The Fader (@thefader):

Our bad for breaking the Watch the Throne tweet rules, excitement got the better of us. Don’t hate us Jay, don’t hate us Kanye.

Billboard (@billboarddotcom):

Jay z played 11 songs expected to be on the album, and several more that may or may not appear to select journalists and two contest winners

Studio set up in one of the suites, jay played records from his mac laptop

Session lasted roughly three hours with jay-Z coming from the yankees game where he was watching derrick jeter try for 3000th hit

Kanye west wasn’t there. No release date was given, but Jay-Z said the album was “coming soon” #WTT

Journalists were allowed to take notes and even given notepads, but no tweeting was allowed. One journo removed for live tweeting #WTT

Version heard tonight was third iteration of the project. Jay-Z said the last four records they recorded made the album feel complete #WTT

Jay-z said two songs already completed for his next solo album, and four concepts banked. Frank ocean appears on one already done. #WTT

After playing the songs w/o comment or introduction, Jay-z hosted an informal conversation w/ the room #WTT

Jay-z said his favorite song from the project changes everyday, but right now “no church” – first song he played – is favorite #WTT

Producer mike dean said q-tip was mixing “that your b*tch” today. Record wasn’t played tonight. #WTT

Jay-z said although he would prefer to release the album w/o a single, they would probably shoot a vid for song w/ beyonce, “lift off” #WTT

Jay-z, who recently passed elvis as male solo artist w/ most no 1 albums (he has 11), joked about going after the beatles record. #WTT

Jay-z talked about the collaborative process. Said it’s always difficult, but respects Kanye’s passion.

Jay-z said Kanye told him not to release BP3’s “run this town” – kanye initially convinced it wasn’t a hit based on reaction at bbq. #WTT

Jay-z said wanted to make album for the music, not for sales/hits. Said he’s turned off hearing blatantly commercial/formulaic songs. #WTT

Jay-Z said began recording in england last year, then australia, NY, LA, Paris and NY again. Often in hotel rooms. #WTT

Kanye and Jay-z recorded whole album together, in same rooms. Didn’t want to mail verses back and forth. #WTT

VIBE (@Vibe_EIC):

Favorite guilty pleasure song: The Italian joint. But they go in on a song about how they would raise/school their unborn seed…love their honesty.

Oh and @frank_ocean has a gifted pen. No question. Matched up with those two titans.

@myleik They purposely didn’t try to swing for the fence every time. Smartest decision they could have made.

Complex (@N_C_B):

Jay and Ye came together and organically recorded a gang of songs that sound different from their solo material and that chemisty is special

Chemistry, pardon.

They made a Real rap album that has a weird, but cool experimental edge. Which sounds like MBDTF, but it’s not like that at all, really.

Frank Ocean sounds great in a very organic and unobtrusive way. His parts don’t scream CAMEO!

The RZA produced song which flips Nina Simone’s “It’s A New Day” is f*ckin’ phenomenal. And has a verse Jay and I both agree is n Ye’s top 3

In a weird way the BME LP, which I really enjoy, has a similar feel: two friends having fun, competing and making stuff for themselves

Jay-Z has one number based rhyme over a NoID beat that will make your head explode. And you might kill yourself if you’re a rapper.

The album is challenging and definitely not made with pop ears in mind.

There is a weight to the LP, lyrically. Many songs with overt political/social themes and very few light or “fun” songs. And no “club” stuff

Jay didn’t I’d any producers or song titles, but the beats were def from Ye, @HitBoy_SC, RZA, NoID, maybe a Pharrell, and some unknowns

The RZA beat sounds almost Dilla-esque, in it’s hypnotic use of filters. I plan on listening to it on repeat for an entire sunday afternoon.

HAM may be a bonus cut, if anything.

Kanye and Jay both outrap each other on certain songs.

There’s a great one with a soul sample where Jay and Ye subtly address the legacy of RocAFella, and the implications of their partnership.

I hope to write about watching Jay and Ye record for WTT, but I need to get big homie approval, since I was not invited as “press” per se.

“Lift Off” was never intended to be a single. From when they did it to now. That was an internet rumor. It was the intro, and now maybe #2.

“Lift Off” is neither the single, to my knowledge, nor is it the best song. Party people, stop sweating that particular record.

GQ (@sean_fennessey):

One big takeaway from Watch the Throne session: It’s nice that Jay and Ye can still afford samples.

Three memorable ones: Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness”; Pavarotti’s rendition of “Ave Maria”(!); this:

Re: #WTT – If what we heard goes relatively unchanged, it’s Jay’s best full-length since The Black Album.

RapRadar (@ElliottWilson):

That time @jjmonster threw dude out the listening session tho. #BXshit Ha!

MTVNews (@Aqua174):

I asked Jay-Z last night if his new album would drop before J. Cole and Jay Electronica’s. He didn’t rule it out.

The speed & efficiency with which homie from the Fader got asked to kindly get thee fxck out was a site to behold.

XXL (@VSattenXXL):

The Otis song stands out and in the end that was the one everyone requested to hear again first

Entertainment Weekly (@BradWete):

It’s everything! RT @okMai: @BradWete Decent? I had low hopes for it but all the listening party tweets got the gears turning.

I love BeyoncĂ©’s outdoor voice. Shit’s untouchable.