October 2007

So, it this a real candid view of JD getting pissed about his book publicity? Or….is this a staged look at JD to get book publicity?

The funny thing is…he’s pissed about people asking him about Justin Timberlake supposedly, but….he’s the one mentioning Justin Timberlake in his book, and he’s the one further dissing Timberlake on this video that he wants us to think he doesnt want us to see. (but its shot in what looks like his own house?)……oy, my head hurts.

Maybe if I listen to the soothing sounds of Justified I’ll feel better : ) JT JT JT JT, go JT!

(big up to Sohh for the exclusive on this video)

TI release 2

It took $3million in secured bond money and a laundry list of home-confinement requirements, but T.I. was able to leave jail and go back to his family on Friday. He’ll have to stay there until his trial…well if he chooses to take this to trial. As it turns out, he wont be living at the mansion that actually got raided, its been sealed by the Feds. But TI has another home, which I hear is really lavish, so he, his girl Tiny, and his kids will be there in the interim. His lawyers say he’ll be able to record there in a studio (ya think the record company is pushing for that to happen? return on the investment and that sort of thing?) and “contemplate” his case.

And according to AJC.com, the judge explained what his primary concern is… TI isnt a flight risk, this is more about “witness tampering.”

More than the possibility he could flee, U.S. Magistrate Judge Alan Baverman seemed concerned that the rapper or his friends or fans may try to contact witnesses or informants used to bring the federal gun charges against him two weeks ago.
Any contact with witnesses, direct or indirect, is forbidden, Baverman told Harris several times during the bond hearing.

“If any threats befall [them] … the court will be looking to you,” Baverman said.”Yes, your honor,” Harris said.”

Guess, he heard that David Banner song.

Here are some of the other details of the release agreement:

Harris, 27, can continue living with his girlfriend and his children and visitors are limited to three at a time between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Until his trial, Harris will be supervised by Judicial Corrections Services Inc., a company run by former U.S. Marshal and one-time acting Fulton County Sheriff Robert McMichael. Harris’ movements will be monitored by a GPS system.

Visitors have to be cleared with a criminal background check and they could be searched.

Harris cannot consume alcohol. His house could be searched at any time, as it was before the Friday bond hearing. He cannot have any safes in his house or car.”

Personally, no matter what the demands were, seems worth it for this man to be able to spend time with his children, especially if he ends up having to go in at the end of this. Tough situation. And one that it seems could have been avoided, at so many different points. sigh.

TI release

Click here to see photos from TI’s release….I’m not so sure about the supporter who thought wearing his “Big Things Poppin'” tees was the most appropriate gear for the day. Awkward.

Here is a local Atlanta news story showing TI walking out of court, on his way home…

And the homie Sohh Gyant also got this video of friends and family by the courthouse before TI’s release…


My esteemed colleague Elliot, XXLmag’s EIC, had the best coverage of the coming Jay-Z album. And he mentioned that the celeb drama fans might get a kick out of the second verse of said album’s “Party Life.”

Im on her bra strap
Shes on my dick
Aint nothing wrong with that
That’s my bitch
I be the boss of that
I’m on her shit
So all you niggas fall back
I’ll split ya wig
Shes my lil quarterback
Ya dig
Ciz im all that in the sac
Ya dig
I spoiled her, foiled it
If you fakin jack
She used to million dollar vacations
Fuck yall gonna do with that

Awwww…..(butterflies. heaving sighs. waving away tears)

Forget “Song for You,” or “Lady” or “You’re All I Need”…..what women doesn’t want a million dollar vacation, an antique Rolls, and a love poem like this.

UPDATE: well, according to my sharp eyed readers, maybe this is one of those clever double entendres where it could be about Bey or about Heroin. That guy, he’s good.

(thats for everyone who saw Knocked Up….so funny.)

But I love this Elephant Man video….because this is this man’s true calling. Fitness! This could finally whip all us fat Americans into shape….I need this class at my gym immediately. (eh, who am I kidding, they’ve probably had it there for months. I’ll never know.)

(thanks to Roslyn for the email)

Well Cam did tell MTV that it’s “Killa Season again, you little yentas.”

