January 2008

In this video, Young Buck’s longtime friend and onetime “artist” D-Tay delivers a ridiculous tear-down of his “man.”

Just a few thoughts:-one word: Boomhauer

-uhhh, is this the same guy who borrowed Young Buck’s G-unit spinner pendant in Chicago, went out to floss and then got robbed for it? (I heard 50 was pissed this guy didn’t get shot for it. And banned him from the G-unit tour behind that…eeks!)

-wait, so Young Buck snorts coke and so does this guy?……….No way! (insert sarcasm)

-so….the moral of this story is, rappers, don’t make friends because eventually they will get angry or jealous or sloppy and make embarrassing home videos talking s–t about you. Just be alone. Or…stockpile blackmail fodder on everyone around you first.

-is there an extremely fat person snoring right by the camera? Or god forbid, is that someone just breathing.

-“You got anymore questions before we cut this camera off?”: Gotta love how this guy pretends this is an actual “interview.” Yeah. Its was a D-tay press junket at the Hideaway Inn off Route 9.

-Whats up with all the desperate name-dropping and shoutouts at the end? Bishop Don Magic Juan…we smoked weed together? Warren G…we were in the same room when you and Buck were doing that song, not sure which, but call me! I got alot of respect for them….

-uhhh, respect yourself.

More of the buffoonery, and D-tay speaks on Young Buck being robbed in Nashville after the jump…..


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this photo reminds me of a cherry cordial for some reason…I can’t figure out why.

UPDATE: thanks to KidFury for posting all the errr….ladies who will be wooing Flav on this upcoming season. Why do some of these women actually look normal? They must be hiding something. Check out the herd here.

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Props to Concrete Loop for posting this photo scoop today showing Chris Brown and Rihanna shopping together, and leaving together from Barneys…….My first thought was…Chris Brown in Barneys? Weird. My second thought was…..well that seals it. They must be dating.

Because….no man willingly subjects themselves to being dragged from the “shoe pagoda” to “denim lab” to the “knitwear cage,” carrying packages, searching for a loveseat, and being interrogated to give opinions they don’t really have…..guys just don’t offer themselves up for that…unless…baow chicka baow wow…you know.

So that’s my scientific method for deducing that Chris and Rihanna are together. Ok, well, that plus the fact that during last year’s MTV Video Music Awards, a friend told me that Chris and Rihanna were at the Las Vegas IHOP after the show. (IHOP is well-suited for couples who are comfortable in their relationship. Denny’s are for relatives. But Choney’s….strictly for resentful jumpoffs.)

The only question is…most folks say Rihanna is more drawn to too-cool White scruffians (a la Josh Hartnett and Shia LaBoeuf). And I’ve heard more than a few stories about Chris Brown’s penchant for Ghostface “Camay”-style woman. (“…What’s your physical degree, thirty one, thirty three…”) So, this wouldn’t be all just a stunt to distract everyone from that romance rumor about Chris and his manager, would it? Hope not. ‘Cause if its meant to be, let it be. It was creepy with Celine Dion and Rene Angelil (aka Father Xmas) too but we got over it eventually.

PS: Concrete Loop also makes the case that Chris and Rihanna have matching body art, and that Rihanna has been sporting Chris’ tour jacket lately. Nothing says romance like his and hers neck tattoos. (Photos after the jump) (more…)

I definitely feel his pain…..all those fans no longer translate into all those sales. But throughout Ghost’s career, they rarely have (as they did for other artists). Some blame has been on his crappy label handlers. And yet, he has a more devoted following than 80% of the other artists out. I think I’ve had this conversation with various highly-knowledgeable/industry-wizened folks at least 5 times a week for the past 6 months…..but here goes again: can you generate/inspire/keep fans who want to make personal/financial investment in you beyond the simple album-purchase construct? Then you can win (at least make a nice living, have some cool experiences, get some fan-fueled perks).

Silver lining: Ghost, your fans are interested in how you talk, what you wear, what you like and what you dislike, and in this video of you venting….so, you are loved. That’s why everyone downloads you. It sucks record-sales-wise….but you are already using it in other ways (tours, books, dolls, movies, etc).

Remy Ma stops by Whoo Kid’s show to add more lighter fuel to the never-ending female rap roast. Check Thisis50.com to see Lil Kim’s earlier statements.

