took a moment to address the day’s financial crash, the upcoming presidential election and…somehow tie it all in with the good ol’ riyal….or as he calls it “A-rab Money.”

And Busta also unveils his new “A-rab Money” Dance, which is a combo of “Da Plane” and something I think I’ve seen Fish n Chicks do. What is that shaker dance move? Is it an ATL thing? A Chris Brown thing?

Confession: I can’t pretend that I understand what Busta is saying here….I think we’re being urged to vote on Nov 4th. I think there’ll be a party if we do. And…I think we’re all supposed to get rich if and when Obama wins….by doing some type of business with Saudi Arabia. (but isn’t Obama’s plan to reduce our dependency on foreign oil?)**

*also thank you to Melissa Potter from Catalyst Media
**just keeding