(Dipset looks back at their “I Really Mean It” video)

Dipset fans will love this. I took some time to further breakdown the epic stories told at last Friday’s Dipset panel with Miss Info. The Red Bull Academy hosted event produced so many hilarious moments, we had to revisit this. We already told you what went down here: Dipset Talks to Miss Info About the Roc-a-Fella Days, Mariah Carey and More.

But, here’s a segmented version of the highlights. Enjoy!

Video highlights with commentary from the session after the jump….

In this clip, Juelz and Cam talk about the drama that came with Blood flags being all in the “I Really Mean It” video. Freekey also points out that he’s wearing the chain he was shot over in the vid. Finally, Jim talks about his days as Dipset’s official video director.

Ahh, now it gets better. Here, Cam’ron introduces his Jay-Z impersonation. The hilarity begins at the 53 second mark. Cam breaks down his first time meeting Jay-Z, around when his first album dropped. And how Dipset felt under appreciated at Roc-A-Fella until Cam’s records started getting hot.

Moving along in the Dipset x Roc-A-Fella saga, Cam remembers recording “Welcome To New York City” with Jay-Z. Juelz was actually supposed to drop a verse, too, but couldn’t get his rhyme together fast enough, so he just ended up on the hook. There was also supposed to be a music video but once again Cam says Jay started acting funny when he asked him. This was actually the last time Cam and Jay shared a conversation.

The final straw came when Dipset was left off the Roc The Mic tour. In response, the guys showed up at various cities on the tour with like a hundred goonies in the crowd. This pretty much was the end of Dipset’s run at Roc-A-Fella.

Moving on, Cam recalls running into Destiny’s Child back in the day on 2 separate occasions. The first time, Cam didn’t even know who they were. But in another time on tour in VA, Juelz ran into DC’s dressing room just to see “what was poppin.”

Finally, Cam’ron shares the story of time he brought Mariah Carey to Harlem… classic!

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