(shout to KingNels for the link to the fuckery, lol)

The homie Mike Salman at Seed Gives Life and Mountain Dew of all brands, are collaborating with some legends in the graf/streetwear/design world on a series of bottles. I’ve seen collabos like this between Pepsi and Bape, and last year Mountain Dew partnered with Jeff Staple at Staple Design, but this time out (Jan.28) the Green Label art will feature 6 different artists. I don’t recognize everyone by face, but I definitely notice my good friend Haze in there, as well as Stash (Recon)

green label

(here’s a video teaser for the line, with better examples of who’s on board)

I admit, I’m shocked and curious about details embedded in the recent Eminem hospitalization reports about him allegedly weighing over 200 lbs. But the better part of me is trying to figure out, why….Em’s waistline seems to be everyone’s main concern?

The National Enquirer alleges that Em has been eating too much Taco Bell and Outback Steakhouse, they quote random unnamed sources who are allegedly “close” to Em, but yet have no problem ridiculing the rappers body with lots of colorful detail? Hmm, seems fishy to me. Then there’s a photo of Eminem, that seems digitally altered….(I’m no photoshop expert, so you guys tell me).

(photo spotted at Celebitchy)

Then, according to XXLmag, the fine folks at Slim-fast have taken it upon themselves to offer up a customized diet plan for Eminem. “Slim-Fast would love to offer Eminem product and assistance to help him become a potential S-F success story.” Really? Thank you for your concern, Slim-Fast, breakfast of Anna-Nicole champions. Go eat dirt.

But no one seems to be offering up any (unsolicited) advice for the other allegations surrounding Eminem’s recent hospital stay. Namely, the reports by TMZ and Detroit radio station WKQI’s “Mojo in the Morning” about a possible heart condition and drug relapses. According to the Detroit News, the radio show cited a “source” who said Em entered “Henry Ford Macomb Hospital due to complications from benzodiazepine, a tranquilizer with sedative qualities.”

Why does it matter if a rapper is “toight” (a la “Knocked Up”) or not? Is that just a recent requirement? There’s been plenty of artists who have gone from bigger to smaller, or smaller to bigger….as long as its not life-threatening, what the big/small deal?

Its better to look good, than feel good, right? Maybe we care more about what Eminem does for us, than what he does to himself?

UPDATE: Thanks to reader Delinq for pointing out that the Enquirer photo above looks very different than this photo taken at the same time. Em doesn’t look that big at all. But I’m not sure when this was taken.

UPDATE 2: Now I’m really disgusted…..according to reader Bird, these pics are a year old. So even they show some weight gain, they definitely were printed in an effort to mislead folks about Em’s recent hospitalization. Also, in the comments section, I feel like some folks are missing my whole point…….oh well.


(thanks to Lizzy for the link)

We are a fickle fickle people. And even a few weeks can feel like a lifetime. So, what was so thrilling and adorable about Kanye and Beyonce’s Connect Four tourney, somehow isn’t as fascinating here. Maybe its the post-game paralysis by analysis. Or the fact that a fly superdiva isn’t involved. I dunno. Then again, I’m easily distracted and have since moved on to Rock Band (I know, I know, who isnt’?) But sidenote: Jay is no slouch in the gaming dept. I think me and my homie Andrea Duncan played checkers with him years ago. I even think some ping pong was involved….but we were all quite different back then.

(Big up to the homie DJ Juanito!)

Kim refers to her no longer being on Atlantic Records. I heard she’s going to be signing to Imperial Records soon. Thats the same label that Fat Joe on. Honestly, I’ve never heard Kim sound so animated and self-assured. I’m rooting for her.

(smh at anyone who doesn’t like to travel though)

Roc’s lawyer, Kenneth J. Montgomery reached out to provide this official statement to me…

“Jamal Bush a.k.a Roc from Helter Skelter was formally arraigned on attempted murder in the second degree and related charges. The Brooklyn District attorney’s office allege that Mr. Bush shot a known pimp and bloods gang member in the neck paralyzing him. They also allege that Mr. Bush is a pimp and this was a dispute over an alleged lady of the night. Mr. Bush categorically and unequivocally deny all charges. We eagerly look forward to trial and proving his innocence.”

I’ll update this story after Roc goes to court on the 18th.

(thank you to Dru Ha and Duck Down)

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