He’s released this promo video…

He’s dropping the Public Enemy #1 mixtape on Nov 7th.
He’s launched Killa Cam Space on myspace…
And here’s the single “Glitter.” Let me know what you think…


Originally I didnt care about the youtube footage of 50 at the Powerhouse concert mocking Kanye West, because…well, I had already seen him do that imitation at the Manhattan stop of his 5-Borough tour. So, it was old hat to me.

But this footage captures the schtick so much better, I can’t help but giggle at the pure audacity. How you gonna mock a man at a concert that he’s headlining! That’s ballsy, lol. I heard that ‘Ye was heated back stage, and cleared the area…can you blame him? But still, I think it was all in fun.

now on another note, I’ve never seen 50 twist his hips like that. Yowza. He’d make a killing at Hunka Bunka’s : )

is it weird to miss a bunch of folks that you don’t know, and a bunch of folks maybe you do know but you have no idea are here?

Well, anyways, the site was down because I had to upgrade to a dedicated server (blah blah blah, I might as well be speaking german, I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about). But it made me realize two things. One of them is that I am looking for a really dope intern. So I guess I’ll start that search soon. (missinfo@missinfo.tv) Problem being that finding and then training an intern/asst or whatever, is more work than I have time for. But its necessary. The other problem being, I’m picky and vague at the same time. Total detail-freak but completely disorganized too. Well, anyways, I’ll deal with that later. For now….back to our regularly scheduled programming….

(Thank you to fwmj, sanjin, rik, nels, jsmooth and eskay for talking me off the ledge. As usual, I hate technology.)

(pic spotted at sallyminker)

This is wack to me.

If you’re going to rant irrationally, at least make it awesome like Pimp C.


Big up to chambermusik for their saintlike patience.

But how do I get this 20 minutes of my life back? Matter fact, don’t bother listening to the whole thing. It’s kinda like shock radio to me, agitating and counterproductive.

from my homie Sha at MTV….

Killa Season again, you little yentas***,” Cam said in an e-mail to MTV News, referencing his 2006 album. “November 7th. Cam’ron is anonymous. Dipset!

Cam has also just launched Killa Cam Space on MySpace to promote the mixtape. On the site, you’ll soon find exclusive music from Public Enemy #1, like the song “Glitter”…

There’s also a new video he sent to MTV, which starts out with various clips of news outlets talking about Cam’s infamous “Stop Snitchin’ ” campaign, including his appearance on Bill O’Reilly’s “The O’Reilly Factor.” From there it goes to different shots of ‘hood paparazzi running up on Cam . It ends curiously with Killa in a graveyard and the music from the theme of “The A-Team” playing. The screen goes black as the words “Public Enemy #1, Free Double CD, November 7th” appear.”

***yenta=Yiddish word referring to a busybody or gossip

UPDATE: Eskay has Cam’s first myspace mixtape trailer video

from sohh…

A noose was found hanging around the neck of the late legendary rapper Tupac’s bronze statue in Atlanta this weekend. It was one in a series of attacks on the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts in recent days, according to the center’s website.

Vandals defaced the building and left a noose around the statue’s neck, ironically in the center’s Peace Garden on Saturday (October 20). Early Monday morning (October 22) the statue was further damaged and plastered with handbills of rants referencing 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. Some bills also had vague threats against record companies and rappers.

A male has been arrested in connection with the break-in, and is currently being held in custody. The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office is investigating this as a hate crime.

So obvious that this and all the other nooses spotted around NYC are one some copycat look-at-me-I’m-pathetic ish. But its working.

Also wack, spotted at SandraRose’s blog

Now, according to some eagle-eyed readers, the photos with the money were already posted on this kid’s myspace, but not the other ones with the Jena-6 tees and new bling. Kinda reminds me of the post-Katrina days when FEMA was handing out debit cards but without any regulation, so some people reported used the money at jewelry stores and even stripclubs. Sigh. But they’re young and its more a reflection of how they were used by these “community leaders” as a lightning rods and then dropped like hot potatoes afterwards.

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