The Slime gods blessed Cipha Sounds, K. Foxx and Peter Rosenberg’s Juan Epstein podcast for another impromptu sit-down. With Cam being late as usual, Vado kicks off the session with a breakdown of what “Hey Muma” means. But when Cam finally makes it he stars delving into the past and telling classic stories of his days with Big L, Ma$e, Biggie (35:00 mark), his basketball career and more.

Cam’ron x Vado Podcast with Juan Epstein

Key Points

-Cam names Wu-Tang, Kool G Rap, MOP as some of his early rap influences

-He also recalls riding around with Cipha on the Lil Kim tour

-Cam tells the story of meeting Biggie and how he told Big he wanted 250k to sign with him and writing “Crush On You” for 5k

-Mase used to roll with Cam and just strong arm their way onto Bad Boy press trips

-His basketball career and busting down Stephon Marbury etc

after the jump, new videos from Cam’ron & Vado

Cam’ron “Be With Me” / “Just Right”

Cam’ron “Stop It 5” / “Killa”