November 2008

(Kanye performs “Heartless” on the American Music Awards on Sunday)

Kanye West stopped by the mothership today to chat with homie Angie about his new album.




(speedy audio provided by Elliot Wilson, who has adopted a number of nicknames but I’m a traditionalist, lol)

PS: If anyone wants to let me know what the highlights/lowlights were here….I’d appreciate it. I’m reluctant to get my blood pressure up this early in the week with any balderdash. : )

Oh my god.

Dead @ Hersey’s Kisses floating in the jacuzzi.

(its like a scene out of “Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo”***)

Bitchie Personals With Juelz Santana from necole bitchie on Vimeo.

Necole, I cannot forgive you for this one.

***after the jump

My twitpal Anwonri sent over this news video from Brazil. Sadly, he didnt send over a translation, but I’m waiting for the haps. It must suck to be famous sometimes. But…most of the time, it clearly does not. (Free stuff=goood?)


Lol, this is kind of subversive…and funny.
World famous vandal-artist Banksy visits Jamaica (artsy types need a tan too sometimes) and leaves his indelible mark on a wall outside a pub in Kingston. What he doesnt know is that at the pub at the same time, were the Rickards Brothers of the very cool Jamaica-based art/culture site The Afflicted Yard. So four years later, PD Rickards comes back for the pub’s wall, has it cut out, (I’m sure for a very nominal fee) and carts it off. He documents the whole ordeal with his camera. And voila….priceless art. Well, pricey art, that is. The EBAY listing is for 10 photographs printed on metal for $100,000.00….with the 2000 lbs Banksy wall thrown in as an extra : ) HA!

I’ve been reading articles on how the recession (and more so the recession-faux-guilt among the ultra-rich) is causing drama in the art-world because some sure-thing auctions aren’t hitting their reserve prices. But even still, I think $100k for a Banksy wall is probably a steal. If I had some big Zaha Hadid-designed grain-silo in Williamsburg with one steel-wool chaise lounge and a coffee table made of Swiss cheese…..I would “buy it now” that wall and laugh at my neighbor’s $13.5 milly Basquiat.

Here’s a video of the deconstruction of Banksy’s Wall:

The Afflicted Yard: The Rock from firstjamaica on Vimeo.

I love that one man’s art is….another dog’s urinal.


hahaha…thanks to my cousin Michelle for the link

DJ Semtex interview with Kanye West
( Direct link, it may not play correctly for all of you)

“I don’t even listen to rap. My apartment is too nice to listen to rap in. I have to be in a way more grimey environment to turn any rap music on” – Kanye West

And, I found about this on, who woulda thunk it, lol. Thanks Corentin!

final battle after the jump…

Game and Joe Budden
(even though it’s an old pic, funny to see Game rockin all blue and a G-Unit sweat band)

Joe Budden feat. The Game “The Future”

eeks, I cant watch but here is the full episode. Thank you to the eagle-eye readers who sent this over.

and yes, that chick had to go…already.

wow, I’m taken aback that we can watch this online. This story is sad and disgusting in so many ways. Eskay posted this strong reaction earlier.

(thank you to khalil king for the link)

UPDATE: Hosea Thomas has been found guilty on 11 charges, including the murder of Philant Johnson, he faces 70 years in prison. His brother Padron, who testified against him, and reportedly instigated the altercation, got his charges reduced to manslaughter.

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