February 2008


(but why am I still skeptical….maybe cuz so many insiders say they don’t buy it….is it just good for business? Ehh, let the kids have fun.)

(thank you Crunktastical for posting this chunk of satirical goodness)

A Beyonce National Security Threat Narrowly Averted


I loved the original, so I went in with a bias, but something about Marsha’s voice that won me over on this remake. And obviously, the homie Rash always does his thing : )

“The Light”: Common feat. Marsha Ambrosius and Bilal

[audio:The Light 2008.mp3]

(done justice by Just Blaze….)

PS: Dear old friend, you think I’m not gonna notice this opening line? “….Its sort of like the love that’s played in tennis…” Hahaha, nice : )

I’m can’t lie, reading Mixtape Monday today about the prospect of a Nas-DJ Khaled collaboration made me break into a cold sweat (not the ‘I just hit lotto’ kind, but more of the ‘I just drank lumpy milk’ kind).

But on Sohh’s NYC blog, there’s some illicit audio (nice!) from a Khaled¬† Khalil listening session that made my bubbleguts go away…..in fact, this song, “What it is,” sound aight. Thoughts?

EDIT: HAHAHA, I’m a total idiot! As my very savvy sharpeyed readers pointed out….this song is produced by DJ Khalil, not DJ Khaled….I totally forgot about the Khalil from the west coast. Oh man…..I hate to say it….but no wonder, lol. (as the intestinal distress starts back up again at the thought of “You can hate me now…be cause we da bessssssssssssss….”)¬† Thank you readers.

[audio:what it is.mp3]

but, one thing guys…..its kinda not cool to dump a girl when she’s almost done with her “vacation” (barring any more unfortunate excursions to the bing). One year is not exactly a test of romantic stamina.

The subtitle of this post is: I want my VH1 Soul, damnit! Why can’t I watch it on Time Warner Cable? Arggh. I remember during last year’s VH1 Hip Hop Honors ramp-up, VH1 Soul was airing a New Jack City weekend of videos…..I literally begged Toni Herron in the publicity dept. to get me a DVD copy of the whole programming block. Which obviously was asking for too much. But why is the dope ish that I want to see, on the one channel I don’t have with my stupid-ass “D-Best” rip off cable bundle….(sigh)

Anyways, back to the point…..Erykah Badu will be performing new music of her Amerykah album on VH1 Soul tonite, and then clips will be available on vh1soul.com.

I also enjoyed her kooky interview on 106 n Park, which will probably never play any of her videos, so that’s kind of weird. But I’m glad she left an indelible (green spirulina stain) mark on their couch for Boosie/Webbie/ShawtyLo/Sneezy or whoever sits there next.

Here, Erykah eloquently explains her effect on men (ie Andre 3000 and Common)….

(Is it common knowledge who Erykah’s new man is?)

(photo spotted at ryandombal, who has some really nice pics of various concerts, including the recent Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings show at the Beacon)

Juelz was hanging out with my girl Angie Martinez the other day, and during their conversation, which I’m sure will be on youtube soon, Juelz mentioned that he’s got alot of music ready, he’s got his Skull Gang crew ready, and he’s really excited about moving forward on his stuff. Then when Angie asked him about how fans really want him to just put out some music, Juelz said that he didn’t have that freedom because his record contract situation was in limbo. Then when asked about why there has been such a delay, Juelz said this….

[audio:02 Juelz on angie.mp3]

Verrrry interesting. Juelz went on to say that it’s Cam, who needs to answer the tough questions about Juelz’s situation. And then he urged Cam to call the show…which, obviously, did not happen.

In the past, Juelz has been maddeningly neutral on all fronts. When Jim Jones first spoke out about his tension with Cam, then when Cam and 50 were arguing, Juelz kept his feelings to himself and just focused on himself. Through everything, he’s either said nothing or stayed neutral.

But it looks like things are changing.

[EDIT: Here’s video from the same interview, props to Amina, the shooter]

So after making the audience wait for like 3 hours over at Newark Symphony Hall last night, Weezy finally came out to do his performance. And bless his fans, they waited and enjoyed every minute of it. Wayne brought his pal Juelz Santana onstage, as well as , judging by the human curtain behind him, anyone else who asked to get up there too. (WTF, Weezy has like a 2 ft wide strip of stage on which to do his….uh….pelvic thrusts)

Here’s a youtube clip of Wayne making kodak moments, and I’m sure more jumpy fuzzy cellphone footage will hit the web soon….

But, uh, something about watching Weezy F Baby Please Say the Baby on this clip, reminds me of…..


hoodnews cover

Happy Friday, f—ers : )

Nothing makes me happier than new HoodNews segments.

HoodNews presents the Rap TerriBowl 2008…..think the American Gladiators of Ringtone Raps and Cliche Metaphors….

TerriBowl Introduction…

[audio:01 PT1_ 2008_ TerriBowl Introduction.mp3]

National Anthem with T-Pain and Ice T….

[audio:02 PT2_ National Anthem w_ Ice T Com.mp3]

TerriBowl finals, Mike Jones vs. Hurricane Chris vs. Hell Rell….

[audio:04 PT3_ M.Jones vs. H.Chris vs. H.Re.mp3]

from the Smirnoff Signature Mix project that I told you about earlier

I like that these esteemed gentlemen didn’t try to make this new, they just made it different.

KRS-One and DJ Premier’s “Criminal Minded ’08”


Also, spotted on Nahright, the making of KRS-One’s Stop the Violence revamp with Game, Chamillionaire, etc…


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One small sidenote: While watching this video, do any of you feel like some of these artists aren’t being honest about their willingness to stop violence? Just asking…

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